April O'Neil is Now a Mutant Turtle

All TMNT characters are Peter Laird & Kevin Eastman, now currently Nickelodeon.
Written by: JEF '2K10 aka cpBunny / Alaer Kino
Concept of story by: Jarrah White
Here's an idea of April becoming a mutant Turtle originally thought up by Jarrah White and asked to be written by me. If you love the pairing Donatello X April and are interested to see how April became a mutant Turtle in the first place (from the art seen in my DA gallery); this is a story for you! Venus (paired with Leatherhead) and Mona Lisa (paired with Raphael) appear in this fic with April, making a trio of green girl power.
Summery: April is looking for her terrapin friends in the Lair and accidentally activates a new machine hidden in Don's lab, which transforms her into a mutant Turtle. Naturally the Turtles are intrigued, but none more so than Donatello. Will April leave Casey and start a new life with the purple clad terrapin warrior? Will April like being a mutant Turtle or seek a cure?
NOTE: This is an mature adult fic that contains explicit intimate sexual relations between Don and April. Swearing is not censored here either! If you like Donnie and April (as a mutant Turtle) together, you should enjoy this story. :)
There's mature content due to the reality issues I often put in my stories, so it's not really for the little kiddies out there.
Please check out my sites at www. alaer art. com & alaer. deviantart. com (take out the spaces!) for spiffy artwork of my ficcys! Enjoy!

April O'Neil is Now a Mutant Turtle

April checked her watch for the last time. Where were those Turtles? They promised to come over to her apartment to celebrate Casey finally getting a job at the NYPD. Casey was so happy to have passed the tests and be offered such a job, yet where were their green reptilian friends?

Casey was out getting more beer and snacks. He wasn't back so far. April decided to give her mutant Turtle pals a call. The phone rang and rang. April wondered if the new game Squii system she bought them a week before was keeping them from answering the phone and coming over.

Shaking her head, April sighed and got ready to go out. She left a note for Casey that she was getting the guys and stuck it on the refrigerator. Going to the Lair was easy enough. She only had to pepper spray two wanna-be muggers along the way. Crime was going down in the streets, thanks to the Turtles.

April was glad to be friends with the spunky wild teenagers, though they did drive her nuts sometimes. Crazy kids, she often liked to call them.

Once in the Lair, she searched high and low for her buddies. But it seemed empty. She figured Donatello may still be around tinkering in his lab. She went there to look for him.

"Donatello? Don? Hello?" April called out as she went through the large lab area. She thought she heard a sound coming from behind a door where a machine stood and hurried over there. The machine looked a lot like a telepod in that movie, The Fly, she watched with Casey a few nights back. Weird!

"Donnie? Are you there?" she asked, then stumbled and tripped over a heavy hidden wire. She accidentally fell into the machine near the door and she struggled not to fall flat on her face by grabbing a lever on the outside of the machine.

But she fell into the machine anyway. With the lever pulled, the machine came to life and began to hum. April screamed as she felt the most terrible pain in her life then.

It felt like her body was splitting in two and growing at the same time. Her clothes tore off as her body changed shape drastically. She grabbed her head and shook it, shrieking more. April thought she was done for and this was it. Then it all suddenly stopped.

At first, she wondered if she was dead. But it was apparent that she wasn't and she shakily stepped out. She felt strange and very different now. It only took her a moment to realize her green webbed fingers. And her green arms and legs...

Gasping in shock and fright, she backpedaled into a table, knocking over some items on it. The crashing sounds of the objects falling made her bolt forward into the living room of the Lair.

She went to a mirror hanging on the far wall and felt her face in horror. Her entire face was completely green and her upper lip had been replaced by a hard sharp beak. She still had her red hair, but her face, body, everything looked like a mutant Turtle's! How did this happen?

She looked down to her naturally large breasts and saw a plastron covering them and her torso like a strapless bathing suit. Her nipples stood out, prominent and full. She fingered the golden material covering her teats gingerly.

Instantly, shocking pleasure sensations shot through her left breast down to her groin. She withdrew her hand and hesitated to touch the right teat then. She never felt such a powerful response before. It put her in the mood immediately and she wasn't sure if getting aroused was a real smart thing to do after being mutated.

Still, she couldn't resist touching her right breast regardless and was rewarded with delightful pleasure sensations again. She never had a libido this demanding before in her life. But it felt too good to deny any longer.

Hastily, April looked for a sheet to wrap herself in and return home. The burning desire between her legs was growing stronger by the moment. Even walking excited her breasts further. She needed relief quickly.

