A Naruto Three-Shot by TKCat

Rating: M

Pairing: SasuNaru

Genre: Romance, General

Warnings: Yaoi (M/M), Shoen-Ai (BL), Lemons, OOC, Age Gaps

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A/N: And here comes the third and final part of "Guarantee"! Now, to be completely honest, I'm a little modest. About all of you came with such amazing praises, expecting some gigantic plot-twist that would make this story stand out... while in reality, most of the readers of part one almost had me all figured out that early. *sigh* For that, I'm sorry, but this story really was meant to be predictable...

To be honest, the lemon in part one was the one thing that actually inspired me to write this. I was watching my bookcase (just in case it would grow legs and start walking) when my mind started wandering to just how the thing was made... which made me think of carpenters... and those small huts they work in...For some reason, I started thinking about food... and then my hunger for SasuNaru... you do the math.

ALSO! This part is dedicated to the one and only Acire-chan!!! (AKA:Gothic Anime Lover) Reasons on the bottom...

Now, thank you all for reading! And now enjoy the last part of "Guarantee"!


Part 3

Naruto didn't bother to straighten out the curves of his shirt. Nor did he mind that his pants weren't the slacks a maid had presented to him this morning, but rather a pair of fitting and more comfortable jeans. Minato had strictly told him to look presentable; slick his hair, iron his clothes, have his shoes polished and such thing. Naruto let his hair remain in its messy tresses, ignored the wrinkles on his clothing and dropped out on the business-shoes in favour for a pair of familiar sneakers. It was not like the appearance mattered at the moment – no matter what he looked like; he couldn't go without the decision today.

The folks were all waiting for him downstairs, but he was still thinking over his choice.

He knew who Uchiha Itachi was, after reading multiple magazines and articles concerning the man. If you lived in Konoha and didn't know who the son of Uchiha Fugaku was, you might as well have been born yesterday. Naruto certainly wasn't. Itachi was hot, no doubting it, and the scowling look he always wore gave him an extremely dominant aura – and it reminded him a little of Sasuke. Actually, the whole man reminded him a little of Sasuke. They had the same scowling eyes, the same pale complexion, and the same dark hair, probably similar bastard personalities; the major difference was their body type. Itachi was tall, and perhaps a little lean, but he didn't show of the same unique structure his Sasuke had. In the end, he wasn't a bad choice at all – what bothered him the most was that the man was thirty years old...

Sure he liked older men (apparently), and Itachi was a bit of a Sasuke-look-alike, but thirty was starting to get a little out of hand (even though Itachi didn't look the part – rather something around the mid-twenties). And in the end, was a Sasuke-look-alike really what he was hoping for?

Hinata wasn't too shabby either; a lot of men would've died for a chance with her. Women would gladly kill (perhaps those men who'd willingly die) for her flawless complexion and over developed body parts. And he already knew her. There'd be no awkwardness, and she'd understand his dislike for proximity at once.

Sighing heavily, he reached for the nightstand where he picked up and pocketed his engagement ring from Sasuke. Silently, he prayed that somehow it would provide him with something positive today. All that was left now was to speak with Hinata and Itachi. Then he'd see. If Itachi proved to be just as much of a prick as the pictures showed, he had no interest in choosing him. Though he'd rather not have to choose either of them...

Downstairs, three respective fathers were represented, as well as the female of the agreement. Hinata was seated nervously in a comfy and classic looking chair, watching as her father conversed with the Hokage and Uchiha Fugaku. Both her father and Fugaku had confident expressions, triumph already clear in their eyes, while the Hokage stood a little apart from them, only answering questions as necessary. He seemed stressed out, irritated and angry.

She felt a little sorry for him, knowing he had to go through all this because of some business deal he had with the Uchihas in the past – that was what she was told, anyway. She wondered how her rival would fare with her beloved, and when Itachi would actually arrive. And where was Naruto anyway? Sighing quietly, she sent a small hope up the Heavens, praying that her love since first sight would chose her, someone he knew, over a hot, though complete stranger – even though he was pushed into this.

Fugaku chuckled victoriously as he watched the so-called "competition" twiddle her finger nervously where she sat. Even for a man like him, in his older years, it was easy to see that the girl was all looks and zero confidence. Glancing over at the pale eyed father, he voiced his comment. "Looks like this race is already run, Hiashi-san. Sweet little Hinata-san won't be able to stand a chance against Itachi."

Hiashi snorted, looking back just as victoriously. "My Hinata is the desire of the country's male population. Anything young Naruto-kun should be looking for in a wife is in her."

"That's where you are wrong, my friend," the Uchiha stated, a content look on his face.

Hiashi raised an eyebrow, staring at the other with his pupil-less eyes. "And why is that?" he questioned.

"Uzumaki is indeed the son of his mother," Fugaku explained, gaining a distant look in his dark eyes. "Let me tell you; people of the Uzumaki heritage need dominance over anything else when they look for a spouse. For them, beauty is only a positive addition. Having a beautiful and handsome spouse is always a desire, but more than anything, they need someone to control their spirit – calm them down and rile them up. Isn't that right, Hokage-sama?"

Minato snorted at the smug smirk the senior sent his way. A frown marred his face. He never liked talking about his deceased wife.

Fugaku merely chuckled at the younger man's behaviour, directing his smirk at Hiashi. "And Itachi was born with the ability to dominate in his blood. Additionally, Itachi is the perfect combination of beauty and intelligence; the perfect match for Minato's son. He'll be drawn in at first sight. And as far as I see, your daughter isn't... too confident."

The Hyuuga growled at the remark. "If it's a question of dominance, I always have a nephew who'd gladly step in for Hinata if needed."

