The Dark Prince

Okay so this is chapter one. It starts out in third perspective, but it will go to first later on, because I wanted to post this as a prelude, but then decided to post it as chapter one and realized that it would be better this way.

Chapter 1

The Evelyn's annual Ball

You are hereby invited to Mr. and Mrs. Evelyn's

Annual ball in celebration to their daughter's sixteenth birthday coming out party on Friday the tenth of May Eighteen ninety-nine starting at seven o'clock. Eight-hundred and twenty four Chadshire Street. Replay immediately.

Lady and Lord Evelyn

Elizabeth sat, in her blue fountain dress that flew around her like a thousand birds whenever she moved, by the water fountain. It was the night of the West Verona ball and a very cold one as well. Her body slightly shivered causing her to hunch into her shawl.


She turned around with a hint of dread to face her mother.

"Elizabeth, what have I told you about running off like that?"

Elizabeth stared at her mother. She loved her greatly, yet certain aspects of her mother's attitude towards life, made it harder for Elizabeth to live.

"I'm sorry", she whispered. It was always better to agree and apologize than to begin another argument that would result in her embarrassment.

"Good. You just have to understand that I just want the best for you." Elizabeth's mother, Lydia, placed her arms around her daughter's shoulders and led her back to the extravagant house. "Rumor has it that, Lord Alexander is thinking about choosing Lady Melanie to have the final dance with him. How exciting. Just think, to be able to waltz around with all eyes on you along the most eligible and wealthy gentleman of our county! How lucky she must be. Not to mention her moth-"

"I don't want to talk about it", whispered Elizabeth. This was the exact reason why she left.

They climbed the stars and a few servants welcomed them into the ballroom. Elizabeth stared at the floor as she walked. She didn't want to meet anyone's eyes. Hardly anyone noticed her.

The ballroom was huge. It consisted of various chairs and extended couches that were accompanied by the old and frail. Couples twirled around the room grasping each other. Above everyone, stood the ceiling that held a shining chandelier and was decorated in gold and ivory sculptors of lions and tigers. The floor was a slippery ivory that if you weren't careful on you could fall and become the gossip of the entire town. Special parts of the floor were covered with a crimson carpet that was so red and frightening at times that many wondered how on earth the weaver managed it. The carpet ran down the staircase that fell onto the grand dance floor.

Lydia left Elizabeth's side to mingle with other mothers who wished their daughters were anything but what they are.

A buzz ran around the crowd of dancers and gossipers as Lord Alexander appeared at the top of the staircase.

Elizabeth walked around slowly, trying her best to cover her disappointment. She stared at him. His golden hair fell over his eyes, as if they were framing them for the world to see. His crystal blue eyes twinkled with pride and accomplishment. Elizabeth's heart felt as if it were going to jump out of her chest. She ran closer to the staircase. Everyone stared at Alexander.

He smiled slightly and it was then that Elizabeth finally saw Melanie. They were best friends. It was no wonder the he was going to pick her for the final dance. His hand held on to hers and they walked down the staircase. All eyes remained plastered on them. The young couple clasped and entwined their hands when they reached the center of the dance floor.

His hand reached around her back and other held her hand. Her hand gently rested on his shoulder. Then like magic the orchestra played and the lights seemed to dim on them. Everyone stared. Girls desired to by Lady Melanie and guys desired to be Lord Alexander.

They turned around and around. Her crimson red gown twirled around with her. It danced around the air and every once in a while he would dip her down to the floor and her lightly golden brown hair would slightly sweep the floor.

Soon everyone was mesmerized by their dancing ritual that other couples joined in. The atmosphere seemed to change and Elizabeth could sense it.

Although the couples had joined Alexander and his partner, everyone had known well enough to keep a distance between the prized couple.

Then, as if everyone knew what to do, the women twirled away from their partners and into the hands of another. At every dramatic beat this took place. Before she knew it Elizabeth was soon in the arms of Bruce Hunter, who then exchanged her to Gerald Chance. The faster the music went the faster the people threw themselves around.

Just before she blinked her eyes, Elizabeth spun around to find herself in strong hands. She opened her eyes and looked deep into Lord Alexander's eyes. He wouldn't look at her, but she stared at him. She clung to his chest and could smell his strong and pleasant scent. He looked down at her and at the changing beat he waltzed away from her and she spun into other's arms.

The world seemed magical with him and Elizabeth didn't want to let go.

Everyone seemed to land into their original partners hands. Lady Melanie returned to Lord Alexander, but Elizabeth opened her eyes to look into an unfamiliar one. She turned around to look for Bruce Hunter, but couldn't find him. Instead she was forced to look at her new partner. The music dragged on, but no one changed partners. Elizabeth's partner clasped onto her. He was tall and strong enough to keep Elizabeth from running away. He wasn't her partner. She didn't know who he was.

He leaned into her ear.

"Do I have the honor of knowing your name?"

"Who are you?" Elizabeth whispered.

"That's not what I asked you." He smirked.

Before Elizabeth could respond, a gasp ran through the crowd. Everyone stopped dancing to look at Alexander and Melanie.

Scream ran through the ballroom. Melanie lay in Alexander's arms. Her body was bent backwards, he finally let go of her. She fell to the floor. Blood filled the ballroom floor and surrounded the arena.

"Somebody call the doctor!" Lady Evelyn, Melanie's mother, ran forward and clasped onto her dying daughter's body. Alexander fell to his knees. Confusion spread around the party guests.

"Elizabeth!" Elizabeth turned around in a frenzy trying to find her mother.

"Mother!" she yelled, before a strong hand clasped to her mouth, silencing her. She tried to scream and fight, but it was useless. His strong hands twisted her neck hard and quickly. Everything disappeared before her, as her eyes snapped shut.