She just found a large blanket that was covered in cat fur. Klunk's no doubt, but April couldn't afford to be picky. She was about to drape it over herself when she heard laughing and talking.

The Guys!

They entered one by one, except for Raph who was chasing after Mikey for kicking his butt. The hit hurt his tail, so Raph was more angry than usual by Mikey's pranks.

With her lust consumed by fear, April tried to hide, but failed miserably when she ducked behind the couch. The Turtles stared at her as if they couldn't believe their eyes at first. She avoided their eyes, looking at her webbed toes.

"Who are you?" Leo finally asked, forcing himself to quell his natural terrapin lust drive. Whoever this was had incredibly sexy breasts that were covered, yet naked at the same time. What would Karai think if he was drooling over another girl?

He didn't know what she'd think, but he knew what she'd do. A swift kick to the head would be what she'd do. Raph, Don, and Mikey stared and stared in deep lustful awe.

"Guys, it's me. April." she answered. "How do you like the new me?" Their faces lit up in recognition and they huddled around her fast.

"Looking good, April!" Raph cried, loving her new 'look'. If only she was like this before he got hooked up with Mona Lisa. Oh well.

"Really happenin', Dudette!" Mikey praised, wondering if he could get some 'touchy-feelie' time with her. Venus never let him do so and he ached to grab some boob on a pretty reptilian lady.

"WOW!" Don breathed, going up and touching her arm as he examined her shapely small shell. "You're amazing, April!"

"You look very nice, April! How did this happen?" Leo asked, keeping his hands to himself.

"I don't know. I was trying find you guys. I tripped on a wire and fell into a machine in Don's lab. " April explained how she was looking for them to tell them about Casey getting his cop job when she accidentally got mutated.

"It actually worked?!" Don cried, unable to believe it. He made that machine when he was feeling so lonely and hungry for sex. 'Mate-O-Matic' is what the machine was called.

He playfully thought turning humans into more compatible mates would be great fun. Plus, it would be beneficial for him and his brothers at solving their 'unable-to-find-real-sexual-relief' problem. Sure they had Venus, but she was dead set against letting them mount her. She believed she was their sister and would never lift her tail for any of them. She had fallen in love with Leatherhead instead and was living with him currently.

Don was happy for his close pal LH, but that didn't help with his mate problem. The purple clad Turtle just didn't have the heart to snatch pretty girls topside to use as test subjects and so he sadly pushed the 'Mate-O-Matic' away in the 'junk pile' corner of his lab. He was thrilled that it actually did work and transformed his beloved redhead crush April into a mutant Turtle.

Of course, Don instantly wanted to take her away private and quiet from the others. But he knew that April wasn't single. She had Casey. It wasn't fair! April was even more beautiful, sexy green, and she was Casey's girl! BUMMER!

"It sure did." April wasn't sure if she wanted to be a mutant Turtle, but she had no choice now. She had to get home right away and deal with the lust burning inside her. Plus, she didn't feel too comfortable having her regular guy friends looking at her as if they wanted to mount her any second.

"Well, I better get back home. Casey wanted to celebrate his getting that job and he went out to get snacks. He might be back now and waiting for me." April said, freeing her arm from Don and heading for the exit.

The purple clad Turtle instantly got in front of her. "You can't leave!" he cried loudly, momentarily displaying his desperation. Leo agreed, but not for the same reason Don had.

"It won't be safe for you to go topside, April." Leo warned and continued on with a wave of his hand to his brethren. "We know how to stay out of sight when we go to the surface. You don't. You might get attacked."

"Leo's right." Raph replied, picking his teeth with one of his sai.

"Ditto! You might get jumped and everything!" Mikey chimed in, scratching his itchy unwashed rump. He needed a bath soon, but they ran out of soap. Uncool.

"Yes, just stay here..." Don said, taking her hand into his and led her back to the living room. Man, how he wished he could court her in a lake somewhere by rubbing his legs over her head and shoulders. He fantasized she would accept his wooing and go to the bottom of the lake and then he would mount and...

"No, I can't!" April cried, unnerved by how they seemed to be 'trapping' her there. She used to think being a regular normal human being deterred them from trying anything funny on her whenever she slept over, but now...

Now she was fair game for all their tails. She was spooked and had to leave right away. But Don's grip on her hand seemed to tighten so much that it would be impossible for her to get her hand loose.

"Please...stay." Don said in a low deep tone that actually sounded really handsome to April suddenly. She never really acknowledged how sexy of a voice he had until just then.