Hinata gasped silently from her seat, silently wishing her father hadn't said it like that. She knew he was trying to buy the upper hand, but she'd rather not have Neji drawn into it all. She knew for a fact that Neji had envied her green when it was decided that she would marry Naruto. Her cousin had been very... attracted to the blond, even though she was the only one who took notice. If he was to replace her, he'd rub it in her face the rest of her life.

Fugaku still hadn't lost his triumphant look. "Oh? Losing confidence in your daughter so easily?" he mocked.

Hiashi chose to ignore the remark. "You shouldn't be speaking so highly of your son when he has yet to arrive. Tell me, did you really trust him to come here by himself?"

"He will come," Fugaku simply stated.

Now it was Hiashi's turn to be confident. "Are you really so sure about that? The last time I read the tabloids, Uchiha Itachi was in a stable and serious relationship. Am I to assume that it is already over?"

Fugaku growled darkly. "You'd be amazed if you were to know what I would do for the sake of the family."

Hiashi was about to give another comment when he was stopped by Minato. The Hokage was looking over at the stairs where his son came walking down. Everyone directed their attention the handsome young man who was slowly descending the marble stairs of the mansion. One look at him would make you see the word "gorgeous" in an even more angelic light, concealing the less than presentable outfit he was wearing. Blond, vivid hair almost sparkled as it reflected the light bouncing upon it. The same could be said for the deep, cobalt eyes he sported. Caramel skin and soft features revealed a perfect mix of father and mother. Beautiful and prestigious – was there really a question on whether or not two of the strongest clans in the country wanted him related?

"Naruto, finally," Minato greeted, a smile plastered on his face. His son scowled at the falseness only he could see behind the smile that had everyone else fall in love with the man. Minato paid it no mind, resting a hand on his shoulder once he came down the last of the marble steps. "Now, let me introduce you to our guests."

Naruto plastered on his own feigned smile as he was presented to some of the country's most powerful men. He simply nodded to Hiashi, as they had met before under certain circumstances. He smiled sadly over at Hinata, knowing that she was probably forced into this thing, too. She waved timidly back at him, smiling shyly as a red blush tinted her cheeks. Then he stood before a man he hadn't seen other than in the tabloids – yet, somehow, there was something awfully familiar about him, like there was something of the man he had seen somewhere before. Those cold, piercing eyes... that confident look...

Wrinkled, yet strong, pale hands took a hold of his, shaking it firmly. "Uchiha Fugaku," the man spoke.

Naruto smiled falsely again. "Uzumaki Naruto. It's a pleasure to meet you Uchiha-san."

Fugaku chuckled in return. "The pleasure is mine, Naruto-kun. And please, call me Fugaku." The blond nodded before looking around the room. An important detail hit him. Three fathers, as well as one possible spouse were present... but where was Itachi?

Noticing his son's questioning stare, Minato cleared his throat. "It seems like Itachi-kun will be arriving a little late... though that shouldn't be a problem. We'll just start without him, and then I'll have Iruka-san direct him to my study when he arrives."

Just as they were about to leave the hall, Iruka came into the room, a gentle expression on his face. He bowed to the guests before directing his attention to the lord of the household. "Hokage-sama, you have a visitor."

Fugaku's expression immediately lit up, and Minato nodded, understanding. "That must be Itachi-kun... send him in."

The brunet butler was a little tentative. "Um, Hokage-sama... the visitor is not Uchiha Itachi."

Everyone looked curiously at the butler. Minato sighed. "Then tell him I'm busy. We're awaiting Itachi-kun only, everyone else is to leave."

"He said it's important and that he wouldn't leave before he had a word with you..."

"Then let him wait. I cannot afford to waste time when I have such matters at hand—"

"Not even for an old friend, sempai?"

All eyes were directed at the door Iruka had come out from, and at the man who stood there, leaning against the doorframe lazily. He was handsome, probably in the middle of his thirties, though strangely clothed in a business suit with a mismatching scarf covering the lower parts of his face. His eyes were dark in colour, yet shone with humour and intelligence of a long life. Silvery-white hair stood up to all sides, giving him a pretty immature impression, despite his knowing eyes.

Naruto blinked confusedly as he studied the man. Who was he, and why was he referring to his dad as his sempai?

"Kakashi," Minato suddenly acknowledged, breaking the silence that had formed. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, just a favour for a friend of mine," Kakashi replied, and then glanced smugly over at the butler who had been staring at him like everyone else. "Though I can think of other things, now that I'm here..."

Naruto almost snorted loudly as the faces of all the people present twisted into disturbed expressions at the man's rudeness. Even Iruka was spluttering red, as well as Hinata who hid her face by turning away a little. Minato was the first one to snap out of it. "Well, as you can see, I'm busy—"

"Oh, no need to be sorry," Kakashi said light-hearted, making the older men gasp. That man had just cut off the Hokage in the middle of a sentence! Kakashi, however, kept on smiling as he directed his attention to the other people of the room. "I have some business with these people, too. Well, I guess a proper introduction is in turn..."

"I know who you are," Hiashi spoke up, staring coolly at the man. "You're Hatake Kakashi – CEO of the Sharingan Corps." Naruto now stared owlishly at Kakashi. This man... this shabby looking guy was the CEO of the country's greatest company? How could that be...? Looking around the room, he noticed he wasn't the only one to be surprised, but Fugaku was probably more surprised than all of them put together. That was... weird.

"Ma, you're making me blush, Hiashi-san," Kakashi said, waving in mock embarrassment over at the Hyuuga clan chief. "But I can't take the honour having that role; I simply do the work...though the real deal should be arriving very soon, now."

"What...!" Fugaku suddenly exclaimed, making everyone direct their attention at him. The senior looked disbelieving, and perhaps a little scared at Kakashi. "You mean... he is...?"

