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Author's Notes: A few years ago I started a challenge for myself and having been inspired by several other fandoms and their embrace of this style I thought I'd post them here. These are varying vignettes set throughout the Jak and Daxter series. Spoilers for all the games. Occasional brief use of OCs. I will give you a sense of where each piece falls in the series timeline. 90 are exactly 100 words long, 10 are exactly 500 words long. The project overall at the moment is incomplete but I hope this will inspire me to keep going.

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100 Moments That Shaped Their World

by, Nicole Silverwolf

"Of course that is not the whole story, but that is the way with stories; we make them what we will. It's a way of explaining the universe while leaving the universe unexplained, it's a way of keeping it all alive, not boxing it into time"

-Jeanette Winterson

I don't remember where mom got those stories about Mar we heard growing up.

Bed wasn't possible without them...or poopsy bear.

My sis Zaya, thought mom made them up so we'd sleep.

But there was one...

Mar hadn't died in the Wars. He'd lost someone.

And one day, he walked into the Wasteland and never returned.

"To look for'em right?" we'd asked.



Mom would just smile sad.


When we'd been kids, the woman he loved must've left.

Looking back as grown Wastelanders, we agreed that best friends closer than family was truer for Daxter and Jak.