A/N: My beta is reviewing Chapter 2 of GFA, and well I wanted to do this. At the end of the book it states quite clearly that Cor and Aravis argued A Lot, and they only married to make quarreling more convenient.

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Maybe I Will.

So there.

They had been in middle of arguing (as usual) when Cor proposed.

It had sort of slipped out. They had been discussing swords and were soon heatedly debating the merits of a straight sword over a curved sword, just an everyday, business as usual thing when the insults began.

"...If you can't see that, you really are an idiot." Cor started it for once. He usually tried for chivalry.

"At least I have enough sense to come in out of the rain." Aravis conveniently forgot that she hated getting wet.

"I was getting your book at the time."

"That's because you made me leave it behind."

"I most certainly did not." Cor was shocked at this accusation.

"If you hadn't dared me to climb the tree, I wouldn't have put it down, and I would have had it with me when I came in to avoid the storm." Aravis explained patiently.

"So it's all my fault now?"

"It always is."

"How so?"

"It's always the husband's fault."

"Why don't you marry me and make it official?" Cor would later claim he had simply blurted it out in the heat of the moment, he would then state that he had never had reason to regret asking. ('Cause Aravis would punch him.)

"Very well, I think I shall. And for your information a curved edge is easier to sharpen"

"A straight edge is easier to clean." They were at it again.

And that is how Cor and Aravis finally wound up engaged. The whole castle had been waiting for over a year for the two to realize how well they fit together.

They were married six months later.

A/N: I read several fics where the two fall in lust, etc. I think that this is a much more likely prospect.