Jack ambled along the corridors of his and Ianto's flat; he found exploring the lower levels fascinating. You would just walk forward, never ending until you came to a stop, making you turn right you end back in the front room.

The rift alert had predicted there would be no rift activity for the day, so it allowed the team to have an enjoyable day off, but to Owen it's his excuse to get drunk. Jack slightly winced at the thought of last time, he could barely stand the sound of Owen's voice snapping down the line, god knows how he would of coped if it was a couple of months later.

Still, Jack and Ianto had the day to themselves, and Jack was intending to enjoy it. On the downside only one problem had occurred, he couldn't find Ianto.

So far, the numerous amounts of rooms wasn't helping, he passed the ground floor bathroom, mini cinema, arcade, gym and kitchen but he still couldn't find a glimpse of him.

Peeking inside the library he spotted his young Welshman, he was sitting on a chair, his legs propped up until his knees were next to his chest, and he was deep in his reading. Jack grinned; Ianto always looked gorgeous no matter how he positioned himself. Jack's grin slowly altered, Ianto was crying. Narrowing his eyebrows, he watched the stream of tears travel down his face. That he did not like to see.

"Yan, are you okay? You're crying" Ianto glanced up from the book, he cracked a smile. It wasn't long before Jack was by his side, kneeling beside him with a hand for support on his shoulder.

"I'm crying because of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Jack." Ianto said, he lifted the book up onto his knees allowing Jack to see it, he gave another reassuring smile.

"Oh" he chuckled; the Doctor even told him he cried when he also read the book. "We can't afford to have two upset sods in our household Yan" he joked, stroking the tears away with his thumb, Ianto widened his eyes.

"It's not my fault! The book is just really sad!" Ianto fought back, Jack just grinned.

"Sure it is" he replied, joining Ianto on the chair he was greeted into a soft warm embrace. Jack didn't object and began to snuggle into Ianto's grip. He softly sighed, it was rare occasions when they could now do this, and Jack would try and enjoy every minute of it.

"I see you've dropped the suit" Ianto smirked at Jack's comment.

"Nice to make a change" he replied, "Plus I tend to wear them when I go to work" Jack lightly hummed in agreement, closing his eyes he listened to the deep breathing of his partner, and brushed his neck against the cotton of Ianto's black t-shirt.

"So, who's your favourite character?" he asked

"Oh, defiantly professor Lupin, although he isn't in the book that much" Ianto replied, Jack nodded in agreement.

"Is he the professor that turns into a werewolf? The one with scars on his face?" Jack lightly trailed his finger down his face, as if he was showing Ianto the scars.

"Yeah, he first appears in book three, Prisoner of Azkaban, that's also a good book as well" Ianto explained. "So, who's your favourite character?"

"Mine, Cedric Diggory" Jack smiled, "He's in book 4, isn't he?"

"Goblet of fire? Yeah he is" Ianto replied, "That's also a good book" Jack chuckled at his recent comment.

"I'm sure all the books are good Yan" he lightly made a small grip on Ianto's shirt, slowly squeezing it. "Does the actor who plays Cedric Diggory also play Edward Cullen in Twilight?" Jack asked, Ianto nodded in agreement.

"Yup, although in my opinion, I don't find Twilight as interesting as Harry Potter"

"If you said that to Gwen you would have a practical war in your hands Mr Jones" Jack grinned, Ianto raised an eyebrow.

"Honestly? Who would find vampires that sparkle in the light who are stupid vegetarians which in fact have no pointy teeth to be better than wizards which have wands and have more knowledge on how to survive better than vampires, because vampires are already dead, because they were killed before they even became vampires" Ianto replied, he stopped and glanced at Jack when he could hear the sound of wailing laughter. "What?"

"You Ianto, I would love you to have said that in front of Gwen, that would have made my day" he laughed, Ianto lightly blushed.

Ianto opened his mouth to urge his opinion but his mouth was sealed by the sound of a phone.

"Speaking of the devil" Jack chuckled; leaning further towards Ianto he reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out his black phone.

"How do you know it's Gwen?" puzzled Ianto.

"Different ringtone for everyone" Jack grinned, giving a quick glance towards Ianto he flipped the phone up. "Yeah?"

"Jack Bloody Harkness what the fuck have you done?" Jack pulled the phone back, blankly staring at the phone as it produced loud noises coming down the line. After the noise stopped Jack placed it back against his ear.

"Rhys?" Jack asked, "What do you mean what have I done?"

