Tian Mo Xing crouched down and let the waters from the sea before her swept over her feet. She was by the shore not far from the house where the gang were staying with her parents and brother. It's late night but everyone was not asleep yet. She had sneaked out to ponder further about the mysterious gemstone necklace held in her hands now. Studying it, she was led to believe that the pendant had turned into a deeper rose-red colour. Or was it, the dark all around her playing tricks? As she dangled it closer to her own pair of huge eyes, she recalled Uncle Remus' words to her...


Tian Mo Xing looked at the two similar necklaces placed side by side in a box on the table. She regarded Uncle Remus' offer to be too much for her, "But, I really can't bring myself to accept it..."

He smiled with ultimate assurance at her, "Young girl, what I cherish about Zhan Shi De's grandmother doesn't lie in that piece of precious thing anymore...Feelings do not always have to bear an attachment to material significance...As long as I can picture her in my heart one day, the connection between us that transcends physical limitations, will always stay within the grasp of my hands...We both have already found the meaning in our destinies...Only that you,...with the help of this piece of gemstone I'm giving you, may one day, lead you to find the true essence and rhythm of Love shared with my grandson..."

"The true essence and rhythm of Love?" Tian Mo Xing repeated.

He affirmed, "Yes, I have discovered the mystical properties of this Carnelian...yet, it takes time...don't let go of this chance and see how it will guide you both along the path of your intimate relationship, okay?"

She spent some time of thoughts over what Uncle Remus said and finally agreed.

End of Flashback...

"Well, well...do I actually have faith in what he told me?" Tian Mo Xing questioned herself. In a blink of an eye, strong waves hit the shoreline. Tian Mo Xing sneezed and carelessly dropped the necklace. Something she heard alerted her senses. She quickly picked up the chain from the waters. The beach area had gotten colder by the minute. Tian Mo Xing thus hastily got up after deciding to head back to the house.

"Tian Mo Xing!" From a distance, 007 was calling out loud as he had been searching around for her since shortly after dinner. He caught sight of her pacing towards him.

"Alright, here!" she cried in response while quickening her steps. Yet, kicking a rather slippery stone and she suddenly lost her balance.

"Ahh!" Tian Mo Xing did slip. However, one quick rush on 007's part saved her as she fell straight into his arms instead.

"Are you okay?" he asked her.

Smiling embarrassingly, she assured, "I'm fine...That was really close..." Once his support helped her regained her footing, Tian Mo Xing was reminded of the necklace, which fell off her grasp for another time. She wasted no time to look for it again and 007 also assisted.

Together, they spotted its sparkling brightness in the waters again. "Finally!" Tian Mo Xing was relieved.

007 then took off his jacket and drapped it over her, "It's getting cold...why don't we go inside?"

Tian Mo Xing felt the Carnelian stone again, "No wait, I heard something seconds ago..." Turning to 007, she requested of him, "Why don't you try dropping this into the waters and see if we hear anything?"

He thought for a while and did as was told.

A higher note expressed itself. Tian Mo Xing snapped, "Yes! I heard it again! Did you? When the stone just touched the waters...Starting a while back, it's making musical sounds!"

007 was aware and agreed with what she had noticed, "This one must be..."

Tian Mo Xing beamed with gladness, "Right, at long last, I made out that this necklace was given to me by you...The other one by Uncle Remus is in my pocket...Oh, so this is what he called as the 'true essence and rhythm of love'!"

007 held onto to the necklace, "Is it specially between the two of us?"

Tian Mo Xing nodded eagerly. He smiled, "Grandfather sure has his ways..."

"Hey, you both!" It was 747 calling from the patio of the house not far away, "Master Intelligence Team show is about to air anytime now, come back if you're still interested!"

007 and Tian Mo Xing stood up and hurried towards the house, "We're coming!"

Now all gathered before the plasma television in the sitting room, the school detective cartoon show started with its catchy opening theme. Tian Mo Xing was extremely excited, "Oh, I love this song by Fahrenheit!"

Teacher Cherry, who was seated behind her, added, "But this is not upbeat enough, I prefer the more cheerful ending theme by my idol, Fan Fan instead..."

187 nodded, "Yeah...maybe we should suggest them to switch around the songs..."

747 wondered, "Is that a good idea? But, I kinda noticed the band member who sung the beginning sounded like this guy amongst us..." He then pointed to imply 007.

"Hurray!" Tian Mo Xing exclaimed proudly. "Our 007 has the voice of a superstar!"

Soon, Teacher Angel and Principal Tao joined them bringing along fruits, snacks and drinks from the kitchen. Tian Mo Xing passed some peeled oranges for her brother, Ke Ying, "Here Ge, these are really healthy for ya..."

Taking them with hesitance from her hand, Ke Ying helped himself slowly. Tian Mo Xing made sure that he's fine with them before taking some more for 007. "Thanks," he returned and got her a glass of strawberry drink as well.

"Ah...how sweet..." Teacher Cherry uttered with admiration while watching them both.

Hearing such, 187 cleared his throat, "Here, Teacher Cherry, nice cool cherry drink for you too..."

A big smile crept unto her face, "Why, thank you!"

"Thanks..." The whole room suddenly quieten down.

"Wait a minute!" Tian Mo Xing spun around and turned to Ke Ying, "Brother...did you just say something to me?"

He looked at her with a softened expression, then lightly nodded his head, "Thanks..."

Tian Mo Xing almost could not believe so and squealed aloud, "Mom, Dad...Brother just talked for the first time after so long!"

Teacher Angel and Principal Tao were overjoyed, "Oh, Ke Ying...at last we all heard you!" They both quickly hugged their beloved son. Tian Mo Xing, Teacher Cherry and the rest also did the same as everyone cheered happily for the family. After such a long time of keeping to himself, Lu Ke Ying finally spoke up to display his sure progress on the road to complete recovery. All have joyful smiles spread across their contented faces on this breezy night in spring. And perhaps, their delight of sticking together with one another will go on as they make their way into the definite future...


"Thank you for reading!"