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"Are you ready?" Edward's voice was close by my ear and I nodded, taking another breath as he tightened his arms around my waist, "You can do this..."

"I can do this." I confirmed.

He let go of me then, planting a soft kiss on my cheek before he went to join the rest of my family.

I glanced around the shop in which we stood, before I noticed the little girl in the far corner looking at a doll with pink hair and a purple dress.

That was her.

I motioned towards her with my eyes and the Cullen's turned their heads to confirm what I'd just seen. They nodded and before long they were moving towards her, slowly and inconspicuously, glancing at items in the shop before they were beside her completely, and blocking her from her mother and father, although I hadn't seen them in the shop either.

The little girl put the doll down on the shelf before looking up, obviously expecting to see her mom and dad in front of her.

I watched as her eyes widened in terror and her chest started to heave with the gulps of air she was taking in.

I walked over to her slowly, ignoring Edward as his eyes followed me.

I could do this.

I bent down beside the little girl, who was no more than five years old before I smiled.

"Hello..." I whispered.

She looked at me and her deep brown eyes were full of fear and shock, "Hi..."

"Have you lost your mommy and daddy?"

She nodded before biting down on her lip, "Mommy told me not to talk to strangers."

I laughed a little, glancing down at the floor before I took a breath, "Well... Your mommy is very smart... But I'm not a stranger anymore..." I moved my gaze back to her again, watching her curious face, "My name is Bella... See now we're friends."

Her little heart, which had been thumping faster and harder since she lost track of her parents, began to slow down now as a little smile formed on her face. She really was beautiful. She had light blonde hair with deep brown eyes that heightened the beauty of her pale face.

"You mean Bella... Like my sister Bella?" Her eyes lit up and she stared at me expectantly.

I nodded, feeling the burn rise in my throat that didn't mean I needed to hunt, it meant I needed to cry.

I suppose she looked a little like me... She had my mother's brown eyes, which I'd had up until seven years ago. But she had Phil's hair and face shape.

I was as shocked as ever when Alice told me about this little girl's existence. I mean, my mom was still young, so I didn't see any problem with her having another child I just never expected she would. But she had. She'd brought this beautiful little girl into the world.

My sister.

And today I was finally getting to meet her.

I took a breath, trying to cure the ache in my throat as I reached to take the little girl's hand, "Yeah... Like your sister Bella." I finally answered. She smiled and her grip on my hand tightened even more in trust. "Can you do something for me? A favour?"

She nodded vigorously, her hair moving down in front of her face as she did.

I laughed, and pushed her hair back softly before I started to speak in a whisper, "I want you to know that your sister Bella will always love you and will always be watching over you, okay?" She nodded, her face smiling but serious as she tried to remember everything I was telling her, "And I want you to go up to Renee... Your mom... And I want you to tell her that Bella said she's happy where she is." I stopped for a moment, trying to catch my breath and stop the burn in my throat before I began again, "Tell her that Bella said she loves her and she's glad she's happy. Tell her that she needs to live her life the best way and move on, remember Bella, but don't mourn her forever..."

I looked down again and felt a piece of my hair fall down across my face. The little girl moved her warm fingers across my cheek, pushing it back behind my ear again and I smiled, "Do you know Charlie?" I asked, meeting her eyes once more.

She nodded, a smile breaking out across her lips, "Stepdaddy Charlie!" She leaned in close, "He has a gun." She nodded slowly with wide eyes.

I laughed loudly, covering my mouth before I shook my head, "Well can you give him a message too?" She nodded, "Tell Charlie that Bella said she's sorry... Tell him that Bella is happy now and it wasn't his fault that she fell off the boat... It was meant to happen, it was fate. Tell him that Bella loves him and she's glad he's okay."

The little girl nodded, "I'll tell them."

I smiled, "Thank you... Can I have a hug?"

She smiled, reaching forward to wrap her warm little arms around my shoulders. I hugged her gently, shutting my eyes before I reached to kiss her cheek.

"Bella..." Edward's voice was right beside me and I turned my head as the little girl pulled back to look at him, "Her mom is starting to freak out..."

I nodded, glancing at my sister before I smiled, "Okay... Time to go back to your mommy."

