They had searched the whole castle, finding nothing. Dumbledore's tenuous grasp on the wards told him the being was still in the castle, but because it was so powerful he couldn't pinpoint it.

The three of them had just entered the dungeons when they heard a pained scream coming from Severus' quarters. In their rush they were not prepared to burst through the door and come upon a screaming Lucius Malfoy pinned to the ceiling by a Black eyed Harry Potter who was occupied with biting a Black mark on Lucius' shoulder.

Spells were fired and intercepted by Harry's free hand as he continued to eat Lucius' flesh.

"Harry! HARRY! Stop this at once!" Dumbledore bellowed. Harry ignored him. More spells were fired, but were absorbed into Harry's skin.

When finally the Black mark on Lucius' shoulder was gone Harry let him go, causing him to fall to the ground in an undignified lump. He gracefully dropped from the ceiling and reverted to normal. He gave the three staff members a horrified look before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out on top of Lucius.

Dumbledore stared intently at the unconscious form of who he knew to be Harry Potter, but it was not the Harry Potter that he knew. This Harry Potter had horns and wings and a tail and claws.

This Harry Potter was an entirely different creature than what he had helped bring into the world. He was more powerful, more beautiful, and darker. Not that he could help being any of those things.

Being a Fallen, darkness was in their blood, evidenced by the added appendages. The aged sorcerer stood from the place where he'd a kept a three day vigil over the one man he'd successfully moulded into greatness.

He brought out his wand and levelled it at the sleeping figure, eyes shining with determined regret. Taking a deep breath through his crooked nose, he opened his mouth and began uttering an incantation in a language long forgotten.

A reddish-Black wing snapped up, throwing him away from the body and across the room as it and it's twin wrapped around Harry, encasing him in a membranous cocoon. The winged shell glowed briefly, using Harry's inherent Fallen powers to protect him.

Dumbledore stood to his feet, swaying slightly. He took several small and shaky steps back to his original position at Harry's side. He took a moment to regain stability and once more began intoning the incantation. He began to glow an eerie purple light. Just as he neared completion of the spell to end Harry's life a cold voice broke his concentration.

"Just what in the hell do you think you're doing, human?"

Roherion reluctantly entered his families castle for the first time in fifteen years not in his capacity as the Head of the Elite. He followed a blue skinned servant to the formal dining room, where a feast had been laid out.

His five half-brothers, with their wives, and his half-sister were waiting behind their chairs for their mother, Queen Ariadne and her husband King Consort Cedric. Roherion's father was a sore point for him, the man having been killed shortly after impregnating Ariadne.

His half brother Eben never let him forget that he was the result of an infidelity on the part of his mother, and that Roherion was not a member of their family. Those words, repeated over a span of ninety-eight years tortured Roherion and only firmed his resolve to flee his mother's home and continue his father's legacy as a fierce warrior.

So far, he'd done well.

The doors at the other end of the dining room banged open and a tight-lipped Ariadne stormed out, face devoid of colour and an angry air about her. She marched to her place at the head of the table, shaking her head at her husband when he tried to claim the seat next to her.

"Roherion, take the seat next to me." she ordered. Roherion's amethyst eyes widened as he hastened to take the seat of the King Consort, while his step-father took the seat at the far end of the long table. "It is good to have you home." she murmured.

"I am a stranger here." Roherion said.

"A fact that I lament." Ariadne said, shooting a glare down the table. She gestured for her other children to sit down, and they did, careful not to draw attention to themselves.

Food was served by the staff and started on in silence. Princess Rosamell broke the heavy atmosphere.

"It is good to see you again, dear brother." she said, smiling a true smile at him. Of all his siblings, Rosamell was the most compassionate and intelligent.

"I have missed our talks, sister mine." Roherion said.

"Roherion, I have much to discuss with you." Eben, his second oldest brother said, shooting Roherion a look that spoke of pain.

"I'd like to have a word with you as well. I owe you so much." Roherion said, growling. "I feel that I must repay you for your kindness upon our last meeting." though the words were kind, the edge in Roherion's voice sent a shiver down everyone's spine.

