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Roots- the condition of belonging to a particular place or group by virtue of social or ethnic or cultural lineage

It was raining.

I breathed a sighed and laid my head against the window of our Ford Edge. Don't get me wrong, rain is cool and all, and yes, sometimes I sing and dance in it, but constant rain is gross and makes everything muddy and… well wet. But since I was moving to La Push, Washington, rain and clouds were a constant. Something that was not familiar to me since I was from Dallas, Texas. I was born in La Push but we moved to Dallas for my Dad's job; he and my mom owned a big business. Then, just recently my parents had found out that they were going travel for some kind of big thing for the business, so I decided to spend my senior year, 'exploring my roots' as my mother called it. I was going to live in La Push for my senior year, with my Aunt Elaina. I guess it would be fun, the only thing I would miss are my two best friends Kiera and Brooke. But I had promised to keep in touch with them both, and my baby sisters Aleia and Baby, who were twins.

¨Cass, we're almost here." My mom called from up front, I had to take the earphones from my iPod out of my ear to hear her, and I looked at her. My mother had the russet skin of the Quileute tribe and the long black hair, although it had a few highlights thanks to the Texas sun. Her eyes were a warm dark caramel, and they turned a deep shadowy chocolate when she was angry or humored. My dad though was not full Indian only half. His skin was lighter and his hair a dark bronze, his eyes a cool green.

"Kay, mom." I replied looking out the window. La Push was nothing like Dallas, let me just tell you. But it would be fun to try out living here for a year. I smiled slightly, as it had finally stopped raining.

"Here we are." I heard my dad murmur not much longer after, and followed his gaze to end of the road to the house bordering the forest. It was a typical house, for us natives, wooden and inviting nature. It was roomier than most of the other houses though, which suited me just fine. My smile grew as I saw Aunt Elaina outside swinging slowly on a hammock under a beautiful gazebo beside her house. My Aunt loved the outdoors more than anyone I knew. When she saw us, she smiled and got up, coming to meet us. I jumped out of the car and gave her a big hug.

"Oh, Cassie, look at you!" My aunt squealed, returning the hug with equal fervor. "You have gotten so much bigger." Aunt Elaina was 36, with silky black hair cut right at her shoulders and bright dark eyes. She was normal height and loved to be busy.

I couldn't help but laugh. "You haven't seen me since I was fourteen Aunt 'Laina." She smiled and winked at me before going over to hug my mother.

"Well, well, if it isn't little sister, finally coming to visit." My aunt joked as they shared a hug.

"You know, flying isn't cheap, Lain. But then again you haven't been on a plane since before Grandpa died." My mother retorted. They acted like the sisters they were. My dad was carrying my luggage into the house, but he did stop to give Elaina a brief hug.

After all of my stuff was in the house, my mother and father announced that they had to leave soon if they wanted to beat the traffic in Port Angeles, which my aunt huffed about.

"Oh so you think you can just come and drop Cassie off here and just be on your merry way?... well good. Me and Cass had some grocery shopping to do anyway. Don't we, Cassie?" She looked to me expectantly. I shrugged, and gave my parents hugs and kisses promising to call at least three times a week.

As I watched them back out of the driveway, I sighed. I was really going to miss my parents, but if they stayed any longer I probably would have begged them not to leave. I was a total Daddy's girl.

"Cassie, your room is just down the hall, past the game room. There's a den, bathroom and bedroom that's all yours. Why don't you go settle in and then we'll go shopping? I don't know what you like to eat and I don't think you'd like having homemade oatmeal for breakfast every day. I'll be outside, my Callas might have gotten too much rain." The last part was murmured to herself as she shuffled outside. Again, I couldn't resist the urge to smile, my auntie was too cute!