She stood still for a moment, her eyes wide as she stared at Edward, "Is that your Prince?" She whispered.

Edward chuckled, looking at the little girl in awe, "Yes." He answered before I could, "I'm her Prince."

My sister turned her head to look at me then, "He's beautiful. You're very lucky."

"I know." I nodded before I moved away from her, "Go on... Your mom is waiting for you."

I turned my head to see the Cullen's move away and clear the aisle. We both spotted Renee as she stood at the other end of the massive shop, glancing around for her daughter.

I let her go, and watched her start to walk away before she turned back to look at me, "Bye Bella."

I held up a hand in a wave, "Goodbye Annabel."

She stared at me for a moment longer before running off towards the other end of the shop to meet Renee. I stood up, taking in a breath before moving out of their line of sight. Edward's arms encircled me and he whispered in my ear, "You okay?"

I nodded, leaning back against him as I let out the breath, "I'm perfect." I smiled.

We both watched as Annabel reached Renee and her mother stooped down to hug her tightly. Renee still looked much the same. Seven years had passed, five since she'd had her daughter, but she still was the same as I remembered her.

Annabel pulled back and started speaking to her mother in a hushed voice, and we were too far away now to hear them. I watched the emotions flit across Renee's face before she dared to take a look around the shop quickly.

Renee believed in ghosts, and also that young children could see them. So I had no doubt that she'd believe everything that came out of Annabel's mouth.

I watched carefully as her eyes filled with tears before she pulled her daughter close again and hugged her tightly. I sighed happily, turning around to face Edward, "I guess my job is done."

He moved to push a strand of hair behind my ear, "I guess it is..." He paused, "Do you really believe what you said?"

"What did I say?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"That you were meant to fall off the boat... That it was fate."

I smiled, reaching up to run my fingers along his jaw, "Yes. I do believe it. I was meant to be with you."

He grinned, leaning his forehead against mine, "Good. I believe it too."

I shut my eyes, reaching to kiss his lips softly as I trailed my fingers up to his hair. After a long minute I heard someone clear their throat from beside us.

I pulled away to look down at Alice, who was smiling up at our faces, "Ready to go?"

I nodded, "Definitely." I took hold of Edward's hand as we moved to leave the shop.

"Is there anything else you guys want to do before you go back?" Esme asked from behind us.

"I'm okay to just go back now... What about you?" I turned my head to look at Edward as the cold misty rain of Washington filtered down through my hair.

He smiled, "Let's just go home."

We hugged the Cullen's before we left, telling them to come visit soon before watching them get into their separate cars before they left to travel back to Canada, where they were living right now. Edward and I got into a taxi, holding hands in the back as we told the driver to take us to the airport.

I watched the rain fall around us as I stared out the window. This wasn't my first time off the island, and I knew it wouldn't be the last either, but it was definitely special.

I'd gotten to see my little sister and pass on a message to my parents, which was all I wanted to do.

Now I got to go back to the island with Edward. I turned my head to look at him, squeezing his hand as he smiled at me.

We stayed in silence until we reached the airport and our flight to South America was much the same as before. It was only when we were on the boat and Edward was taking us home again did we start to speak.

"Did you ever think we'd get here?" He asked me quietly, smiling over at me as the moonlight lit up his face in the most beautiful ways possible.

"I wished for it..." I smiled, "I hoped everyday that we would... I don't think I ever thought about anything though." I laughed.

He smiled, moving his head again to watch the water, driving with one hand as he pulled me closer with the other, "I thought we would... If I could show you how much I loved you, then I thought we would get to be together."

I snuggled close to him, reaching up quickly to kiss his lips, "I'm glad we're here... I'd rather have died than had to face our separation."

"Well, technically you did die to get here..."

I grinned, hitting his chest lightly as he smirked, "Shut up, you know what I mean."

He nodded, "Yeah I do." He lowered his head to look me in the eyes, "I love you Bella..."

I smiled, shutting my eyes as he kissed my lips deeply, "And I love you Edward..."

We pulled back and I rested my head on his shoulder as we zipped across the water towards home.

The Island.

His Island.

My Island.

Our Island.

That's it... It's over :'(

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