Kakashi smiled. "Why don't you ask him yourself?" He looked down on the Rolex he had on his arm. "He should be here in about twenty-three seconds, and counting..."

Unconsciously, the whole room held their breath as the clock counted down. Naruto was a little humoured at their reactions; he personally didn't find meeting another CEO to be such a big deal when already having two others there. Sending another glance around the room, he saw this as his chance to get away – sneak upstairs and climb out the window, and then... then he'd find a phone and call Sasuke, meet him someplace, and perhaps go away for a week or so. Maybe to the southern parts of the country, where they could enjoy the sun, bath in the ocean instead of some city dam... and he'd have an excuse to walk around half naked with his lover 24/7. Yes, that would be perfect. Sort of like an early honeymoon.

Best of all, he'd be away from his father.

Just as he made it to the top of the stairs unnoticed, slipping around the corner and out of sight, the door creaked open. He heard several gasps, as well as his father's rude exclamation of "You!!" which made him believe the person was another of the old geezers his father had known once. But, damn, now he'd have to hurry – they'd realize he was gone if greetings were to be made.

Fishing up the ring from his pocket, he slipped it onto his ring finger, kissing it softly while praying for good fortune. That's when a familiar voice stopped him dead in his tracks. Cobalt eyes widened in recognition... The deep, slightly ragged tone played out as music in his ears. This voice...

"Good afternoon, my gentlemen, my lady. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting."


Naruto immediately turned on his heels, slowly edging around the corner to make sure his ears didn't deceive him. At first glance, a sting of disappointment hit him as he couldn't spot the raven anywhere among the suit clad men, but as soon as he thought back to the last night he'd seen his lover, Sasuke was easy to spot in the crowd. And, indeed, standing by the door in a grey business suit and with a tie was none other than his bastard. But what was he doing here...?

As always, a confident smirk was one his face as he addressed his onlookers. Grey eyes were directed at a perplexed Fugaku as he spoke now. "Itachi won't be able to make it. I just went to see him off on a trip to Suna with his lover."

"Sasuke—" Fugaku spoke, obviously about to say something when Minato's wrathful voice filled the room.

"You!!" he shouted – a repeat from before Sasuke started speaking – pointing accusingly at the familiar raven. "What the hell do you think you're doing in my house?! And talking to Fugaku—was this all a set up?! Answer me!!"

Fugaku immediately pledged his innocence, confused by whatever the Hokage was shouting about, while Sasuke sent a calm smirk Minato's way. "Of course it was."

The Hokage's face was now red with furry as he glared wrathfully between the two males. "Fugaku, what the heck is this about?! All along, you've been working with the man who's responsible for... for this!!"

"I swear, Minato, I have not—"

"Spare me for the excuses!!" Minato bellowed, glaring at the Uchiha CEO with all he was worth. "How dare you insult me by going behind my back with this...this lousy carpenter!"

At this statement, Kakashi's interest arose. "Hm, if I may, sempai, I believe you should address the CEO with a little more respect." At the Hokage's widened eyes, Kakashi smiled brightly, directing his hands over at Sasuke. "Meet Uchiha Sasuke, CEO of the Sharingan Corps, and also my employer."

Naruto couldn't help the gasp that escaped him, though luckily it was drowned in the gasps of the rest of the room. CEO...? Uchiha...?! What the heck is he... what?! Though the name would explain his likeness to Itachi and Fugaku, this was just ridiculous. His Sasuke... Sasuke was a construction worker – your average, low-life citizen who strived for a salary every month; not some high, prestigious company leader in disguise. Unless... Had he been lied to?

Minato was probably the most perplexed of them all. His normal controlling aura was reduced drastically as he stuttered out a response. "You... it can't possibly be that..." he looked warily between Kakashi and the newly announced Uchiha.

A humoured glint crossed Sasuke's eyes. "Kakashi here should be able to explain it to you all. I'm just here to pick up my property... no, my fiancé."

While the Hyuugas let out surprised gasps, Fugaku's expression seemed to light up at the proclamation. "Itachi isn't coming... and you show up. Sasuke, could it be that you—"

"No," the raven answered bluntly, frowning at the senior. "I'm not accepting any of those apologies of your. Like I said, I'm only here to pick up my future husband."

"B-but you... Showing up here in Itachi's place..."

"It was never my brother's place to begin with, father," Sasuke spoke, making the senior frown in confusion. "Like I said, this was a set up. And now that I'm done here, I have other business to take care of. Also, Kakashi will remain to fill you in on a thing or two. All you need to know from me is that I'm walking out of here victorious. Because..."

The whole room watched as Sasuke lifted his gaze, and then directed their attention on the same spot; on the top of the stairs, and at the corner. There was nothing there. They all looked questioningly at the youngest Uchiha, perplexed to see a small smile growing on his lips. Then he spoke.

"Naruto... I know you're there. Come out, already."

There was silence for another moment, until a foot stepped out from behind the corner, slowly followed by the rest of the person standing behind there. No one had really realized that the blond had disappeared and was a little shocked to see him up there, staring cautiously down at the youngest Uchiha. They saw him drop his head a little before he hurriedly made his way down the stairs, towards Sasuke who was ready to catch an almost certainly slipping blond – or embrace his lover if he actually made it down the stairs with that speed.

As Naruto stepped down from the last step, the last mentioned case was open, yet no one had expected the Hokage's son to send a well-aimed punch to the Uchiha's face. "Dead uncle my ass!" he exclaimed, about to send another one flying when Sasuke recovered and pulled the fuming blond closer to his body, immobilizing his arms by trapping them between them. That didn't stop the blond from furiously pounding on his chest and continuing his angry rambling. "Fucking bastard – you lied to me!"

