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Like a Star - Corinne Bailey Rae

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The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - Postal Service

Jane Doe - Nevershoutnever

Undiscovered - James Morrison

Jane Doe: A Love Story

By: Zoeban

It was only three in the afternoon, but the sun was hidden behind the thick curtain of rain clouds, making it look late. This was normal for Forks, of course, and I've always found the overcast conforting. It meant home to me. But the affect it had on this place was scary.

It was large and looming, its sage green shingles complemented by white trim. The architecture itself was amazing, too extraordinary for my home town. The garden was nicely grown, a mystical forest hiding the humble mansion with the different colored flowers blooming, despite the winter season, and humongous trees which branches were long and almost touched the ground while they swung in the light air.

Attached high into the tree by two long, pretty white ropes, was a small wooden swing, looking antique. A little girl in a midnight blue dress sat in the seat, the wind pushing her slightly as she looked down at her dainty bare feet, rolling in the damp grass as she swung. It was pouring rain outside, but the trees above the girl were so large, that by the time the dripping water got to her, it was only a light mist.

At the sound of our car approaching, the girl looked up, her shoulder length, silk black hair moving from her pale, impassive face. Ocean blue eyes pierced my brown ones.

"Mom," I whispered, unable to move my eyes from the girl's. "No."

Renee huffed next to me. "Bella, you're being ridiculous. This is what you wanted."

"I wanted it eight years ago, Mom. I'm not so sure anymore." I clutched onto my duffle bag filled with my night's necessary's.

"Bella," Renee whined. "Mrs. Cullen usually has a babysitter, so this won't happen often. It's just one night with two first graders and a five year old. And look how loaded they are, Bella!" She motioned eagerly towards the house and the little girl looking back down at her feet. "If the kids like you, maybe Mrs. Cullen will want to give a small donation to the school. And small to her is not what you and I would consider small, Bella. We could expand the library! We could have more field trips! We can-"

"Okay!" I snapped. Renee raised her eyebrows and looked at the street in front of her. I made my voice softer. "I get it."

Renee smiled again, then leaned over me to roll down my window. "Alice!" she called, waving madly. The girl looked up again, letting go of one of the ropes to wave back and smile for the first time that I'd seen.

Alice suddenly stood from the swing, running up to the white mansion hidden by the trees, and disappearing behind a big white door.

Renee opened my door from where she was, leaned across me, and almost in my lap. "Have fun, baby. Be nice." She moved back to the driving wheel and I unbuckled my seatbelt, uncaring that I was already getting drenched once I stepped outside. Once I got onto the pathway to the Cullen front door, I was more protected. I smiled over my shoulder at Renee before she drove off, leaving me alone with these strangers.

Renee was a kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school. Mrs. Cullen, her husband, and her four kids apparently moved into this mansion just a few weeks ago. She met Renee while enrolling her twins into first grade, and Renee loved her right away. She was so caring, so elegant, so sweet. She would do anything for her.

So of course, when Mrs. Cullen mentioned that she would need someone to watch Alice and Emmett while her and Dr. Cullen went to a banquet that they promised to go to down in Seattle, Renee volunteered me. And why did she think it was okay? Because once, when I was seven, I told her I wanted to be a teacher like her, and she was convinced it was my life's calling, and that I needed to practice with kids.

It's been eight years, I'm fifteen, and I'm over the liking kids phase. But Renee insists.

I took a big breath and lifted my arm to knock on the door. But before I could hit it, it swung open to reveal a smiling man in his late twenties. He was tall and blonde, his hair gelled back respectfully. He was wearing a nice tux with a silly blue tie that matched his eyes - Alice's eyes. He took my hand and shook it enthusiastically. "Hello, you must be Isabella." he said.

"Um. Call me Bella."

He smiled wider. "Bella, then. I'm Carlisle, call me Carlisle." He joked. I smiled impishly. "Come on in, Bella!" he said finally, opening the door wider to the most beautiful house in the universe. I gaped openly, and with a chuckle, Carlisle pulled me in.

We came into the living room where Mrs. Cullen was scolding Alice while she sat on the couch, trying to put socks on her little feet as she swung them back and forth, not paying attention to her. "Alice. Alice, please." she was saying. "Alice, do you want to get sick too?" Alice blinked rapidly and looked down at her mother as if she just noticed she was there. Staring widely at her mother, she stretched her leg out, pointing her foot out so her mother could slide on her sock.