I walked through the living room, and went to the end of the hallway. There, was the opening to the den, a room of calming browns with soft looking brown couches, a flat screen, and a pool table, complete with a mini kitchen set off to the side. At the back of the room was an open door, and I could see the guest bedroom that was now all mine. It was simple, green walls, a queen sized canopy bed with a white comforter with black sheets and pillows, the netting a pretty ocean blue. The far wall was all windows facing the forest with a big screen door that was wide open, letting the cool autumn air in, and ruffling my hair. On the other side was the bathroom, and the closet.


I threw my duffel bag on the bed and dug through it. The rest of my luggage was by the closet. I took out my iPod dock and in two minutes flat, I had Hotel Motel by Pittbull playing loudly. Another reason I loved this room was because it on the complete opposite side of the house as Aunt Elaina so I could play my music as loud as I wanted. Singing and dancing around the big room, I put up most of my belongings. Above the door to the room was a clock with a black wolf in the middle. A true Quileute trademark. Wolves.

Forty five minutes later I found Aunt Elaina in her big garden surrounding the front of the house. There was the sweetest smell that surrounded the front of the yard, coming from the wisteria near the side of the house. "Ready?" Aunt Elaina said, standing up and brushing dirt from her hands. She went into the house to briefly get her keys. A Ferrari California was in the garage. My aunt worked as some kind of lawyer in Port Angeles. A big lawyer. She was also on the Quileute council, which she had frequently told me, was her favorite job. She didn't care much for money but she told me,

"This Ferrari is yours. One of my friends at work sold it to me for a nice bargain, and I knew my favorite niece was coming to stay with me, and she would need a car. You can have that, but touch Baby Bee, and we'll have a problem." She nodded to the Baby Blue Beetle convertible that had three cute yellow slashes on it next to the sleek Ferrari, and I had to laugh. My aunt was so old school.

She let me drive to the store, the size of a big Wal-Mart, and the only grocery store in La Push, wanting me to get used to the feel of the car. Back at home, I had a cute 2006 Porsche but I loved sports cars. Even though I knew virtually nothing about them. While we were shopping Aunt Elaina was chatting away, catching me up with all the new things that were going on in the tiny town, which was practically everything.

She said 'hi' and eagerly introduced me to everyone we passed, stopping to talk to the majority of the people. She was a well respected woman in La Push. When she saw me standing politely as she was talking to this one woman, Sue Clearwater, I thought her name might be, she shooed me off telling me to go and find some food that I might like, and with I smile, and I wandered around the aisles, looking for the fruits. I absolutely loved fruits, I would live on them if I could. As I was expecting the clementines, I felt someone bump into me, almost knocking me over.

Annoyed, I turned around ready to lash out at the person, when I realized I was staring at a bare chest. I looked up in surprise, the boy was huge! Around 6" if my calculations were right. I was 5'8, so I didn't usually have to crane my head up to look at anyone. And this boy was so cute! He looked younger than me, with russet skin and a large apologizing grin on his face.

"Sorry, there, I didn't see you." He smiled, behind him was a cart piled high with all kinds of foods. "My name's Seth and I haven't seen you around here… are you Elaina's niece? Cassandra, right?"

"Cassie." I corrected, smiling back. I think this was Ms. Clearwater's son, I remembered his name popping up in the conversation she was having with my aunt.

"Right, Cassie. So what grade are you in?" Seth asked cocking his head to the side, his dark hair falling into his eyes.

"I'll be a senior. And after that, I don't know what I'm going to do. How about you?" I asked turning back to the clementines, and picking up a few dozen.

"I'm a sophomore this year." Wow he didn't look it at all, but you could see it in his face, he still had a slight boyish look in his cheeks and eyes. "Hey! What are you doing tonight?" Seth asked excitedly.

I didn't have to think about it. "Nothing." I replied hesitantly. He wasn't going to ask me on a date or anything, right? He was cute, but as a little brother…

"Come down to the beach tonight, there's a bonfire. You can meet the whole pa- all of my friends." His grin faltered for a second as he stumbled over his words. I was about to answer, when a voice came up behind me.