Sasuke sighed, not really miserably or nonchalantly. "You know I'd never lie to you intentionally—"

"But you still lied to me!" Naruto cut him off, still hammering out his anger on the Uchiha who didn't seem bothered at all. "You told me nothing about this! You told me you were a freaking construction worker, and then you come in here as an all almighty fucking company president!! Fucking lying bastard! I hate you, I hate you – I hate you!!"

Naruto cut his rambling short when Sasuke caught his hand in a secure grip. He glared up at the proclaimed Uchiha, who was smirking down at him. That same confident smirk he always wore when he knew he had won. That confident smirk that made excited shivers run through the blond, whether he liked it or not. Naruto couldn't help the slight flush that came over him as Sasuke leaned in closer, saying: "I don't believe you."

Blue eyes blinked once; then twice, and then once more. "Eh?"

"I don't believe you," Sasuke repeated, his grip on his hand tightening slightly. "I don't believe that you really hate me as much as you say. If you did..."

He lifted their entwined hands up for the blond to see. The two different complexions crashed marvellously against each other, balancing the other, creating an amazing contrast. And there, on the index finger of the darker hand shone the diamonds of a beautifully crafted ring, reflecting the light of the room the same way the man wearing them did.

The smirk on Sasuke's face slowly softened into a genuine smile. "If you did, you wouldn't be wearing this, would you?"

"Ah..." Naruto said dumbfounded, even though he saw the logic behind the statement. No matter what he had just said, he still didn't feel disgusted by the fact that he was in the embrace of the man he'd just said all those things about. Nor did he feel revulsion at the ring he was freely wearing – the ring that in a way marked him as Sasuke's. In all honesty, he felt content more than anything.

Sasuke merely smiled wryly at the calculating look the blond gave their hands, trying to reason with the simple truth of it all. The dobe would soon realize there was nothing left to reason with, but if they didn't get going soon there'd be more questioning. He didn't have the time, or the patience for questioning now. Tugging Naruto closer, placing his lips on the younger man's ear, he whispered three simple, yet meaningful words.

"Run for it."

Cobalt eyes blinked puzzled. "Wha— No, wait you—whoa!!" Naruto didn't get to say more before he was harshly tugged along by a smirking raven.

Sasuke sent Kakashi an approving nod which was returned by a playful wink, and then waved his hand in a swift "goodbye" for the rest of the crowd before continuing out the door he had entered through, dragging a bewildered blond behind him.

Fugaku and Hiashi stared disbelieving at the unfolding scene, Iruka glanced petrified between the fleeing couple and stunned Hokage, and Hinata was blushing redder than a strawberry after having seen her beloved so intimately close to another – much older – man. Minato finally snapped out of it as he realized what was happening, and was about shout for his son to get back into the house.

But Sasuke and Naruto were already out of sight.

Just as an even more enraged Hokage was about to sprint out the door and after the two, it was slammed shut right in his face. Looking sideways, he glared wrathfully up at the culprit; Kakashi smiled merrily in return. This could be interesting. Addressing the whole room, he laughed softly and spoke:

"So… explanation, was it?"


Naruto exhaled contently as he leaned his head on the warm shoulder of his fiancé. The low humming of the car and the hushed traffic from the outside were the only sounds to be heard – not counting their steady breathing. His ring-bearing hand rested underneath Sasuke's pale one, relishing in the warmth the hand gave of. Crude, pale fingers were drawing soft circles on his thigh; a gentle, yet intimate caress the blond enjoyed to the fullest. Sasuke knew exactly what would calm him down – just like he knew what would rile him up.

To finally be with Sasuke again, after such a rough week, was the greatest relief Naruto had ever felt. Judging by his lover's unusually peaceful expression, the feeling was mutual.

He had been surprised, and perhaps a little annoyed, when Sasuke had dragged him off without as much as saying goodbye to the people in there – not even to his own family. But as they reached the front yard, speeding towards a car that stood waiting for them, Naruto had to admit he hadn't ever had the guts to actually run out on his father – and God be damned, he enjoyed it! Sure, he had the fantasies, but actually making a run for it, feeling the adrenalin pumping in his blood, was much better than any fantasy could make it. He had fun.

Once they were seated in the backseat, the driver had taken off, obviously knowing where they were headed. Sasuke had most likely told him. Laughing breathlessly, he had let his head fall to rest on a broad shoulder, resting his hands on his thighs. Sasuke immediately put his hand over his, holding it in a reassuring grip.

They had kept the position for a while now, simply basking in the relief of having the other close once more. To Naruto, it felt like he had been under water for too long, chained to the floor by strong shackles. And could now finally come up to the surface and breathe in the only thing he needed to live; which in this case was Sasuke. It was like he hadn't realized that he had slowly, although surely, been suffocating in his father's grip, and then Sasuke had come along, reminding him just why he kept on fighting.

No words were exchanged – no words were needed. But Naruto had to admit that even in the serene relief they shared, something was still bothering him. Like how they ended up here. How Sasuke had gone all fairytale on him and showed up as a frog-turned-prince… a very handsome frog, mind you.

"We're here."

Looking up, Naruto noticed the car had stopped. He had absently believed that they'd go on forever, driving around aimlessly – but of course Sasuke wanted to bring him somewhere. His lover was smiling down at his perplexed expression as he opened the door and climbed out before holding it for the blond. As he stepped out of the car, Naruto immediately recognized their apartment block. Sasuke started walking and motioned for him to follow.

They walked in silence up to their floor, the iron staircases clanging under their weight. It was a comfortable silence, though. Naruto smiled as Sasuke clenched his hand around his. They stopped in front of a familiar front door; the number '9' briefly crossing the blond's mind. Sasuke fumbled a little with the lock; after a few seconds the door gave in to the home's master.