"I-, uh... Umm..." April stuttered, looking down at their joined hands and up to Don's dark brown eyes that told exactly what he had in mind. A flutter of interest pulsated through her suddenly. Scary!

'Okieee... Don wants me... Eek. Well, I always knew he had a crush on me... Mikey and Raph too. Not sure about Leo. He seems to be keeping away. He must be close to Karai that much. Good. Raph has Mona Lisa, so he might leave me alone. Mikey and Don are the problem now.' April weighed her options.

'Ohhh, man! If they want me to sleep here, I won't be getting much sleep. I just know it! One of them...or BOTH of them might try for me... I don't want to hurt their feelings. But what if they go all 'animal' on me? Yikes!' April often thought for the future and being a mother of mutant baby Turtles wasn't wearing too well on her.

"It's better if you stay here, April. I'll call Casey and he can come here instead." Leo offered. Don glared at Leo venomously. How dare he suggest bringing Casey here at a golden opportunity time such as this?!

"Thanks Leo. I would like that." April said, feeling a little better. With Casey around, Mikey and Don wouldn't try anything. At least, she hoped.

Hearing April being pleased about Casey coming over discouraged the purple clad Turtle to death. It also filled him with intense jealousy and anger. Why couldn't she see how much he longed for her? He really could have her now.

Don hoped like crazy that Casey would reject April and then he could at last have her.

When Casey came over, he was flabbergasted by April's new form and fairly angry. "What the fucking hell happened to her?!" he shouted, so blown away that he was immediately belligerent.

"I told you on the phone. She accidentally fell into an invention Don made. That's all." Leo said, rubbing his temples since he had a headache.

"That's all? THAT'S ALL?! Jeez, she's a freakin' freak of nature now!" Casey hollered at Leo then turned his attention to Don who was standing not far away. "And it's all your fault, you damned nerd!"

"I didn't think it would work..." Don said testily and added with spite, "...but I'm glad it did..."

"Donatello!" Leo scolded, knowing very well how much his little brother didn't like Casey for one simple fact. He had April and Don didn't.

"What'd you say, you shitty little geek? You wanna throw down?! Huh? Do ya?!" Casey roared, stomping over to where Don was, leaning coolly against a brick wall in the living room.

"You've always been jealous of me having April, so you made a stupid dumb machine to fuck all that up! Just admit it, you geeky green nerd!" Casey challenged, jabbing at Don's plastron roughly. The Turtle narrowed his eyes and whacked Casey's offending hand away every time it came near.

"Knock it off!" Leo bellowed, getting up from his easy chair. "There will be no fighting here!" he ordered, looking at them both, then to Don. "Got that?"

The purple clad Turtle looked away angrily, but said nothing. Casey glared and glared at Don, wanting to smash his beak in.

"Casey, it's obvious that you're drunk. Go on home, we'll take care of April." Leo said tiredly.

"Shits, hell no! I ain'ts goin' no wheres! You hear me, you frickin' green bald turd?!" Casey shot back loudly.

Don wished he could push Casey off a bridge again like he did the year before. The moron was drunk, though even more so then, and he wouldn't stop trying to pick a fight with Don while on a certain bridge.

Eventually, Don had enough and chucked the idiot into the waters below. Nice way to get rid of a drunk annoying Casey. Just knock him off a bridge.

"You give me no choice." Leo reached out and before Casey could punch him, Leo pinched his shoulder at the right spot. Casey fell to the floor, unconscious.

"Finally! Some peace and quiet!" Mikey cried, coming out of his hiding place from the kitchen. "I thought he'd never shut up, sheesh!"

"Well, it's over now." Leo said tiredly.

"No, it isn't." April said, following after Mikey moments later. "I have to be changed back. I can't live like this! I can't live with Casey hating me!" She burst into tears.

Don felt terrible then. Here he was thinking about getting relief for his lust when he didn't think of how April felt about this. She wanted to be a normal human again. Don sighed a gusty sad sigh.

If he really loved April, he should change her back. Hating himself, but knowing this was the right thing to do, Don held out his hand to the weeping April.

"Come on, April. I'll see what I can do and turn you back to normal. Ok?" Don watched April wipe her eyes and look at him with distrust. Had he been that obvious in wanting to get her that now she didn't trust him anymore?

Don felt a little relieved when she took his hand and nodded. "Thank you, Donatello. Yes, please, I want to be human again. Whatever it takes. I've just got to be normal again." she said, sniffling.

"Alright, come this way." Don replied in a sullen tone. Next stop, the lab.

To Be Continued in Ch. 2!