When she was done, Mrs. Cullen stood, dusting off her black dress. Her caramel hair was pulled back from her pale face and her eyes were icy blue. "And this is Bella." she stated confidently with a loving smile. She stepped forward to hug me tightly. "Thank you, so much. You are a sweet girl." She leaned back to tuck the hair behind my ear.

"Your home is beautiful, Mrs. Cullen." I mumbled.

"Call me Esme, dear! You are doing me the favor!" She took my bag and handed it to Alice. "Alice, go get your brothers down here to meet Bella, and take this up to her room." she ordered. Alice jumped to the couch and floated up the stairs silently.

"So, Bella. You'll be sleeping in the guest room - we got all set up, just for you - which is right up the stairs, next to Alice's room, she'll show you where it is." Esme ranted off as she walked around the room, aimlessly moving things around. Nervous habit, I supposed. "Emergency numbers are posted on the fridge; Kitchen's that way; Help yourself to anything; The twins just ate lunch, but Chris might me hungry; Bedtime for Chris at eight, Alice and Emmett at nine; If you need anything, Edward will be upstairs, but he'll stay out of your way, though-"

"Esme," Carlisle interrupted, grabbing her shoulder. "Relax. Bella's got this." They both looked up at me trustingly.

"It's just that - Bella, trust me - they're usually such lively kids, and they've been so depressed lately. I'm hoping it's just the move but-"

"It's fine. They're fine. We'll get along great." I promised just as Alice came in again, helping the most adorable little boy I've ever seen down the stairs. He was just as pale as his parents, and was just as slight as his older sister. His eyes were intense. A jade green that saw through me. His hair was a strange color - Bronze, almost - and was wild on his head. I fell in love with him immediately, fighting off the urge to tuck him into bed with a mug of hot chocolate before I read him a bedtime story. And I didn't like kids.

Behind them was a boy the same age as Alice, though he seemed twice her dainty size. He had curly black locks and the same blue eyes of his mother. He was unsmiling, as the rest, but for a seven year old, he looked strangely intimidating. "Where's Edward?" Esme asked the children.

Alice let go of the smallest boy's hand, but he followed her as she sat on the couch again. She rolled her eyes as she pulled him onto her lap. "He was sleeping. When I tried to wake him up, he threw a tub of vapor rub at me." Her voice was a hundred wind chimes.

Esme's face fell. "Oh, well. I'm sure you'll meet him later, Bella. But this is Emmett," she pointed to the burly boy who fell onto the couch and turned on the television. "this is Christofer," pointing at the adorable boy who had his eyes glued onto the TV as soon as it flickered on. "and of course, this is Alice." She walked over to pat her head. Alice didn't turn.

"Esme, we should be going…" Carlisle chastised.

"Oh, yes, of course," Esme said before kissing each child on the head. "Bye, Edward!" She called up the stairs. There was no answer. Esme tried to smile for a second, but it faltered, and when she turned to me she was blinking back tears. She embraced me lovingly, like a mother. "Be careful, Bella dear." I nodded helplessly.

Carlisle, Esme, and I said our farewells and they were gone, and I was alone, with three impassive children looking at a TV screen and a snobby older brother who from my five minutes here, I already didn't like.

"So," I said conversationally. "what do you guys want to do?" Only one pair of green eyes moved from the screen over to bore into mine. When I looked down, away from the intensity of the eyes, they looked me over, sizing me up. Christofer blinked once, and looked back to the television. I cleared my throat and walked back into the front room.

The big black grand piano sat in there, and I could almost hear the great songs that had probably graced its keys. I sat on the stool and rested my head in my hands, taking deep breaths, counting each one…

Three hundred breaths later, I felt I wasn't alone in the room. I lifted my hand to see a little body that pulled at my heart standing in the doorless doorway. He shifted his weight around nervously. His jade eyes were wise. "I'm hungry." He mumbled.

I blinked rapidly, trying to understand what he had just told me. "Oh!" I gasped, finally getting that Christofer was hungry, and he was coming to his babysitter, me, so she could get him something to eat. I knocked over the stool in my haste to stand. I blushed as I stood it back up, and Christofer only stared at me from the doorway. He disappeared the way he came from, and I followed him.

We passed through the living room, and into the fabulous kitchen, where Christofer climbed his way up onto the counter, swinging his short legs as he watched me expectantly. "Um. Do you like peanut butter?" I asked. He nodded, staring at me.

I fumbled around the room, looking through the cabinets and drawers. When I had a little snack of a peanut butter sandwich, a glass of milk, and a cookie, ready for Christofer, I had sliced my finger, spilled some milk on the floor, slipped on said milk, dropped a peanut butter loaded knife, and dropped three pieces of bread, peanut buttered side down.

