An hour passed, and Takashi was surprised when he heard his pokénav ring. He smiled when he read the flashing name. Typical.

"Kasumi? Hey, how's the gym?… Good… I see. He's with Hikari at the moment…" The breeder couldn't suppress a grin at the growl from his red-head friend. Good to know she and Satoshi are still an item, even after these past few years… "No, you have it wrong. She's not stolen him." Another grin was sparked from her outraged outburst. "Ahem, I'll get him." The breeder strided in their rented room. The him in question unconsciously strummed the hair of a sleeping Hikari, not noticing Takashi's entrance. The eldest indicated his method of communication once Satoshi returned from the clutches of the muse. It's Kasumi, Takashi mouthed. Satoshi's eyes lit and he snatched the pokénav from the older boy's hand, dashing off to another room with the machine. Takashi smirked. No doubt SHE was somewhere in that mental journey of his… Satoshi plopped himself on an empty chair, eager to speak with the red-head.

"Hey, Kasumi! What's up?! How's the gym?" Kasumi smiled to her pokétch.

"Nothing much, the gym's fine. Not too many badge seekers around now-a-days…" She trailed off.

"…Is something wrong?" Kasumi shook her head.

"Nah, I'm just kinda bored. I miss traveling with you guys. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, me and the guys are just fine. After this storm blows over, I'll get my seventh Sinnoh badge! That much closer to the League!" Kasumi's smile faltered. Pokémon're still number one in his mind… "…But Kasumi, if you don't have any plans… Can you watch me take on the Elite Four? It would be… better… if you were there to cheer me on…" Kasumi felt her heart lurch. If Takashi's mouthing this for Satoshi, I swear I'll…

"…I'll try as hard as I can not to miss it." Satoshi swallowed a lump of gratitude in his throat.

"Th-thanks, Kas. I'll call you on the vidphone before we leave for my eight badge. See yuh then."

"'Bye." Kasumi turned off her pokétch. …I needed that. There was a subsequent crash and shout of

"Kasumi! Like, get down here!" The red-head chuckled and dashed down the stairs.

"Everyday Cerulean…" she hummed to herself.