My cellphone rang shrilly at 5:30 Saturday morning, and I practically fell from the bed. Sam was calling me back. I guess he knew that Charlie and Billy had gone fishing already by way of Jacob. "Hello," I answered groggily.

"The Council and I have made the decision last night. We thought you should know."

"I'm ready. Tell me," I said.

"We will allow you to leave with Leah as your companion. We just need her to call in frequently since you'll be so far away, to keep track of your movements and your safety. After I talked to you yesterday, I consulted Harry Clearwater's journals. You may not know this, but he was a dedicated Quileute historian. He kept written records of our legends and our...prophecies..."


"Yes, prophecies. I never knew of any prophecies."

"You wouldn't Bella, and neither did I. Something just lead me to check his journals, and when I did, I knew that I had to see you as soon as possible," he said.


"Because your story is in the journals, Bella."

"I was in Harry's journals? How? Where?"

"When I said your story, Bella, I meant the story of you, Edward and Jacob. I laughed at your theory yesterday, but after I read the prophecies in the journals, I couldn't laugh anymore. It was all there. Everything you said and more... We need to meet, Bella. Soon."

"OK, can you come now? There is something wrong with my truck."

"I'll be there right away. I'm not as good as Jake, but I could take a look if you like."

"Sure, sure. That would be great. Isn't Jacob coming with you?"

"No, Bella. It would not be a good thing for him to come. I'll be driving to your place, I haven't phased since reading the journals."


"I'll tell you when I get there."