As they entered Naruto briefly though of how clean the apartment was. Sure, with Sasuke being a bit of a neat freak it was always a little 'clean' but he had never seen the man actually clean anything. And after the mess they left that night, he highly doubted Sasuke would take to cleaning it all up, dust off their belongings and give the floor a proper all-over with a cleaning mop.

But then again, what did he really know about Sasuke anymore? For all he knew, the man had called up some cleaning service and had the job done for him. It's not like he didn't have the money, being a CEO

Cobalt eyes narrowed at the thought as he watched Sasuke slip out of his shoes. The man immediately stripped himself of the fine grey jacked and practically jerked off the tie before he carelessly let them slide to the floor. Naruto swallowed a little as he observed his lover. That was more like his Sasuke. That thought made him doubt even more what he was to believe…

Who was, in fact, Sasuke? Who was actually the man he had called his lover for the past year – and fiancé for the past days?

As Sasuke proceeded to walk further into the apartment, Naruto cleared his throat. The older man turned his head and looked questioningly at him. "You know," the blond said, narrowing his eyes a little. "It's true that I don't hate you… but I'm still mad at you."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, turning around fully. "Why is that?"

Naruto gave an irritated sigh. "Don't 'why is that' me. You've been telling me you were a carpenter, that your uncle died and gave you the money, and all this time you've been the company president of the company presidents. And now you're asking me why I'm mad at you?"

Sasuke let out a humoured chuckle, to which Naruto growled in annoyance. Leaning against the wall, the raven spoke. "Ah, that..."

"Don't talk about it as if it's nothing!" the blond spluttered, eyes still narrowed.

"I'm sorry," Sasuke said, smile replaced by a more serious look. "I guess you want explanations."

Naruto huffed. "Wow, great discovery, mister president."

The comment was a little off-handed. Sasuke brushed it off, and took a breath. "The truth is... there is a dead uncle in the play," he started off, but hesitated a little before continuing. "Though that comes in a little later on... I guess it kind of started when I was sixteen and still in high school."

Naruto nodded slightly, remembering the age difference of a decade. When Sasuke was sixteen, he was still a six years old. And that was when he lost his mother to the battlefield. That was the year the war ended.

The raven observed the slight grief that crossed the blond's face in worry. "You probably know that's the year the war ended... At the time, I was simply the son of one of the country's most powerful men. I grew up with the goal of outsmarting my brother somehow and become the head of the Uchiha Corp. That was the plan... at least until that one trip to the countryside we took with school." Sasuke paused here, sighing before continuing. "We got to see some of the damage done to a few small towns by enemy troops that had somehow gotten further into the county than expected. Some houses were completely ruined, while others were like large, burnt coals."

Naruto gulped as he could imagine what it must've been like, driving along the edge of a war zone. Surely, it must've been a tad traumatizing to see such horrid damage done not so close to what he called home. Sasuke chuckle deeply. The blond lifted his head, giving a look of puzzlement at the sound. "What?"

"No, nothing," Sasuke denied, though he still had a smug look on his face. Naruto glared him into answering. "I was just thinking about how I and your father aren't all that different."

Naruto glared harder. "Don't say that! You are a billion times better than him!"

Sasuke chuckled again. "Maybe... Maybe not. But we kind of share a few common goals." The blond raised an eyebrow at the statement. "One of them is keeping you safe..." Naruto winced at that; it went ignored. "...but we also want to rebuild the country. My father would probably jump in joy if I decided to become a politician and fight with words for the good of the country – or the good of the business, if it could be helped. That's how you build a country: promise the people new homes, schools, hospitals... And in return, the people love you for what you 'do' for them.

"But think about it. In the very end, it's the people who are actually doing the job. Sure, as a politician you give the money needed, and you can see cities rise steadily – but I didn't want to sit down and watch. I wanted to take the matters into my own hands and actually build the country."

Naruto stared questioningly at him. "So... you're saying you became a CEO to give more money for the projects to have them finished faster?"

"No, dumbass," Sasuke chuckled at the trademark stupidity his lover displayed. "I became a construction worker to actually do something about he promises of rebuilding the politicians gave. Needless to say, my father didn't quite like that decision."

The blond rested his chin in his hand, thinking about what Sasuke had just said. The logic made a lot of sense, really – without the so called low-lives to do the actual building, they'd come to a standstill. Sasuke wanted to prevent that. Additionally, Sasuke also seemed to know how it was having constant quarrels with his father. "...what happened?"

"I was thrown out," Sasuke simply stated, and Naruto gaped at the blunt statement. "When father realized I wouldn't change my career choice, he banned me from the family and had my name burnt off the family tree. Not a big feat. I was really just the 'spare-son', in case Itachi didn't fulfil the criteria." A strange smile played over the older man's lips at the past memories. Naruto wanted to question what kind of fucked up family policy the Uchiha's had, but let it be for the sake of hearing the rest of the story. "I was pretty bad off for a while there. Hadn't it been for my mother sending me a few sums every month and a friend of mine sharing her apartment with me, I'd probably be some beggar or something. It went a little up when I met Kakashi, though."

Naruto immediately thought back to the weird silver-haired man who had shown up on their doorstep. "He called my father sempai... who is he, anyway?"

"Kakashi used to work as some social-worker for adolescences who were a little off the road, even though he studied business and economy for years... If I remember correctly, he mentioned your father being his senior in high school and a good friend, though I don't know much about that," Sasuke said truthfully. Naruto nodded, motioning for him to continue. "He helped me get a job under a company that didn't care that I wasn't eighteen yet. After pulling some strings and such, he also became my guardian for my last year as underage. Of course, I had to work my ass off for the salary each month, but at least I managed. I was simply striving on when the unexpected happened."

