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Wolfram's Hormones:Chapter 1- Wolfram's Problem

"Yu-Chan!" Jennifer called from downstairs in the kitchen. "Have you started washing yet?"

"I'm going now, Mom!" Yuri replied, hoping he won't end up in the Great Demon Kingdom if he gets in the tub again. He walked to the bathroom, looked deeply into the water he was about to enter, dropped his towel, and slid into the hot,soapy water.

Everything was great until Yuri saw the familiar swirling in the water. He groaned as he reached for his towel so he could at least cover up when he got to the Demon Kingdom. Holding his breath, Yuri suddenly got jerked under water.

Jennifer heard a loud splashing sound coming from upstairs. "Yu-Chan are you alright?!"

No reply.

She shrugged, Probably went to the kingdom again she thought

"Your Majesty!" Gunter exclaimed, already with Yuris' clothes at the fountain.

"Hey Gunter." Yuri said, wrapping the towel around his waist. He got out of the pool, The cool wind blowing on his half-naked body made him shiver. Then he heard the voice he feared the most.

"Yuri!" A familiar blond ran towards him.

Oh no
Yuri thought. I cannot let him see me like this.

But it was too late.


Wolfram stopped in his tracks.

"Yuri, What the hell are you wearing?!"

"I was-"

"You're so wimpy that you'll go around walking naked?!" Wolfram the continued yelling.

"Wolfram!" Yuri suddenly interrupted. "At least let me get dressed or something!"

Wolfram felt a blush overcoming his face as Yuri turned around and bent over. As Yuri was digging for something in the fountain, Yuri's towel was slipping off his slim waist, slowly which was agonizing for Wolfram.

Since Yuri left (4 days ago), Wolfram as going through a crazed-hormone phase. He would find himself ducking to masturbate in a private area or hump objects constantly. All his wet dreams consisted of him doing naughty thing's to Yuri. He didn't know why this started or when it was going to end.

But his mind was set on the towel around Yuri's waist. Oh, How he wished he was the towel..He suddenly found himself using his maryoku to pull it down.


"Oh, my towels slipping." Yuri hoisted up his towel with one hand while looking for the bar of soap with the other. Sooner or later, a maid volunteered to look for it and Gunter begged Yuri to put some clothes on. with that, He was forced in his room to change.

As Yuri slipped on some underwear, his door creaked open. Wolfram quickly closed the door and turned around, not expecting to see a half-naked Yuri. (clearly from his face reaction)

"Wimp. You don't even lock your door." Wolfram mumbled.

I forgot to lock the door? Yuri thought

"Well just don't stand there! Get dressed!" Wolfram yelled, face turning pink.

Yuri scurried over to where Wolfram was.

"W-What are you doing?!" Wolfram asked.

"I'm just getting my pants!" Yuri answered.

"Why didn't you-"

Yuri had slipped, grabbing onto Wolfram's shoulders. Wolfram tried to move around Yuri and prevent the fall, but he slipped as well and fell on top of the half-naked Yuri.

Oh. My. Goodness. Wolfram thought.

His face started to get extremely hot as he watched Yuri's every move. His eyes fluttered open, revealing beautiful black orbs.

"Wolfram?" Yuri asked innocently. "Could you..."

"Oh!" Wolfram quickly got off top of Yuri. "Sorry."

Yuri smiled. "It's okay."

Wolfram suddenly felt his already tight pants getting tighter. He looked down and saw his manhood sticking out. Covering it up with his hands, he desperatly tried to think of something else.

But everytime he did, his hand would move slightly, brushing against his hard member. Biting his lip, he used every of his will power not to grind up on one of Yuris' pillows or Yuri himself. He started to break out in a sweat, panting. Why Now? he thought. Of all times why now?

"Wolfram, whats wrong?" Yuri asked.

"It's..n-nothing.." Wolfram edged to the door. "I have to go Yuri." he said, running out the door awkwardly.

In his room, Wolfram immediately threw his pants and underwear into a corner and worked on his situation.

Precum was already leaking out, so he lightly ran his index finger over the tip. With every light touch he moaned. Then he got to his favorite part.

Closing his eyes, he grabbed the base of his length. Then he envisioned Yuri doing this to him. As he thought about this, he pumped his length furiously.

"Oh, Wolfram, you're so big." Yuri flicked his tongue over his tip. "You sure you want me to do this?"
"Mmmhmm..." Wolfram nods.
Yuri takes tip of Wolfram in his mouth and starts bobbing his head up and down, going further down the length with each moan.
Pretty soon, Yuri has all of Wolfram in his mouth, sucking vigorously. Even lightly scraping his teeth across it.
Wolfram tangles his hands in Yuri's hair, pushing his head faster down his member.

Yuri takes Wolfram out of his mouth and starts to pump it.
"Yuri! Ah-Oh!Mmm'
"You like it?" Yuri asks.
"Yuri! I'm going to-Aaah!"

Aaah!" Wolfram moaned, watching his seed spill out.

Man, what is up with my hormones? he thought.

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