Story Notes

With my other story on hold due to lack of interest, I'd thought I'd try my hand with a Bleach and Naruto crossover that I've wanted to write for a while now. I've put allot of time and effort into this story, trying to balance out the aspects of both shows into a story that I believe would represent both fairly well.

This story is different from many of the other stories that I've read in this section; so if you're tired of reading stories with plots that focus around X Naruto character becoming a soul reaper, then give this story a shot.

The time frame of this story, the Naruto world is completely up to date with the current manga; while the Bleach world is set twenty years after the current Winter War, so expect some implied changes. This story may change, as the Bleach and Naruto series come to a close. The eras of both the Soul Society, and the world of Naruto, both appear to be the same; so expect places like Karakura Town to appear not quite as modern as it does in the anime.

There is one original character in this story; however, the story itself will not directly revolve around her, at least in later chapters. It is this OC that is directly responsible for setting off the chain of events for this story.

Plot Summary

Following the conclusion of the Winter War; Sosuke Aizen has been defeated, but not destroyed. With his last ounce of strength, he manages to escape, but not without serious repercussions. The Soul Society has spent the last two decades searching for Aizen, but with no luck. An unlikely lead directs their attention to the World of the Living, and a war between ninja nations. Believing the ninja's to have stumbled upon a power that could bring Armageddon to the World of the Living; the Soul Society makes its move, believing Aizen to be directly involved. They fear that Aizen could also use the same power to destroy the Soul Society, and become absolute ruler of the afterlife.

I own neither the characters from Naruto or Bleach, the series belong to Masashi Kishimoto and Tite Kubo respectively. This story is fanmade, and nonprofit.