Christofer was fighting off a smile.

I plopped the plate and glass onto the counter next to him, splashing some milk out in the process. I groaned and grabbed the rag I was using to wipe it away. I put my hands on my hips as I glared at the boy in front of me.

"You think this is funny?" I asked menacingly.

He shook his head with tight lips, but with grinning eyes.

I rolled my eyes dramatically and picked him up sat him in the chair I had sat in front of the counter. He began eating immediately, his lips twitching.

"You can laugh at me, you know. I think I'd like it better than the silent treatment." I snapped after a minute of silence.

He finally broke into a smile, hiding his face by looking down at his plate.

"Is there something wrong with me?" I asked. "Why am I being treated like this?"

"I think," Christofer said, his voice little and soft. "there is something wrong with you." He didn't look up from his sandwich.

My jaw dropped. "What is that suppose to mean?"

"Well, for one, your babysitting three kids, and they ignore you a little, and you go hide. Also, the way you are venting to me, the five year old, is kind of having me question your sanity." He said matter-of-factly.

This kid is smarter the average toddler, apparently. "Oh. Well, what do you suppose I do, 'The Five Year Old' ?"

Christofer looked up at me, an leaned his head in his hand. "Five year olds are easy to win over." He told me. "Just add a cookie to their peanut butter sandwich meal." He waved the cookie around before bitting it. Then he spoke with his mouth full. "Then fall around a bit. Make a fool of yourself. They love that." He was grinning.

I smiled back mockingly. "And what about the twins?"

Christofer leaned back in his chair, patting his little stomach with a calculating look on his face. He broke out into a smirk. "I've got it." He told me.

Oh dear.


"Hey, kids. Want some homemade cookies?" I called, coming into the living room with Christofer, both covered in flower and grinning ear to ear. Alice and Emmett looked up at us with little interest.

"They have chocolate chips!" Christofer squealed. Upon hearing this, Alice and Emmett glanced down to my side, then next to them on the couch, probably wondering how Christofer got to me and how long he's been gone.

"Come on," he pleaded. "We worked so hard." And with that, Alice melted. I saw it. The exact moment where her insides turn into adorable brother goo. She turned to Emmett with doe eyes, but he was closing his eyes and inhaling. "Please?" Christofer asked again.

Alice stood, slowly, and Emmett joined her, while they walked into the kitchen. It was a mess, and they took it in with wide eyes. "Um. You don't have to worry about the mess. I'll take care of it after you go to bed." I assured them.

They ignored me pointedly and moved to sit at the three chairs in front of the counter. I put a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in front of them. They dug in right away. It was silent. Christofer cleared his throat.

"Um. So, we have four hours until bed time, an hour until dinner, I was thinking pizza, delivered?" Emmett and Alice stopped eating, listening to me intently but looking down at their plates. "And uh, until it's delivered, we can," Christofer nodded his head encouragingly. "play 'give Bella a make over' and uh, after, we can play some tricks on Edward." I said nervously, looking at my feet. When I looked back up, I was looking at three bright, excited, excepting eyes.

"What kind of pizza?" Emmett asked.

I huffed happily. "A-any kind you want."

By six, the pizza was there, by six thirty, it was gone. We set up Edward's prank and Alice agreed to give me my make over in the morning because I wouldn't go home until then. At seven thirty, I had put in a movie, but no one was watching it. Emmett was playing with his toy motorcycle on the floor, Alice was jumping on the couch, and Christofer was fighting sleep in my lap.

They loved me. They were kids, and they loved me, and I loved them back. I wanted to know everything about them. Starting with the snobby older brother.

"Does Edward always hide in his room when his mother needs a babysitter?" I asked suddenly.

"No," Alice answered mid-jump.

"Well I just figured, if my mom needed me to watch my little siblings, I would do it."

"Do you have siblings?" Emmett asked from the floor.

"No. But I'm just saying, I would be a better big sibling than that." I said indifferently.

"Are you kidding? Edward is the best brother in the world." Alice told me. Emmett threw a motorcycle driver at her and she dodged it beautifully.

"Emmett," I scolded, still looking at Alice. "What do you mean?" I was beginning to eat my words.

"I mean, he would do anything for us, he is the biggest push over, and he'd stand up for us no matter what."

"Then why is he upstairs right now?" I asked. I didn't know why I was trying to prove them wrong.

"He has the flu. It's really gross." Emmett informed me.


"Wanna see?" Emmett asked me.

"See what?" I asked back.

"How big of a push over Edward is. It's kind of funny, actually." Alice told me.