"No talk of blood-sport at the table." Ariadne reprimanded. "How have you been?" she asked, turning to Roherion.

"As if that's relevant. He's turned his back on our family." Eben hissed.

"Go fuck yourself!" Roherion growled standing to his feet.

"Sit. Down." Ariadne commanded. "Can we not have a civil dinner, just once? Eben, Roherion has not been at this table for fifteen years, let us have a meal in peace."

Eben stood and threw his napkin down onto his plate.

"I will not dine with that bastard." his wife Bree stood as well.

"I will not tell you again, sit down." Ariadne ordered. Eben sat sullenly and dinner was completed in a terse atmosphere.

As soon as the dinner plates were cleared and desert served, Ariadne turned to Roherion.

"I want you, and a small delegation, to travel to The British Ministry of Magic and speak to their leader. He must answer for the lax security around the gateway. You will also determine if anything escaped from the Other World." she ordered quietly. Roherion could see that the thought of anything escaping from The Other World scared her.

"Wouldn't it be marvellous if the Old Gods were brought back, mother?" Aden, the oldest, asked.

"There are a lot who think so, but they do not know the true horrors the Old Gods would bring with them. Those of us who remember, live in fear of the day when the seals are broken and the Old Gods return. They will destroy this world, and scatter our ashes to the wind."

Roherion kept a mask of cool interest as the blustering Minister of Magic stuttered and stumbled his way through excuses and accusation as to why security around the veil was so lax.

He was joined on this mission by his half brother's Aden and Adon, the twins. They were just as bored as he was, but had far more patience than their youngest brother.

"Seeing as you are the head of the government, and you swore an oath upon taking office to keep the veil guarded at all times, you will fulfill the conditions of the punishment." Roherion said.

"I assure you, Highness, that the culprit will be apprehended." Fudge promised. Roherion smiled inside and segued into his true reason for coming.

"Before he escaped, I managed to mark the trespasser. Unfortunately, I need your permission to apprehend the perpetrator. Keep in mind we chose to ignore the break in a couple of years ago when several children, broke into the room, and someone entered the veil. I'm sure you can accommodate our request."

"O-of course, my Lord. You have the ministries permission to search wherever you need to." Fudge said. He'd have agreed to anything to get the three of them out of his office and the building altogether.

"You'll put it in writing, signed and sealed by your office." Roherion ordered, drawing looks of surprise from the minister as well as from both of his brothers. Roherion had never displayed his dominance so prominently before.

Fudge quickly wrote out the order of permission and all but shoved it into Roherion's hands.

"If that is all?" he asked.

"For now." Roherion said standing. Flanked by his older brothers, he strode from the Ministry, the aura of power around them intoxicating.

"Where do we start?" Aden asked, as the three of them stood outside of the phone Booth leading into the Ministry.

"The tracker was lost in Scotland. There is a Magic school there."

"How was it lost? Only a Fallen can detect and remove a tracker." Adon said.

"Then there must be one at this school." Aden said, face grim. As the Royal Record Keeper he would know of every single Fallen living outside of their Hidden Realm.

"Let's go and find out." Roherion said. The nodded and disappeared, Roherion in a column of flames, and the twins is whorls of white smoke.

They all three reappeared at the great gates of Hogwarts.

"The enchantments were laid by a Fallen. Tenth generation by the feel of it." Adon said. Roherion nodded and relaxed his shoulder's, bringing his power to hover above his skin. The wards recognised him for what he was and the three of them passed through unmolested.

The entrance hall was deserted and they looked around curiously. Until they felt a spike of Fallen Magic, it had a defensive feel to it and very few things could call out a Fallen's defensive Magic.

They disappeared and reappeared outside of a room in which an old man was glowing purple and enchanting a Dark spell. Recognising the heritage obliteration curse for what it was, Roherion grew angry.

"Just what in the hell do you think you're doing, human?" he growled.