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Wolfram's Hormones: Chapter 9- The Birth

"Yuri..just calm down a bit-"

"NO! I'M FAT AND UGLY!" Yuri yelled, sitting on Wolfram's lap.

Wolfram sighed. Yuri was once again complaining about his weight. He was nine months pregnant and due any day now. Wolfram had to keep reassuring Yuri that he didn't care how big his stomach was, but it didn't seem to go through his head.

He saw tears brimming Yuri's beautiful black eyes.

"Yuri, please don't cry.."

"You think I'm fat don't you?" The tears spilled down his face. "You don't love me anymore!"

"No, I love you Yuri. Honest.."

Yuri started bawling.

"Yuri, please.." Wolfram gently took Yuri's face in his hands and kissed him. "I'll love you no matter what."

Yuri hiccuped. "Promise?"



Yuri waddled over to the fountain. Everyone was busy, so he decided to have some alone time. He hadn't left to go to Earth in a couple of months now. He was thinking of maybe going back for a while, but he suddenly felt a pain in his stomach.

"What are you doing in there sweetie?" He said, rubbing his stomach. Another sharp pain, worse than the first one. He doubled over and fell to the ground.

"Holy crap that really hurt!" He gasped as another pain came. He looked at his pants and frowned. They were wet.. Had he wet himself?

Wait.. am I in.. LABOR? he thought frantically. Another pain shot through his stomach.

"AAAAHH!" He couldn't help but scream. Nobody was around.. What was he going to do? The sharp pains kept coming.

"S- someone..help please..." he gasped, trying to make a sound. Fortunately, a maid noticed and cried for help. Gwendal was near and helped Yuri to the first room he could find.

"I'm going to get Gisela okay Your Majesty?"


"I'll be quick ..I promise." Gwendal ran out the room.

Yuri screamed as another pain came. Gisela, Gwendal, Conrad, Gunter, Wolfram, and 3 other maids came running in.

"Your Majesty when did the pain start happening?" Gisela said, ordering the maids to spread Yuri's legs.

"A couple of minutes ago- AAAH!" Another pain came in. "Wh-Where's Wolfram?"

"Right here." Wolfram came and held Yuri's hand. "I'm right beside you.."

Yuri smiled weakly but then grimaced when the pain came again. "Whats happening to me?"

"Contractions." Gisela said. "The baby is trying to come out... Okay, Your Majesty, I'm going to need you to push as hard as you can."

Yuri took a deep breath and pushed as hard as he could. This went on for 3 hours; and then...

Yuri heard the sound of a crying baby.

"Congratulations Your Majesty. You've given birth to a beautiful baby girl.." Gisela said. The maids had done some type of wash technique before wrapping the baby in a blanket. They handed the baby to Yuri.

She had a tuft of blonde hair with little black strands and black eyes. Her cheeks were pink.

"She really is beautiful.." Yuri said, looking down at his daughter.

"As expected, being from me." Wolfram said, looking down at her too. "What do you want to name her Yuri?"

Yuri pondered for a second before smiling. "Galiena..." He looked down and poked her cheek, in which Galiena giggled.

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