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Dress rehearsal

Chapter 1

A perfect plan

Mac had planned everything, to the millimeter and second. Planned like a Marines operation, like a police raid. He had designed the perfect plan, and nothing could go wrong.

It was going to be the first weekend for Lindsay and Danny alone since Lucy was born, the first time that they were separating from their baby. A cousin of Lindsay who married in Montana had given them the opportunity to enjoy a quick trip, just three days, too fast and tiring for a baby. Lucy's godparents, Mac and Stella were going to take care of the child. If all went well, this could be the precedent for a longer vacation, or perhaps the opportunity to enjoy the honeymoon they had outstanding.

In fact, the whole operation was a dress rehearsal.

If all goes well, Mac thought, it would mean that Stella and himself had a chance to develop something together, something more than an abiding camaraderie. If all goes well, Stella thought, it would mean Mac and herself were still on time to create their own family.

Mac had everything in writing, he had made a list. On Friday, Danny and Lindsay would go to the airport after leaving Lucy at daycare. In the afternoon, just after the end of their shift, Stella and himself would pick the little one and would take charge of her. During that night and the following Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which was a holiday too, they would have time to calibrate their parenting skills. In fact, Mac would enjoy the day and at night, it was Stella who would keep the baby. Danny and Mac had gone to Stella's apartment to set up the crib, and Danny had taken too the child's luggage and put in the refrigerator the food that Lindsay had left prepared for her daughter, all natural and homemade. In each package, the mother had placed a label with the content and the day she suggested that they should give it to the child.

In principle, Stella had to work on Saturday and she had also to be on call, and localized, on Saturday night and all Sunday. Luckily, she had changed it for the following weekend with Stephenson, from the night shift. Thus, both Mac and Stella were free for three days.

Everything was perfect.

But Friday started badly. Shortly after arriving to the lab, Stella received a call.

To be continued...