Summary: Karin is a normal person, but she is one of the few humans who could see the dead. She uncovers her brother's secret that he is a shinigami and decides to become one too. As a shinigami she fights hollows, but she never knew that her powers were that much wanted. Ichigo comes back home bring a few more people identified as friends, but they were more. Learning to trust people, she encounters a power thirst Aizen. Stuck in the middle of a war, she learns more than just loneliness..........there were always people there beside her.

Chapter 1

I sat there, waiting….waiting for hell to reach upon me. My family….My family, unless, completely unless (excluding Yuzu). But Otousan? Ich-nii?? Otousan is like a baby, but Ichigo?? He's hiding something. Defiantly hiding something. He wouldn't tell, wouldn't tell a soul…… one……none…..except those who are like him………..

"Crazy, you're completely out of your mind Karin. I don't know what you're talking about," Ich-nii told me. Then he jumped out of the window wearing his so called "soul reaper clothes". I was left there, alone, in his room. Even worse, he lied to me. He called me crazy. I was hurt. Hurt and angry. I wanted to know the answer. Why??

-End of flashback-

I walked down the stairs thinking. "Oi! Otousan," I yelled. Otousan turned his head to me. "Karin-chan!!!!!!" I smacked him in the head and started to talk. "I think we should move into a bigger house," I said. "This house is too small, plus look at the benefits of a newer one."

"Karin, where am I, we, going to find a good house and have a clinic and have it close to town?" he asked.

"I found one," and I tossed him a description of the house. "The house has 6 bedrooms. Two can be for guest, patients, and four can be ours. Yuzu, you, and me will each have our own rooms and bathrooms connected to it. And Ichigo"-I spat his name out- "will also have a room and bathroom, but he'll also have an extra-large closet. There is a big kitchen which can storage 2 refrigerators and has a door which leads to the dining room. The dinning is connected to the living room. The clinic would be 3/5 larger than this one. We can have more rooms and a comfortable waiting lobby." I finished and looked back at otousan's face. He had a thoughtful look on it.

"Well, let's go check out this house," and we both took off to see the house, forgetting to tell Yuzu we were leaving……

3 hours later……..

"You're right Karin, the house was great!" Otousan exclaimed, while we walked into the house. "It's also in the perf-"

"Where were you!" exclaimed a worry Yuzu. "You guys took off without telling me!" she puffed.

I looked at Otousan and he looked back at him. Then I turned to Yuzu and asked, "Yuzu is dinner ready yet? We'll talk over where we when then."

"Yeah, dinner's ready… me set up," Yuzu replies.

10 minutes later…..

We settled ourselves down for dinner, that's when Yuzu exploded.

"Now tell me where you guys been!!!!!" Yuzu screamed.

"Okay, Yuzu, we're planning to move,"-gasp- "and the clinic is coming with us." And with that I repeated the description of the house to her like I told Otousan earlier. Slowly, Yuzu started to nodded her head. But then she bounced in mid air. "What about Onii-chan?!? She cried. I growled and low growl. "What about him?" I said. Ichigo. All she could care about is Ichigo. "What do we need to worry about him, Yuzu?" I said.

"He might come back. And when he does, where would he find us?" she said.

"Ichigo left us weeks ago. Besides, like you said he might come back, but where's proof? he doesn't care about us anymore. If he did, he would have told us where he was going." Crazy, you're completely out of your mind Karin. "He doesn't care for us anymore!!" I yelled. Crazy, idiot Karin. The memory was coming back to me. "He left us, he doesn't care for us, he says…..he ………he……..he……" My head started to hurt. "Ahhhhh………" I grabbed my head. The pain wouldn't stop………it kept coming…….crazy ………..My head killed, killllllledddddddd……..

And I blackout.

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