Sasuke paused here to let the blond process all the information he had been given. It was always amusing to watch the way he'd scrunch his face up in concentration, trying to connect the dots. The Uchiha frowned as he continued.

"My uncle died of cancer when I was nineteen. Uchiha Madara was one of the higher ups in the clan, and owned more than half of the Uchiha Corps, as well as a lot of other small businesses around the continent," Sasuke chuckled lightly here. "What no one really expected was the will he left. The words 'for my favourite nephew' were even underlined. He left me everything."

Naruto's eyes widened, and he nodded understandingly. "You got more than half of the company..." Cobalt eyes squinted in distaste. "...let me guess. Your father wanted you back?"

"Wow, there are actually brains inside there?" The blond couldn't help a very manly pout at the comment. Sasuke snorted in amusement; Naruto ignored it. "That's right, though. He sent a lot of proposals in order to have me rejoin with the family, but I already knew what sort of man he was, and still is. I can't say his offers weren't any good, as that would be an outright lie. Especially for me, as I didn't know a thing about leading a company while still a teenager. 'Youngest CEO in history'... a lot of people would like to take advantage of that. So I renamed the company and hired Kakashi."

"Hiashi believed Kakashi to be the CEO... while in reality, it's you," the blond murmured. "So you use him as a cover while you're behind it all, pulling the strings."

"No... Not exactly, though I see why you'd assume that," Sasuke answered, a wry smile tugging on his lips. "I would never fit in the role of a company president, no matter what. Kakashi does all the work and acts the part, while I still own it all – we share the income like that. Basically, I'm the written CEO while Kakashi is CEO in practice."

Naruto gnawed at his lower lip, trying to find something to say to that. If what Sasuke was telling him was the truth – which he believed it to be – he had been throwing false accusations earlier that day. Sasuke had never lied to him in the first place. Naruto voiced the thought of his own idiocy, but Sasuke quickly brushed it off. The blond smiled at the act. It assured him even more that he could talk to Sasuke, no matter what, and no matter what he said, he'd still be accepted.

"So in the very end," Naruto spoke, glancing over at his lover with a strangely happy glint in his eyes. "Sasuke is still Sasuke, right?"

"Yeah... I'm still a construction worker, and I'm still me," the Uchiha answered casually.

"Mhm... I see. But what was the display back then about?"

"Do you really want to know the truth?" Naruto nodded curiously, and Sasuke sighed deeply. "Well...With the help of Kakashi, I had my father get a whiff of a rumour concerning the Hokage's son and a construction worker... of course, he didn't know it was me, but it went according to plan. I knew my father wasn't too fond of my brother's relationship with this one guy, and had been on a look-out for someone he could force upon him. The rumour came along, and shortly the deal was made. Taking the fact that you were already engaged into knowledge, I waited to see how it would turn out, and the planned meeting was my golden opportunity."

"You planned on barging in."

"In a way, yes," Sasuke answered, smiling again. "I sent Itachi on a vacation and earned myself a favour from my brother and a chance to rub it into my father's face."

"That you have your brother on your side...?"

Sasuke shook his head, smirking lightly. "Sort of that too, but I got to show him that even as a low-life, I still got the Princess and half the kingdom."

A silence followed.

" that's how it is." The blond spoke dangerously low, making Sasuke quirk an eyebrow. He glanced curiously at his lover who was smiling a treacherously sinister smile, signalling that something bad was coming, and he spoke sweetly; "I'm a trophy, and you just won first place when your father believed you unable to. You plot it out, barge in, show off, and when you're done, you dance right out again and everyone lives happily ever after."


Sasuke stopped the incoming fist on reflex, jumped over a swinging kick, dodged another punch and pressed the fierce blond flat against the wall. Naruto growled lowly, trying to struggle his way out from between Sasuke and a hard place, although failing miserably. "Bastard," the blond muttered under his breath.

He was about to give another insult when he realized that Sasuke's face was dangerously close to his own. The familiar confident smirk was back on full force, and once again a slight flush spread over him. And Sasuke leaned closer. "I forgot to mention... You're my trophy – my only one. And I happen to love my trophy."

The words struck right home and the passionate look in his lover's face as he said them had Naruto choking down a moan. He narrowed his eyes, glaring weakly up at the still smirking raven. "How do you do this to me?" he questioned out loud, more to himself than anyone.

"Aside from the fact that I'm drop-dead sexy, remember all your spots by heart, know how to make you scream and have a big cock..." the Uchiha listed up, to which Naruto sent another weak glare. Sasuke simply grinned uncharacteristically. "...I'd say you love me."

That was undoubtedly true. The blond pouted slightly, looking to his left. "You could've spared me for the drama and just told me... would've made this a lot easier, and my father might've accepted you at once."

"You're probably right," Sasuke admitted thoughtfully, yet couldn't help another small grin. "But we're here, aren't we? Like I told you, you're the only person I've ever met who actually dared to be yourself around me. And for that, I'm just being me."

Once again, truth and affection was the only thing behind the words. Sighing in defeat, Naruto closed his eyes and leaned up to let his lips brush against Sasuke's in a gentle kiss. Sasuke immediately responded, releasing the blond to let his arms rest around his lover's waist. Arms freed, Naruto wrapped them around a strong, pale neck, parting his lips as an invitation for his lover to invade his orifice. The chance was immediately taken. The blond would've smiled at Sasuke's eagerness if he hadn't been busy kissing said man.

A minute later, they broke for air panting breathlessly. Sasuke rested his forehead against his lover's, closing his eyes as he relaxed into the simple touch. Finally breathing evenly, he decided he could stay like that for hours to no end, but was quickly brought out of his small paradise by two hands grabbing him by his shirt and bringing him down to look perplexed into passionate cobalt eyes.

