Author's Note: I need a break from my usual fandoms. Don't know how often this will be updated, but I plan to do the entire movie from Toothless' point of view. Plan, being the operative word.

Disclaimer: Dream Works owns possibly the best dragon movie in history.

One would be hard pressed to imagine a more foreboding place as that which was present upon the seas, not far from the Viking colony of Berk. The mist seemed wholly unnatural, twisting and creeping as if it had a life of it's own. Thick enough that it seemed that it was trying to strangle you. And, if failing to do that, it also concealed massive slabs of stone that reached high into the sky. So many, and so deadly were they that they might have been the teeth of some great beast, a point supported by the many bits and pieces that clung to the them.

But, if one somehow (by Thor's grace) managed to get far enough inside, one would find reprieve at a somewhat large island whose surrounding waters were bar of these dangers.

Of course, that did not mean you were safe.

The Island itself consisted of a single large mountain, which might have been a volcano a one point, a fact supported by the dull red glow that came from several places on its surface. The beach was a collection of small, sharp stones, with not even a hint of soft sand in sight. If the surrounding stone pillars were the teeth, this would indeed be the creature's tongue.

Welcome to the Nest. That's right, just the Nest. Not Isle of the Dead, not Hell's Abyss, or any other whimsical name that humans liked to attribute to the places they go. Probably because no human has ever come here…..not a live one at least.

The inside of this mountain was, oddly, rather like the surrounding ocean. Hundreds of stone pillars hanging just above a mist a strangling thick mist. Except, this wasn't the traditional white mist, no, it was red and glowing and pulsing like an obscene amalgamation of the heart. It was the most dominant source of like in this cavern, casting a hellish light on everything it touched.

Homey, eh?

There were no bats here, no rats, you wouldn't even find so much as a beetle in this desolate place. The sole occupants was….dragons.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of dragons inhabited this nightmare island. Making nests on precarious nooks on the large stalactites that littered the inside cavern, exposed on the outside of the mountain, and in small tunnels that barely contained their bulk. The only place they wouldn't nest, is inside the red mist itself.

For good reason, I might add. Poor Pigtoe, not the smartest of Grunckles (which is really saying something), but still.

Now, you might think that an island full of one of the deadliest, if not the most, creatures in this world would have nothing to fear. On this point you would be dead wrong.

Too right!

For you see, these creatures do not live on this island by choice. They live here to serve another.

Also, not by our choice.

An unearthly shrill fills the air, one loud enough and unholy enough to send the stoutest of heroes back to Valhalla. Stirring every dragon from even the deepest of slumbers. As one, they rise into the air, leaving still warm meat, eggs, and hatchlings in their haste. They separate into smaller swarms as they enter the white mist surrounding their island, one thought on their minds.

She is hungry.

Because on this isle of dragons, the normal rules of nature do not apply. It is no longer, "Eat or be eaten", it's "Feed or be eaten".