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Summary: Seto lies awake at night, thinking about his life now

Pairing: Seto/Joey

Warnings: None

As he lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling, Seto Kaiba listened to Joey's heavy, even breathing as his boyfriend slept. By all rights, the sex they'd had only about an hour ago should have succeeded in sending him off to sleep. Instead, he was lying awake; with thoughts going through his mind that refused to let him drift off.

Joey shifted slightly towards Seto, cuddling further in. Seto felt a tiny trace of amusement. Before he and Joey had actually started dating, he'd never expected the blond to be much of a cuddler. Apparently, it was always the ones people least expected.

Almost automatically, Seto slipped his arm behind the blond's head, smirking when Joey let out a sound that was almost a purr. Not that his boyfriend would want to be compared to a cat – though perhaps he'd be happy with another feline.

The thought of Joey as a lion or tiger brought a chuckle out of Seto. After much coaxing, he'd finally persuaded Joey to admit to the dream he'd had about being a dog... Seto's dog. It almost made Seto wonder if their feelings had begun to change during that duel. Though, of course, it had taken a long time for them to even realise – let alone accept – their feelings. After all, they'd been enemies for such a long time. The only way any relationship between them had any chance of working had been for them to agree to put the past fully behind them.

To be honest, the only proper relationship Seto had had with anyone before Joey had been his brother, Mokuba. But even with his lack of experience, Seto had known that he and Joey would never work if they kept throwing the past in each other's faces. And though they had had their problems – and said some hurtful things to each other – they'd eventually come through the other side with their relationship much more strengthened.

And their sex lives certainly hadn't suffered.

Seto felt Joey shift slightly on his arm, and he looked down, smiling when he met his boyfriend's gaze. "Hey." His fingers lightly brushed through Joey's soft hair.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" Joey blinked blearily, and arched his head up to look at the clock. Seeing that it was late – or early – he lowered his head again. "You have to get up early for work. You should be sleeping."

"I can think of much better things to do, now we're both away," Seto said, amusement lacing his words. He moved his other hand lower over Joey's body, smirking when he felt the blond jerk and writhe. "Like that, do you?"

"Ah... Who needs sleep anyway?" Joey arched up, and their lips met in a searing kiss.

The End