This is the Re-Write of my story "Harry Potter and the Clan Atrum Pennae" because my ex writing partner is disputing the validity of my claim of Authorship. So, fuck him and enjoy!

Full Summary: Over the Summer, Harry's body changes into something more powerful, and deadly. He's become a Scion of the first race, The Creators of the Universe. With Voldemort dead, Harry will face a new foe, one more powerful than anything on earth. Can Harry stop it and save the world again, all the while dealing with being the mate of a Fallen Prince, one of the Deadliest warriors alive?

Harry sat staring into his pumpkin juice, mind in turmoil, body hidden behind a glamour.

The summer before his seventh year had been plenty eventful; Bill and Fleur had gotten married, Remus and Tonks were Expecting their first child soon, Voldemort had been obliterated, Harry had kissed the Dursley's goodbye fore good, and Harry had turned into some kind of creature.

It had started happening in the last month of school; his shoulder blades itched like angry ants were swarming them, biting and stinging. It became a common sight to see Harry downing some sort of potion to temporarily ease the pain.

He quickly learned a glamour to cover the disgusting bony growths that were sprouting like a whole new hand. His finger nails became claws, he became an expert at body grooming spells. When his pupils disappeared and came back as three crescent shapes with their points aimed outward, he hid them with a spell that needed to be replaced daily.

Waking up his third night home with eight inch long Black horns sprouting from his forehead and giant dragon's wings folded neatly against his back, Harry panicked.

In his agitated state, Harry's Magic lashed out and everyone within a five block radius was knocked unconscious. Unknowing of this, Harry sank to his knees, grabbing onto his horns, silvery tears flowing from his eyes and landing against the floor with a sizzle.

His whimpered pleas of making the new additions go away was answered suddenly with the abrupt and painful disappearance of his wings and horns.

He'd crawled back into his ratty bed and fell into a troubled sleep. Rather then being haunted by the nightmares Voldemort's mind had fed him, he bore witness to an entire lost history.

He lay there for nearly a week, scaring his relatives into baring the door, thinking he was dead. They told no one a thing and Dudley used his only skill, forging, to make sure he sent out an "update on how he was doing".

When next he awoke, Harry instantly and wandlessly glamoured himself, hiding the runes his horns and wings had left behind. Here, he was presented with a new problem. He now had a tail. It was five feet long and made of a reddish-Black skin, the same colour as his horns, it was a traditional Devil Tail.

Harry sighed again, but quickly growled as Dean shoved Seamus into him. The Irish boy jumped back, eyes wide in shock and fear. He was still skittish around Harry after it had come out that Voldemort was indeed alive, and Seamus had said those horrible things to him.

"S-sorry H-Harry." Seamus stuttered. Harry nodded curtly to him, stood, and elegantly swept from the hall, ignoring all of the eyes that watched his lithe form glide from the room.

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes in thought as the boy-who-lived strode from the hall. He had changed so much in the short time he'd been away. He'd grown to a nice height of six feet, his once wild hair now hung to his shoulders in a wavy mass.

His bearing had changed as well. It used to be that he walked around with a slump to his shoulders, head down. Now he walked with his head held high, but eyes so distant.

He was concerned for the boy.

'Pestilence!' Harry hissed at Voldemort. The magically drained Dark Lord watched in shock as thousands of tiny little bugs came crawling down Harry's arm, bursting through the skin at his wrist and crawling down his hand where it was fisted in Voldemort's robes, and began burrowing into Voldemort's skin.

The Dark Lord screamed as they ate his flesh on their journey though him.

Harry watched on, stony faced, as Voldemort was eaten.

Once the former Dark Lord was nothing more than skin and Bones Harry dispelled the glowing shield that obscured them from scrutiny and walked away, leaving the Order and the Ministry to deal with the shocked Death Eaters.

To this day he refused to tell anyone how he defeated the Dark Lord.

It's super short, I know, but hopefully it'll get longer. I wrote it while watching the new "The Day the Earth Stood still" with the always sexy Keanu Reeves, so that's where the little bug things came from.

Let me know if you like this so far and if I should continue!

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