"Cassie would be delighted to come to the bonfire tonight. She can take my place. I have some work to catch up on anyway. And someone needs to represent the Carlyles" I turned around to see my aunt smiling at Seth. "I see you've already met Seth here." She beckoned me to her. "Come on Cass, if you're going to go to the bonfire, then we need to get home."

I said goodbye to Seth, and then pushed my cart to the check out aisle. Aunt Elaina paid for the food and then we took the bags to the car, and loaded them. And then we were out and on our way back home.

"The beach is about a twenty minutes walk through the woods from our house. And someone will probably walk you home, not that the woods are dangerous anyway." Aunt Elaina kept on chatting as we drove home and unloaded the car and put all of the groceries up. Looking at the clock I saw that it was five, auntie said I should be leaving the house around six fifteen.

Aunt Elaina was in her office doing so kind of work, so I went into my room, put on some music and danced around while I rummaged through my closet. I noticed that it had been getting dark outside and so I put on my 5-7-9 jeans and some fluffy black boots with a touch of white in their faux fur. I paired it with a white Bebe shirt with white rhinestones and a Black and white striped Bebe jacket to go over it.

Looking at myself in the three panel mirror beside my closet. Everyone always called me things like 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' but frankly, I never really saw it. I had the pretty russet skin and hair of a Quileute but my eyes were a sparkling emerald, which my mother called very 'remarkable' and my hair was a silky jet black and long. My hait used to reach down to my waist but I cut it about three months ago. It reached down past my shoulder blades now with natural layers to it, and I loved to play with it. Now I wet it and hand scrunched it. Then I put it in an abstract heap on top of my head, and added a pretty white flower to top off my outfit. Swiping on some lip gloss, I walked out and presented myself to Aunt Elaina.

"You look just like your Grandma Tailena." My aunt cooed, hugging me. "Now tomorrow I won't be here. Got to make a business trip to Salem. It might take a while, but your Aunt Sue will make sure you're safe. Now go on and have some fun. It's Friday night." She gave me a wink and sent me on my way.

Now one thing I could say for sure was that there was no forests in Dallas. And I tried to carefully trudge through the dense forest. It had rained again while I was getting ready, and I was grateful for my jacket. There was a chill settling into the air. It took me about twenty more minutes than it should have to find the beach, and when I did finally get there, I had more than a couple of scratches and scrapes from falling down and rubbing up against a few trees. But I was alive.

I saw the bonfire about half a mile to my left, and started walking over. I marveled at the beautiful ocean, and the waves, the faint scent of salt filling my nostrils. As I got closer I could make out shapes. It was dark now and the only light came from the immense fire that was looming up in front of me. There was a cliff, further on down the beach and I could just faintly see the bodies of people up there. My mother had told me of La Push diving, and how she used to do it as a kid, but I had never been able to; I was too young.

When I reached the bonfire I saw a few Elders who I just faintly remembered, Billy Black, one of the Elders called me over.

"Oh wow, is that you Cassie?" He asked sitting in his wheelchair. I grinned and ran over to him, giving him a big hug.

"Uncle Billy!" I squealed like a little girl. I loved going to Uncle Billy's house when I was younger, when me, Jacob, Rachel and Rebecca would try to make tree houses. I remembered one summer where Becca, Rachel and I attempted to make him eat mud pies; complete with slimy worms that he later chased us with. We had so much fun back then.

"Seth told us you might be coming tonight, and Sue here, couldn't stop going on about how grown up you look now." Billy gestured to Sue who was with another young woman grilling burgers and hotdogs for what seemed like eighty people it seemed like. Sue motioned for me to come over.

"Cassie, this is Emily Young, she's from the Makah Reservation, now she's engaged to Sam." she paused to locate him, a slight smile on her face when she did, "… who's up on the cliff.". I turned to Emily who was smiling at me. It was then that I noticed her scars, running from her forehead and disappearing into her shirt. But she wore her scars with pride and to me, she was still a beautiful woman. I grinned happily at her, and she seemed to relax, reaching out to shake my hand. I noticed the scars ran all the way down past her wrists.

