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Tanya's P.O.V.

There was a thick cover of clouds in the sky out the window. It was hard to tell what time it was by looking at the sky because you could not see the sun behind the clouds but it was early in the morning. Jack was sound asleep so I decided to go for a hunt while it wasn't raining and he was asleep. I left a note in case he woke up before I came back that read:

Went for a quick hunt, be back soon.

Love always,


The woods were still. All the animals had sensed that a storm was coming and went into hiding. I could feel it too, the chill in the air, the dark gray color of the clouds, the metallic smell, a major storm was coming. I eventually found enough animals to quench my thirst and headed back to the hotel.

I went to the door of our room and opened it with my key. When I walked in the door I saw Jack sitting on his side of the bed facing the wall and looking straight ahead at it. He was fully dressed with his coat on, a suitcase on the floor resting against the bed and a smaller carry-on bag next to him. When he heard me come in he turned his head slightly toward me and looked at me out of the corner of his eye, but acted as if he didn't hear me come in.

"Were you at least going to say goodbye?" I asked exasperated. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"I was just asking myself the same question," he said in almost a whisper. Then he got up, slung his carry-on over his shoulder, pulled up the handle of his suitcase so he could roll it, and started to walk past me and to the door.

Before he reached the door I said, "Why are you leaving?"

"Because I can't stay," he said flatly.

"Yes, you can. Why can't you? The Volturi wouldn't bother us any more. Now we can live our lives," I said trying to pull all the thoughts that were going though my head into words.

"It's not just them. You were right. We will never be able to live our lives and be together. It's too risky. You can't hide what you are in Cardiff and I can't continue my work with Torchwood here or in Alaska," he said trying to stay calm but speaking fast as he went on.

"We can make it work. We'll figure something out," I pleaded.

"No. It's too easy for you to be exposed. I can't risk your life like that…I just can't…I care for you too much." He said.

"I won't be at risk. We'll be careful…" I said grasping at straws, trying to be more convincing but not knowing what to say.

"No. You're not being rational. I have thought about what you said and what has happened and this is the best," he said and turned to leave.

He had one foot out thedoor when I yelled, my voice breaking, "And you know what the worst part is," this made him turn around, "I loved you." The last part came out like curse words. I felt like it was his fault. He had made me love him so now it was his fault that I felt this way. Like my chest had been ripped wide open with my heart exposed.

"Yeah, that's the worst part for me too," he said over his shoulder and then walked out of my life forever. Seeing him leave and knowing that he wasn't coming back sent me over the edge. Since I couldn't cry the only way for me to let all of the emotions out was for me to yell. They were long winded wails that sounded like I was slowly dying of the feeling in my chest. It felt like that too.

Once I no longer felt the need to wail I just felt empty. I walked over to where my cell phone was on the bed-side table and sat on the bed. I opened the phone and dialed the number I wanted.

"Hello," came from the other end.

"Yeah, Kate?" I said, "I'm coming home."

Jack's P.O.V.

I walked with purpose to my car though the pouring rain. I put my bags in the back and then got into the driver's seat. With my elbows resting on the steering wheel I put my head in my hands. I could barely hear my own sobs over the rain hitting the roof. The one thought that kept running though my mind was, what have I done?

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