Coupling: Cyborg and Sarah Simms

There are things that Cyborg is not allowed to do.

He is not allowed to bring his girl Sarah into the Tower, and share a 3-in-the-afternoon-kiss with her in the honeyed sweetness of the beaming sun.

He is not allowed to bask in her bubbling laugh, hear her voice intermingling with his teammates as they share breakfast on a warm summer's day.

When she rushes towards him, he is not allowed to lift her gently into his arms, swing her around with the innocence of a young couple.

He is not allowed to share secret glances with her as he rushes to conquer the world once again, or flirtatious banter when he is triumphant.

In visiting her, they cannot go on long walks through the parks, watch the sunset as they silhouette against the sky.

When his friends are injured, he cannot run to her in comfort, hold her and bury his face deep into her hair as he mourns and keeps vigil throughout the night.

There are no playful snow fights in the flurry of winter, no human-to-human contact or cavorting child-like through frosty banks.

He cannot draw her near to him when he wishes to, cannot let her help him on the T-Car and beam in satisfaction.

They cannot go out in public, the cool metal of his palm clasping her pale hand in his as they sit on a bench sipping lemonade.

He is not allowed to introduce her proudly to Raven and Beast Boy and Starfire and especially not Robin.

They romance in the quiet solitude of night, masked by darkness in secret corridors and guarded by holo-rings and fearfully acute reflexes, paramours praying not to be discovered.

But he is grateful nonetheless.

For there is one rule he has broken, one law that might bind or undo him.

Cyborg was not supposed to fall in love.