I shook her hand, and she smiled at me, grateful. We conversed for a few minutes before Sue patted my arm tilting her head toward the direction of the cliff. There, Seth, I think was waving his arms, trying to get my attention. "I think he wants you to go up there with them." Sue said, smiling.

I nodded and started to go up towards the woods, heading up to the cliff. As I got closer I noticed a group of boys all clustered by the edge of the cliff… all of them with no shirts on.

They looked pretty hot.

I had a few boyfriends back in Dallas but nothing even remotely near serious. And coming here I wasn't looking forward to any kind of relationship, but wow. Who knew they made them so good-looking here in La Push of all places?

I picked out Seth; he was just about the shortest one… even at 6". Coming out of the woods, I saw that most of the others boys had already jumped. Which I also thought was crazy, since the water must be freezing.

"Hey Cassie, come on jump with us." Seth grinned at me, and opened his mouth to say more, but another guy, pushed him, sending them both over the cliff side. I did a double take in surprise, walking over and peering over the side. The waves were calming down, and I saw Seth and the other boy, pop back up, and swim to the side.

"Whoa," I breathed, looking back towards the last remaining boy. He towered over me, easily 6"8, and an entire foot taller than me. He was scowling, at something and didn't seem to notice me. "Yea, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to need you to… hold my hand or something." I really wanted to jump, but it was a little higher than I expected, and it was freezing. Any other day, I'd be jumping at the chance to jump off of a cliff.

The guy seemed to notice me then, looking straight at me, a retort on his lips, but when our eyes met… everything changed.

It was like I could see into his soul, looking into is bottomless brown eyes. They were cold at first, but now they filled with unexpected joy and wonder, yet they were also filled with a mild disbelief and confusion. I couldn't look away. My breathing hitched as I fully looked him over for the first time. Cropped silky black hair, enticed me to run my hands through it, with long eyelashes any girl would die for framing his intense eyes. His jaw was actually chiseled, his nose perfect and proportional, lips hard but yielding and utterly kissable. His shoulders were broad and strong, and his chest and abs were tight, and very, very defined. His arms were corded with thick muscle and looked dangerous but I could see them being soft and protective, wrapping around someone he cared about. His pants were low, and I could see the deep V shape leading to other places. This man was no boy. He was hard in all the right places and soft in none.

He excluded sex. Pure, uninhibited, male testosterone. He made me want to melt. He was looking me over as well I noticed, but not in an annoying checking-you-out sort of way, but really appreciating what her saw. Few men did that. He intrigued me, drew me to him in some unexplainable fashion.

I suddenly wanted to be bold. "I still need you to hold my hand, kays." I said making it a statement rather than a question. He said nothing, just continued to stare at me, which made me nervous. I reached out and took his hand, and immediately had the instinct to flinch back. His hand was on fire! I looked back at him questioningly, but he just smiled at me.

Damn, was this man beautiful.

"You aren't going to let me go are you?" I asked, needing him to say something, as I once again, looked down at the frothy waters below. He didn't answer until I once again looked him in the eyes. And then the first thing that I heard coming out of his mouth was,

"I'll never let you go." His voice was a deep, slight baritone and husky. My breathing was erratic. His voice was so truthful and his eyes conveyed some deep emotion, I couldn't dare doubt him.

I pulled my hand away, very reluctantly, and took off my jacket and boots , throwing them down by the beach. God it was cold! "What's your name," I asked as I concentrated on taking the flower out of my hair.

"Paul," He said, simply reaching over and helping me. His name seemed to fit him perfectly, and I sighed softly, taking his hand again.

"My name is Cassie." I told him, looking down the cliff. The waves were calm, and the waters seemed inviting.