"I mean what the fuck have you done to Gwen? Just because you couldn't get what you wanted from Ianto doesn't mean you have to get it from my wife as well!" Jack winced at the tone of Rhys' voice; the sound was making him feel nauseous.

"Rhys I can confirm to you I have done nothing to Gwen" Jack murmured, he used a soft tone, hoping he could calm down Rhys on the other line.

"Don't lie to me Jack! I have Gwen in the other room who thinks she's married to you and to her I'm just her friend! Every time I tell her that she's married to me she says I'm just jealous! So what the fuck have you done to her? Did you use an amnesia tablet, is that it? Could you not be bothered with Ianto anymore, so you decided to have Gwen instead? You arrogant Bastard!"

Jack's bottom lip began to tremble, sniffing he turned towards Ianto, his eyes slowly filling up with tears.

"Yan" he sniffed. Tears were slowly travelling down his cheeks, Ianto's concerned look turned into anger.

"Give it here" said Ianto, taking the phone from Jack's hand he gently pulled him into an embrace, allowing Jack to rest his head on the crook of his neck whilst he gently sobbed.

"That arrogant bastard you called is currently crying his eyes out because of what you just said, so I would think before you speak!" Ianto snapped his hand was gently rubbing Jack's shoulder; the sobbing was slowly beginning to turn into sniffs.

"What the mighty Captain Jack Harkness is crying? Well it's his problem then isn't it if he's in a bad mood today isn't it!" Rhys replied, his voice was just as loud, Ianto could faintly hear Jack's sniffs turning into sobs again.

"For you information Rhys Williams, he was in a cheerful mood today until you phoned him, and it isn't his fault, it's very common for him to cry at this stage" Ianto gritted.

"This stage? What's happening to him?"

"The stage of his pregnancy Rhys! He's pregnant and he and I are having a child!" Ianto snapped, Rhys' deep breathing turned into a light gasp.

"He's pregnant? How is that physically possible?"

"He's from the future, males from the future all get pregnant and woman don't. So can this prove that Jack and I are still together and you have just snapped at Jack for no particular reason at all?" he asked, he stared at the phone next to his ear waiting for an answer. Rhys sighed down the line.

"Yeah I guess you're right, sorry I shouted at Jack. I was furious to find out what happened to Gwen and I had no clue Jack was pregnant. No hard feelings Ianto" Rhys mumbled, Ianto nodded even though he knew Rhys couldn't see it.

"I think you should apologize to Jack instead of me" Ianto replied, lightly squeezing Jack's shoulder he placed the phone next to his ear. Watching Jack perform a small smile he also smiled. Taking the phone from Ianto's hand he placed it back against his ear.

"It's okay Rhys; I would have done the same thing if that had happened to Ianto" Jack replied, giving a quick glance to Ianto he winked. "So when did this thing with Gwen start? Since this morning, okay. So just stay with Gwen and Ianto and I will come over as fast as possible to help sort out this mess... Your welcome Rhys" shutting the lid back on the phone he turned towards Ianto. "Thank you Ianto" he smiled, wiping the tears away from his cheeks he lightly kissed Ianto on the forehead.

"It's my pleasure Jack, I couldn't bear to watch you cry your eyes out just because Rhys was shouting at you, no one deserves that, especially you" he replied.

Grinning Jack placed a soft kiss on Ianto's lips, squeezing Ianto's knee he stood up and stretched. Hearing a click Jack slightly winced before turning back to Ianto.

"Come on then Mr Jones, it's time to go to the Williams residence" Jack grinned, turning around he began to walk out the room, his right hand resting on his bump with his other hand beside him. "And don't forget the strawberries!" he added.

Taking a deep breath Ianto placed a gentle knock on the wooden front door. He glanced beside him, watching Jack munch on a strawberry with a bag of them in his hand. Ianto cracked a smile; Jack's eyes glanced towards him, noticing Ianto was watching him he grinned.

Pulling the strawberry away from his mouth he leant towards Ianto and gave him a quick kiss. The taste of strawberry soon was in both mouths, Jack grinned. Pulling away he carried on to munch on the strawberry.

Ianto turned to the door by the sound of keys clattering, watching the door handle turn it soon revealed Rhys. Rhys weakly smiled at him, he raised an eyebrow towards Jack, who made a small smile towards him whilst munching a strawberry.

"Come in then" said Rhys, holding the door open he allowed both men to walk in his house. Ianto smiled his thanks.

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