"Um. Sure."

"Kay, Chris?" Alice called.


"You know your cue."


Alice stopped jumping and landed on the couch on her butt gracefully. She was quiet for a minute, then let out a blood curdling scream. My eyes grew wide when Christofer, sitting nicely in my lap began to cry, sobbing loudly. Then Emmett, still rolling his motorcycle around yelled at the top of his lungs, "Edward!" Alice stopped screaming, but Christofer just kept on crying.

Upstairs, I heard something heavy fall onto the floor, and then the distinctive thumping of someone rushing down the stairs. Suddenly, we were joined by the infamous Edward Cullen, breathing heavily and face flushed. With a tug of my heart, I realized he looked like an older Christofer, and suddenly, my hatred for him melted away. His jade eyes were worried and his bronze hair was wild.

I believed that he was sick, then, because he was paler than the rest of the family, his eyes were rimmed with red, and he wasn't wearing pants. Yeah. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of boxers. It was awkward. As soon as Edward came in, Christofer stopped crying, and wiped the crocodile tears away.

"What?" Edward huffed angrily, seeing that no one was dying, as he must have thought, and no one was even looking at him. Alice was looking at the TV, Emmett was looking down at his toy, Christofer was fighting to keep his wet eyes open, and I was looking anywhere but at Edward to hide my embarrassment.

"What's going on?" he asked again. I heard in his voice that he was more embarrassed than I was, and was probably resisting the urge to run back up the stairs.

Alice finally moved, looking over the back of the couch to face Edward. She raised her eyebrows as she took in his appearance. "I just wanted to ask you get me a glass of milk," she said softly.

"Why didn't you ask your babysitter to do it?" He spat harshly. I looked up at him the same time he looked at me, and our eyes flashed away awkwardly.

Alice's eyes went wide and watery and her lip began to tremble. She hadn't expected him to lash out at her like that. "I wanted you to do it…" she whimpered.

Edward's face fell into an expression that was similar to Alice's when Christofer begged her to eat our cookies. He was helpless. "Fine." He mumbled, moving quickly into the kitchen.

Alice smiled and winked at me as soon as he left the room. When he came back, we kept out eyes safely away from each other, he handed Alice the milk and she sent him a heartbreaking smile. "Thank you, big brother. I love you. Hope you feel better. Sorry for waking you." She sang sweetly in one breath.

"Yeah, whatever." he murmured, setting up the stairs. Now that his anger was gone, all that was left was awkwardness. I kept my eyes trained on the TV screen. "Um. It's eight, and Chris is looking really tired so-"

"Oh!" I nearly shrieked. Christofer jumped in my lap. I got up and held him on my hip, running up to the staircase and almost slamming into Edward who was facing me. I tried to move past him without doing something really awkward, just as he reached out. For one second I thought he was reaching out for me, but then it came apparent he was trying to grab Christofer.

He sensed my confusion as he pulled Christofer into his arms. "I was going to say I would put him to bed, but if you wanted to…"

"No! No, it's fine, I'll just…go sit back down." I said grimacing.

"Goodnight," he told me with a tightlipped smile.

"'Night," I said back, going to sit back next to Alice. She and Emmett were completely oblivious to what just happened, of course. And Alice looked up with me as she sipped her milk.

"That's my big brother. He's a doll isn't he?" she said. I nodded, speechless from all the awkwardness that had just gone down.

The rest of the night went by nicely: I put the twins to bed, I cleaned up the huge messes, I just slid into bed as Mrs. And Doctor Cullen came home, and I was convinced I could do a good job as a babysitter if I wanted to.

The morning was nice too. Alice gave me her make over, and it was pretty good - you couldn't even tell a seven-year-old did it. Mrs. Cullen made a great breakfast with pancakes and bacon before my mom came to pick me up. Edward only came down for a minute, to get a glass of water, but that was all it took to realize that our prank worked.

"Edward," Esme had said. "Why is you're hair blue?"

Edward glared at the snickering Emmett as he mumbled. "Just experimenting. It comes out after a few showers though."

"Really?" Emmett asked innocently.

"It'd better." He said darkly as he left the room.

When I left, Carlisle gave me an extra ten dollars to my thirty for "the way Christofer was clinging to me". I took it gladly and said my goodbyes when my mother pulled up in front of the house.

"How'd it go?" Renee asked as I got in the car.

I smiled, waving at Alice and Emmett as they pushed their way onto the porch. "Great. Really great. Make sure you tell Mrs. Cullen to call if she needs me."

Renee's smile was smug as we pulled off into the rain.

End chapter one.

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