"Ok Cassie… on the count of two." Paul said, and the way he said my name was as if I were a goddess that he worshiped. And then I realized what he had said, and started.

"Count of two? You never do things on the count of two." I was utterly confused.

"Well, it's something to tell the grandkids about." He looked at me, his eyes twinkling in the darkness. I had to laugh. It was ridiculous, but I could play his game.

"Ok… on the count of two." I breathed, as we walked to the edge of the cliff. I trusted him with my life.

"One…" He said slowly, rubbing circles into the back of my hand to calm me. "Two!" His hands squeezed mine, as we both jumped.

It was exhilarating, and every sense of the word; but I think I was paying more attention to the man beside me than I was jumping off the cliff. This was probably why when I hit the water, I was so shocked. It was freezing!

I almost lost Paul's hand, but he had a tight grip on me, to which I was grateful. The water was so consuming, and my lungs tightened up, screaming for air. We had plunged in very deep in the water, and I had no idea which way up was. I tugged on Paul´s hand, and not even five seconds later, my head was above water, and I was gulping huge amounts of air.

"Cassie!" Paul was frantically calling my name, but it sounded far away. But I could tell from his tone of voice, that he was freaking out. It was then I realized that we were on the beach and he was leaning over me, his eyes anxious.

I raised my hands which felt like jelly, and cupped his face in my hands, to calm him. ¨Paul,¨ I cooed softly, my voice gravelly. "I'm fine." I tried to reassure him, and I was. The water was just astonishingly cold. Paul was so gentle with me, it made me feel very vulnerable. I was shivering, I realized, and Paul picked me up like I weighed about the equivalent of a baby kitten.

I was immediately consumed by his body heat, and I could just imagine the steam rising up from his body. I made me want to giggle. But then I realized where I was... in the arms of this amazing man. I was right, his arms were soft, and seemed capable of protecting me from anything. It made me feel light headed.

"I can walk Paul." I said looking up at him, folding my arms, an ersatz pout on my lips. I was trying not to smile.

He looked down at me, and in all seriousness said, "I know, but I really just want to hold you." He laughed at my expression.

We were almost at the bonfire, where the others were eating. My cheeks took on a red hue as I realized how weak and pathetic I looked, having to be carried by Paul, after I jumped off a measly cliff. "Put me down," I whined, wiggling in Paul's arms. He let me down instantly, his expression forlorn, and I was cold again, shivering from the cool air, and I huddled at his side, grabbing his hand in mine. He held my hand tightly in his as we approached the others.

"What do you think, Cassie?" Seth said, bounding up to us with a huge grin on his face. When he saw our hands intertwined, and stopped short, peering up at Paul with a secretive expression. They had some kind of silent conversation while I was standing there completely oblivious to everything. I caught Emily's eye, who was sitting beside a man who I was guessing was Sam. The way they looked at each other just so adored, it felt intrusive… and then I saw Jacob. Or at least I think it was Jake. Either way, I was so excited; I ran over and tackled him.

"Jake! OhMaGee! Is that really you? You're huge!" I squealed as he picked me up and twirled me around. He really was massive, at least Paul's height, even though he might have been taller than him. And he had really bulked up, I remember when we were younger, he was all wiry, more like Seth. And just like Paul, he was so searing hot! It couldn't be natural.

"Me! You're the one who's all grown up! Elaina said she was going to give you a Ferrari C. You have to bring her by, we need to catch up." He was still all smiles, still the old Jake I used to know even if he seems more mature.

"Yes! We so need to hang." Then, I frowned. He caught on quickly.

"What's wrong." He asked. His eyes were cute, but I still had the image of Paul's intense eyes in my head.

"You're a junior, and I'm going to be a senior this year. I'm not going to have any one I know in my classes." I pouted and this time it was real.

"Well, Paul's a senior too, and Jared and Kim…" He trailed off at my confused look. I still didn't know all of these people. I looked over at Paul who was surrounded by all of the other guys, but he was looking straight at me and Jake, his eyes were guarded, not open like when we were on the cliff. I bit my lip nervously, and turned back towards Jacob. He was also looking at Paul, and then he turned me, a look of disbelief on his face.

