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Love and Hate: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I say it looks like sunshine
You say it looks like rain
You've got your stubborn ways, yes, you do
And you know I'll never change
In a thousand ways we disagree
But the sweet vibrations from your touch
It's the magic of the chemistry
That makes me want it twice as much
- Opposites Attract, by Natalie Cole

It was common knowledge that love and hate were simply just two sides of the same coin.

This love-hate relationship could be said for almost every couple out there - in fact, some couples say they can't get by each and every day without at least arguing once over something completely trivial and stupid.

And of course, no couple takes it to the far corners of extremes as Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin.

During the day, the coin would flip and often land on the 'hate' side, rarely on the 'love' side. They would bicker and squabble like dog and cat, never really getting anything done, while Helga and Rowena would worry about which protective charm to use on this part of the castle, should they have audio in the Great Hall or not (after all, it would be noisy during meals), or whether to include the Forbidden Forest in the school boundaries.

As the sun set, and the stars and moon reigned superior, the 'coin' of their relationship would be thrown again and almost always land on the 'love' side, ensuring passionate embraces, awkward confessions, and secret trysts in what would soon be the Headmaster's office (and everywhere else as well). Then there would be soft touches, tender kisses, loving caresses. ('Rowena, when do you think those two will just come out instead of doing it all over the place?' 'Never,' the witch had replied with a long, drawn-out sigh.)

And as the night sky fell, and the moon winked out over the horizon, the cycle would start again and again.

And the coin of love and hate would flip again and again, for anyone that came to pass it.

Who knew that it would start flipping for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy?