Insignificant Is Now Imperative

Word of the week: urgent

Word Count: 100

No spoilers - no warnings, just fun!

I would like to thank my awesome beta MeAzrael for keeping me understandable. :-)

With the end of the world looming, even the smallest detail could turn out to be of vital importance. The Apocalypse had made what used to be inconsequential, now urgent.

"Find it?" Dean asked dumping his duffel, even though he'd already searched it.

"No... you?" Sam grumbled, his frustration evident even muffled by the overhanging comforter as he lay flat on his belly, flashlight only revealing how long it'd been since housekeeping had cleaned under the beds.

A glint of silver caught Dean's eye when Sam's light peaked out. Fishing his ring out of a crack, he sighed. "Found it."