School. Just another day of school but…..

All throughout the afternoon I felt FEEL him burning holes in my back. Um, HELLO, CREEPY?!

A shiver ran down my back.

Kami-sama help!

You called for help? Taikaryu asked.

Not yours….but you're fine I suppose? I replied back.

I hear her snort. Uh…on second thoughts, nevermind. Bye!

Humph, fine then ungrateful child.

Hehe…she got angry at me. "Whatever" I mumbled.

Then I got this tingling feeling. A hollow, five, in fact. I was about to get into my shinigami form, but someone beat me to it.

Toshiro. Heh, he's so dedicated.

He came out of his gigai and jumped out the window. Immediately he jumped towards one and slashed it. I watched him fight the rest off. He appeared at one place and sliced at that hollow, then appeared at another place. Within seven minutes, he killed all hollows without his shikai. Trouble was finished.

Well….I spoke too soon. Two menos came out.

Two menos? How? I thought

I looked back at Toshiro. He was panting a bit, due to his captain's tattoo limiter. Toshiro started going towards a menos, slashes at it, but get kicked aside by the other.

I need to help him. I got out my soul candy, and got out of my body.

"Stay here and pay attention to the teacher," I tell my gigai.

I turned away to jump out of the window. I felt other reiatsu rise. Ichigo! I turned towards the high school and saw people fighting hollows and a menos.

"Hey Toshiro!" I said as I landed.

He turned. "What are you doing here?" He sounded surprised. "To help you, duh." I slashed at one of the menos. Then I jumped up to it's mask in attempt to destroy it. The menos opened it's mouth…"Watch out!" Toshiro tried to cover me, but the other menos blocked him.

"Shit!" I heard him yell.

I looked back at the mouth. A red glowering light started to appear.

Blaaaah. A cero!

I quickly added reiatsu to my feet and shunpoed to the mask. "Leave!" as I sliced at the mask.

And it disappeared.

"We seriously need to talk," Toshiro said. He was walking beside me while we head home.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean the Soul Soc-"

"Karin-chan!" Yuzu cried. "Karin-chan, what do you…um hello Hitsugaya-kun." Yuzu blushes a little.

Toshiro looked at her. "Kurosaki-san…." He nods. Then his eyes lit up a bit. "Um, hey, Kurosaki-san, do you think I can borrow Kurosaki for a bit? I'll bring her back in time for dinner, promise."

"OOOoooooOO, Karin-chan~ you're going on a DATE?!" Yuzu squeals.

"WHAT?! NO I AM NOT!" I yell. Glaring at Toshiro, "I'm going home, and you're not the bo-"

Toshiro grabs my arm in a tight grip, and dashes off into the distance.

"BYE BYE KARIN-CHAN~ HAVE FUN ON YOUR DATE!" she screams in the dust.


"TOSHIRO. Let. Me. Free!" Toshiro didn't exactly listen to me. He keep walking. Then he stopped.

I looked to the side. "Urahara's place?" I asked.

"Because I bet out of anyone, he's the one who dragged you into being a shinigami." Toshiro smartly replies, stuffing hands into his pockets trying to act cool.

"Haha, my choice actually. I wanted to be a shinigami." I turned to walk into the house.

Urahara was already sitting by the door, as if knowing we were going to appear soon.

"Hitsugaya-tachio, a pleasure to see you."

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