"Don't be lazy," Naruto scolded, a light smirk playing on his lips. "You have a 'trophy' to take care of."

Sasuke smirked confidently back at him, brushing their lips together again. "We also have some unfinished business to take care of... care to join me in the bedroom?"

"With pleasure," the blond breathed against pale lips. Neither of them could wait to pick up where they left the other night.


Naruto was roughly pushed into the bedroom, almost stumbling over the bed, but was able to catch himself before impact. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to mind. Not that he had ever minded it – he absolutely adored the rough treatment Sasuke would give him, even unintentionally. The actions only exposed the man's eagerness.

Turning around, he was immediately engaged into a deep kiss by his dark haired lover. He moaned in approval as familiar crude hands made their way down his thinly clothed back to grab at a denim clad ass. Groaning into the kiss as Sasuke ground their growing arousals together he let his own hands work on unbuttoning his lover's shirt. He broke the kiss to concentrate at the task at hand, a feat that became just as hard when pale lips impatiently latched onto his neck, distracting him with their pleasuring ministrations. Once the shirt was open, he stripped it off of his lover's body and took his time to admire a strongly muscled chest, adoring the pale skin.

Sasuke growled in pure arousal as tan, soft hands worked on rubbing his torso, massaging all the muscles they could reach, ridding them of any tense stiffness. He was sure he loved Naruto's hands, just as much as the blond loved his; he'd make the perfect doctor some day, even though the older man cringed inwardly at the thought of those hands touching others. As they attacked an especially sensitive spot, he felt his hardness jump in anticipation of the thought of having the loving hands on said hardness.

Deciding he was getting too impatient, Sasuke pulled away from the tempting neck he had been marking to have his lover get onto the bed already. He didn't get that far before the two hands on his chest suddenly pushed him off balance and onto the bed behind him. At first, he believed Naruto to be taking a dominant role to get on top of him and control the situation, but when he felt no weight on top of him, his eyebrows knitted together in slight annoyance and puzzlement. The expression was however replaced by an excited smirk once he saw what the blond was up to.

Naruto was smiling seductively over at him, slowly and temptingly unbuttoning the white shirt he was wearing. His fingers skilfully completed the task. Making sure dark grey eyes were following every single movement, he slid his hands down his chest, imagining Sasuke's rougher hands going through the same motions. A moan of his lover's name escaped his kiss-bruised lips, and he could practically feel Sasuke's eyes on his skin.

The blond continued, sliding of every piece of clothing in the same sensual manner. It was done with elegant, skilful movements proving that this was definitely not a first timer. And for every piece that came off, more unmarked caramel skin was revealed. Sasuke could nearly smell the arousal of the skin, tempting him to stand up and claim what was rightfully his.


His breath hitched at the lusty voice, and looking over at his stark naked lover, half erect and already panting in need, he felt the last of his self-control slip away… but he'd control himself. He'd keep his calm and play along with his favourite playmate. His beloved Naruto…

A vulgar smirk slipped onto his face. "Oh? You're all set, so soon?" he questioned playfully, eyes tracing his lover's twitching and pulsing organ that seemed to jump at his comment. The smirk widened. "Well, I'm not. We ought to do something about that then… or you ought to. Come here," he ordered, motioning for Naruto to come closer to him.

Never hesitating in his steps, Naruto strode over to his lover, slightly swaying his hips for effect. He saw the raven licking his lips as his erection bounced up and down as he walked, smirking at the view. Putting on a sultry expression, he breathed out, "Tell me what to do, Sasuke. How can I make you ready for me?"

"Oh, I think we both know exactly what you can do, Naruto…" A pale hand grabbed his wrist, jerking him down to his knees. He gasped and stumbled forward, face pressed against the fine, grey material of his lover's slacks. Looking up, he tried to lift himself up from between his lover's thighs, only to be pushed down again. He heard a low chuckle. "I believe you could keep your pretty mouth down there until you've finished the job. Don't you agree?"

A smug smirk crossed the blond's lips as he caught on. He directed his gaze on the bulge in front of him, almost touching his face, and let his fingers work their magic. As he lifted them to the first buttons, he made sure to lightly brush against the swelling bulge, drawing a gasp out of Sasuke. He chuckled as he started working on the first button, taking his sweet time in undoing it. It was always fun to rile Sasuke up a little. That often led to rough sex, and Uzumaki Naruto was definitely the one for rough ass-pounding.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was not in the least amused by his lover's ministrations. He'd been waiting for this the entire week, and now Naruto insisted on slowing things down. That just wouldn't do – not now, and not ever. "I'm losing my patience, Naruto," he growled out in warning, jerking his hips up to his blond's face. "I have no qualms not to shove my dick down your throat in seconds."

Naruto laughed lightly in response, only annoying the Uchiha even more. "Shush, don't be such an impatient kid in front of the children. You wouldn't want to create a bad image now, would you?" A throaty growl followed. Naruto laughed again, finally undoing the last button. "And besides, you wouldn't do such a thing as force me."

The slacks were slid down, freeing a half erect cock from its binds. Naruto let his hands grasp around the base of the huge organ, feeling his own erection grow simply by the sight. Smiling softly he placed a kiss on the tip, grinning like a maniac on the inside as he felt shivers radiate through his lover's body.

"…you love me too much for that," he finished, gently taking the head into his mouth, giving it a hard suck. At Sasuke's throaty groan, he took in more of the pulsing organ. He swirled his tongue around the throbbing flesh, feeling the salty taste dancing on his taste buds. Switching between licking and sucking, he drew more groans out of his dark haired lover, enjoying every one of them.