"What?" I asked, and took a step back. These guys clearly had some kind of secret that I was not a part of. It exasperated me to no end. But that was ok, I still had a year to figure them out.

Jacob shook his head and then smiled again. "Well, let's introduce you to the crew." He took my hand and led me to the others. "Guys come on," They all looked straight at me, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sam and Paul share yet another secret look and this one seemed to have a deeper meaning.

I bit my lip again, and looked straight at all of these monstrous men, all half naked staring at me. I wasn't intimidated easily, so I took a deep breath, "Hey guys, I'm Cassie." And flashed them a smile. I was pretty confident about myself and I think the reason why was because I could feel Paul's gaze on me.

All of the boys introduced themselves with me, and then we hung out. I figured out that Quil had this super cute brotherly connection with Emily's little cousin Claire. Sam and Emily were engaged, Jared and Kim were together. And they looked so cute together. Then there was Embry who was like a little threesome with Quil and Jacob. Embry was also the one who pushed Seth off the cliff. There was also some kind of weird tie between Sam, Leah and Emily. I could tell just by the way they acted around each other... stiff almost formal, even when everyone else acted like they were as close as family. I thought about asking, but I didn't want to pry.

We all ate, and the boys ate like they were starving dogs, Emily and Sue scolding them more than once, making me laugh. I was sitting on one of the logs, when Paul came and sat down beside me, instantly filling me with warmth. ¨Hey, you." I smiled up at him.

He smiled back. "How do you like it so far?" He asked gesturing to the commotion all around us.

I thought about it. "It's nice. I think I'll really like it here. I already know it's going to be really hard to leave at the end of the year." I looked down. But when I looked up I saw his torn expression, and frowned. He had no reason to be looking like this, but I think I understood where he was coming from. I could feel the connection between us, and looking in his eyes I knew that he felt it too. Again, I couldn't look away. He was drowning me in emotion, and when he reached out to gently sweep a stray strand of hair behind my ear, I nearly fell into him.

Then the Elders called everyone's attention, and I was forced to look away from Paul, and listen to their stories, the Legends of the Quileute. The stories we had all been told as children. I listened, but I was more aware of Paul sitting very close beside me, and when my eyelids started drooping, I was vaguely aware of his pulling me closer. I felt so warm, and safer than I ever had before, the scent of him filling me completely…

When I woke, I was in his arms. I knew they were his arms, even though didn't know how I knew. And I think we were somewhere in the forest. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. "Paul, where are we?" I asked sleepily, my head against his warm chest.

"I'm taking you home." His voice vibrated in his chest.

"What's going on with me?" I had no idea what was saying but it was out now.

"What are you talking about, pretty girl? You're perfect." He sounded so sincere, so sure of himself.

"It's so weird… what I'm feeling. I've known you for barely a few hours and yet I feel like you know me better than anyone. I feel…" I trailed off. I was confusing even myself now.

"What do you feel, sweetheart?" He asked, looking down at me with those beautiful eyes of his.

"I feel… I feel like I love you." It was odd to say, but it was completely true. "That, can't be true right? It's impossible. There's no love at first sight."

I heard my screen door opening, and then Paul put me down on my bed.

"You'd be surprised at the things that are supposed to be impossible." He said as he pressed his lips against my forehead. His lips lingered a little longer than necessary, but I was definitely not complaining. I felt that he was about to leave me, and the thought of it caused a physical pain in my heart. I reached out and grabbed his arm.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" I asked, looking into his eyes.

"Of course." He replied easily, gazing at me with the most saccharine expression.

"Promise?" I asked hopefully.

"Promise." He said, and I smiled as my eyes closed, and my arm came to cradle my head as I fell asleep. I think I was really going to enjoy it here.

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