It was a night of merriment when Teacher Cherry, 007, 747, 187 and Tian Mo Xing brought back the Whitzer Prize Award to Sir Remus Chiang's mansion after their attendance at the highly-acclaimed ceremony. It turned out that Sir Remus was a member of the organising committee behind the award project so there was no way that he could take the place of the Pi Li MIT team in accepting the prize.

They all gathered at the spacious living room to enjoy their coffee and chatted happily.

Teacher Cherry gladly expressed, "I should say great thanks to you, Sir Remus, for helping us so much and then now, for providing accomodation for us all here..."

The kind old man chuckled, "We're all in some way related to one another through Sheng Ying so I just regard as playing a role that's fit for me...And may I ask of you all, call me 'Uncle Remus' if you can...I don't like formalities..."

They all laughed. Then 747 added thoughtfully, "Wait, shouldn't 007 call you differently?? I mean, 'Grandfather'??"

There was silence that followed and 007 appeared somewhat uneasy. Tian Mo Xing quickly interrupted, "Oh, this coffee tastes real nice...I'll be the first to comply then...'Uncle Remus'...And..." She strived to change the topic fast. "Ya, you know what? Just before we all board our flight here yesterday...Someone even told us that there was gonna be a new school detective animation show about to air soon...Strangely, each of us four resemble the cartoon characters!" She pretended to laugh just to suppress the awkwardness amongst them.

Sir Remus took a sip of his coffee and then nodded, "Yes, I understand..." He then called one of his helpers, who then handed a sheet of paper to him to show the gang.

"Ah...exactly the same!!" Tian Mo Xing exclaimed upon seeing it.

"So this is...a faxed copy...of the show's poster...Hey, we're all in it..." Teacher Cherry made out.

187 found it intriguing, "Quite adorable we are..."

007 noticed, "The same acronym...MIT...but now it stands for, 'Master Intelligence Team'..."

747 suggested, "So are they trying to avoid unnecessary issues by changing our group identity??"

Sir Remus deduced, "I'm sure by now, Pi Li MIT, is not an unknown fact after having gone through so much challenges for a considerable period...All of your stories would have been leaked out to the world in one way or another...So I shall say, make the most use of this early spring break for you gang to unwind...Otherwise, I'm afraid you all might not be able to handle hordes of fans asking for your autographs upon returning to Taiwan...Am I right??"

They all laughed at his remarks. He then announced that everyone should go for a sumptuous dinner feast that he had prepared for them and they all hurried to the dinning hall.

Later that night, most were already extremely tired and retreated to their rooms for rest. Yet, a mindful Tian Mo Xing couldn't bring herself to easily fall asleep.

She went out of her room and looked about while counting the disturbingly similar doors down the wide hallway. Coming upon one of them, she struggled to affirm that it should be the right one. After knocking lightly on it for some time, the person inside called out that she could enter. Tian Mo Xing wondered suspiciously of why 007's voice has turned out to be so hoarse. However, she still went in.

Seeing Uncle Remus seated with a book in hand by his study desk, Tian Mo Xing gasped, "Sorry Uncle Remus, I didn't mean to distract you...Sorry..." She quickly turned about to leave but he stopped her.

"Tian Mo Xing...It's alright, just stay and I have something for ya," he told and got up from his chair.

She was surprised but still, slowly walked up to him.

Uncle Remus then unlocked one of his chest drawers and took out something from inside. It was actually a bright glistening necklace with a lovely red-orange coloured pendant.

Tian Mo Xing was amazed. He held it towards her and explained, "This Carnelian gemstone necklace, I think, is time to leave it to your care..."

As much as the jewelry adornment attracted her liking, Tian Mo Xing immediately refused, "No, I can't have it..."

He simply placed it into her hands, "This is actually my gift for Zhan Shi De's grandmother...She is just not that fortunate and died young of an illness...In order to not let our son, who is, as everyone knows, the ingenious Dr James, to live in a single-parent family, she and I made a promise to send him away for adoption...However, nowadays, he would never forgive me for doing so..."

Tian Mo Xing finally knew, "Uncle Remus, you telling me this..."

He smiled assuringly at her and went on, "Young lady, I have never gotten the chance to tell this to anyone...But I know my grandson, Zhan De Shi, loves you...Just treat this as something between you and I...Accept this necklace, for I know, his grandmother would love to hand it down to a girl with a pleasant nature like you...When the day comes and you see it appropriate to let Zhan De Shi know what I had just told you...Decide then, what you will do with this precious item..."

Tian Mo Xing thought over earnestly about Uncle Remus's words. In the end, she nodded and humbly accepted the gift.

After bidding good night to him, she exited his room. Walking down and across the hallway again, she finally figured out her miscalculations. "Ah, it's actually the fourth door to my right, instead of left!" She mumbled disappointingly to herself.

Hurrying to the right door, she was about to start knocking when coincidentally, it too opened.

Coming out from the inside, 007 saw her unexpected expression, "What's wrong??"

Tian Mo Xing spaced out for a moment before she smiled uneasily, "Well, I was just...about know,"

He did not wait for her to finish and quickly grabbed her hand to pull her in when they could hear Teacher Cherry, 747 and 187's loud talking approaching closer from the other end of the hall.

When they were alone by themselves inside, silence hovered as Tian Mo Xing fidgeted to come up with something to say rather than the both of them standing by each other's side behind the door awkwardly.

Lifting her gaze ahead, she then cried out, "'ve got such a bigger balcony than my room's!" She ran over to enjoy the breathtaking view before them, with 007 trailing right behind.

"Do you really like this place??" he asked her.

She turned to him, "Are you kidding me? It's awesome here...I truly enjoy this one-of-a-kind vacation..."

He smiled a little in response. Yet, Tian Mo Xing waved a hand before him as she could somehow sense right away the matters in his heart. She placed her hands on his shoulders to console, "Don't worry, even if Dr James is unwilling to see you and us at this point...We'll work hard together to regain his trust and understanding...Time is in our hands...And Uncle Remus is's really gonna take a whole lot of effort to hate him forever, okay??"

He looked up with a bit more faith this second at Tian Mo Xing and then took her hands tenderly. She then pointed out, "Just look at how wonderful tonight is outside...All those sparkling stars...Guess counting them all will be more feasible than looking out for airplanes...haha...I can make zillions more wishes with each one of them..."

He marvelled at the twinkling wonders above them, "They're all beautiful...but none can be as bright as you, Li Xiao Xing..." Drawing her ever closer to himself, he held her hands affectionately as their fingers entwined each other's and she leaned securely against him.

"Oh," she laughed. "My nick as 'Tian Mo Xing' is really atypical..." Looking up at him at such close proximity, the edge of their faces touched and she could feel his warmth spreading to her. She encouraged, "007, you did a great job!"

He smiled at her in a more relaxed manner this time, "That's because you have always been with me throughout..."

They huddled together more still, and continue to behold the impressively dazzling skies beyond them.