"Ah, yeah... that's it, Naruto... take it in," Sasuke whispered huskily, caressing the blond tuft of hair moving between his legs. "Keep licking it. Make it big and wet, now... if you do a good job, you know how that will end."

Naruto groaned around the organ, almost whimpering at the thought of just what would happen. He could already feel his inner walls clench around the mere memory of having Sasuke inside him, all hard and throbbing. He immediately took in as much as he could without gagging, which in itself was a feat concerning just how big Sasuke was. He continued sucking and licking, using his hands for the parts his mouth couldn't cover. When pale hips started bucking up and a curse left his lover's mouth, he knew he had done well. The hand in his hair tightened, jerking him forward to take in more of the organ, though he knew he wouldn't manage to do so – or he'd have to turn to deep-throating, something he really despised doing... but if it was for Sasuke, he'd do anything.

"Enough," Sasuke suddenly ordered. Naruto halted in his task, letting the swelled organ slide out of his mouth with a 'pop'. Pale hands lifted him up from the floor, helping him straddle his lover's lap. Smirking, he complied, knowing what was coming next.

"Are you ready for me now?" the blond asked, a seductive glint shining in his lust hazed eyes. The lewd smirk he received in reply answered his question. Smiling, he leaned forward, placing a kiss on his lover's jaw line.

"How do you want it?" he questioned sultry, reaching behind himself to grab a hold of his lover's member, teasingly grinding it against his crack. Sasuke groaned in response. "Should I ride you? Or do you want to take me hard, fast, fucking me into the mattress...?"

Naruto was mildly surprised when Sasuke turned them around, softly letting him fall onto the mattress. His lover followed him down, leaning down between his legs, placing his muscled arms on both sides of his blond head. "No," Sasuke spoke, leaning down to let their foreheads touch. "I want to take you slowly today... taste you fully, inch by inch. Bit by bit, I'll make you drown in pleasure until all you really know is me inside you."

The promise was sealed with a soft kiss. And Naruto immediately knew – both from the look on Sasuke's face and the tone of his voice – that there'd be no fucking that night. Only pure, pleasant love making. He'd be Sasuke's tonight, and Sasuke would be his...

Moments later, Naruto found himself throwing his head back, moaning in pure ecstasy as Sasuke pushed into him. He let his arms desperately cling around his lover's neck, trying to gain support from the only lifeline he had as he was thrown into a sea of pleasure. Once he felt Sasuke completely sheeted inside him, he let his legs encircle his pale waist, trying to pull him even deeper.

Sasuke groaned in approval, relishing in finally feeling the warmth of his lover around him again. He would take everything given and give twice as much back – that was his policy when making love to the most precious person in his life. He started mildly rocking back and forth, determined only to let sounds of pleasure erupt from his blond. But he knew it wouldn't be enough for either of them.

The thrusts were slow, yet they reached deep, drawing moans of ecstasy out of both parts. They moved against each other, desperately wanting to feel more. The sounds of skin slapping softly against skin, heavy panting and moaning filled the air in the bedroom as they continued feeling each other, moving as one, forgetting anything that could possibly end their bliss.

As they drew closer to the final peak of pleasure, Sasuke pressed their lips together, thrusting harder and even deeper than before. Any scream his lover might've let out was swallowed, and when the wave of orgasm suddenly hit, Sasuke could feel his name vibrating over Naruto's lips. As the blond slumped down in exhaustion and bliss, he thrust himself to completion, spilling his semen deep inside his lover with a grunt of his name.

They laid down, panting harshly and basking in the aftermath of their intercourse. The same thought flew through both their minds – this was how it was supposed to be.

Naruto stirred a little at the delighting, yet lying thought. Sighing, he confronted his fears. "...we'll have to talk to them tomorrow, you know."

"No," was the simple reply as Sasuke's arms tightened around him.

Naruto sighed over the immature response, but nevertheless leaned into the touch. "Stop joking around, Sasuke."

"I can assure you, I'm being a hundred percent serious," Sasuke spoke casually, making Naruto stare questioningly up at him. The older of the two chuckled at his lover's puzzled expression and closed the distance between their faces. "Tomorrow we won't have to see anyone, because I'm not letting you out of bed."

"Eh...?" Naruto blinked a couple of times, then pouted in annoyance. "You can't just go on and say that by yourself..."

Sasuke smirked. "Of course I can. I'm not a patient person, and we have a whole week of missed cuddling... We'll use tomorrow to catch up."

The inner debate Naruto had with himself was short-lived, as both his mind and body wouldn't mind a whole day of simply relaxing with Sasuke. "Alright, you win," he finally admitted, smiling blissfully up at his dark haired lover. "Cuddling has never hurt anyone. And right now I feel like I could sleep for weeks..." The point was emphasized by a tired yawn.

Sasuke agreed, letting his blond curl up to him. He couldn't help but smile down at the man in his arms, absolutely loving everything about him – from body to mind and soul. This sort of person was one he'd do anything for, and maybe he'd even consider burning (or at least hide) his handbook for the next day, just for Naruto's sake. He made normal cuddling seem like such a good idea...

Sighing contently, he whispered softly into his blond's ear. "I love you."

A snort. "I love you, too, mister president..."


...Forget burning any hand books. Sasuke just got another idea for a role-play scenario, which he already itched to try out! But for tonight, it could wait. For Naruto, he'd wait. That was a promise he'd keep, sealed upon the hand with the diamond ring he let his fingers cherish.

Naruto had promised he'd always love him.

Now all he could really do in return, was to guarantee he'd wait for the time to come when no restrictions would keep them apart. He was already far ahead on solving the worst knots, and even though many still remained, a feeling in his gut told him it would all turn out well in the end.

Cloud number nine sure is a great place...

...and like hell they were coming down anytime soon.


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