Title: Burn it to the Ground

Author: Candy_rko

Pairings: Cody/Ted, Cody/Brett

Summary: Ted drives Cody into his brother's arms.

Warnings: sex will be in this story quite frequently. I will rate each chapter according to the content inside.

Note: Alternating POVS

Disclaimer: All belongs to the WWE

Dedication: filthyltlscrt: be happy :)

Notes: This is based on a few months from now, after Summerslam in August. It's also based on rumors floating around that there's going to be a new legacy in town; "The Fortunate Sons" made up of Ted, Brett, and Joe Henning, the son of the late Curt Henning. Which kind of makes sense considering the route that Ted's taking and that Brett and Joe are already tag team champions in Florida Championship Wrestling. It'll focus mostly on Brett, Ted, and Cody. Perhaps with a side of Randy or Evan. And I like that Brett's only 22. That would make him the baby of the roster instead of Cody. And you might hate Ted…

Chapter 1/?

Cody hadn't paid much attention to Brett Dibiase.

Growing up, Cody was always at the Dibiase's or the Dibiase boys would visit the Runnels. Virgil and Ted Senior's close friendship had been the ground work for a relationship that Cody coveted with his entire being. It was inevitable, Cody realized, looking back. He and Ted had been practically thrown together by their fathers. Maybe not for the exact nature of their current relationship but nonetheless, they'd been pushed together since Cody was a toddler, barely able to walk, hanging onto his 'Teddy' for dear life.

Cody looked at Brett from underneath his lashes, the younger Dibiase idly doing his set of bicep curls, his IPod on full blast. Cody could hear Fozzy; he wondered if it was a staple for all WWE stars to listen to Chris's band. Brett and Ted resembled each other in a way that was almost uncanny. And Brett was definitely filling into his body. His musculature was beginning to rival Ted's. He'd never looked at Brett. He was almost as attractive as his brother. Something he'd been noticing lately; he shouldn't have been paying that much attention to Brett. Not when he was in a committed relationship that was going on seven years.

Joe Henning elbowed him roughly in the ribs, "You got it bad for the kid."

Cody shot him a dirty glare, "I don't think so. Why were you watching me in the first place?" he snapped, not appreciating that ever since Henning had arrived at Raw, he'd been flirting hard core with Cody. "Ted will break every bone in your body if you don't keep your little urges under control. He doesn't like anyone looking at me."

"I wonder what he'd say to you for making eyes at his baby bro?" Joe sneered, "Teddy gettin' too old for ya? That it? You gotta trade him in for a younger model? Kinda sick and twisted that it's his brother you've got a hard on for."

Cody felt his face flush with angry heat, abruptly standing to his feet, dropping the dumbbell on the floor with a loud thump. Brett and Ted were both oblivious; one with music booming in his ears, the other with a baseball game. "Fuck off, Henning. I'm not going to sit here and argue with you about where my loyalties are." God, he wanted to wipe that smirk off Joe's face…

"Go ahead and hit me, Cody. You know you wanna. And that'll just prove that what I said was true."

"I'm not-"

Joe was inches from him, invading Cody's personal space. "Codes, you're twenty four. You've only ever been with Ted. It's natural that you want someone else. Just, really, Cody, Brett? Out of everyone on the rosters, you have to go after you boyfriend's brother? That's pretty cold, man. Especially there're better men that would love to have you on your back, legs in the air, fucking the-"

Henning was grabbed from behind, thrown bodily to the floor. Cody was surprised to see Randy. The last time he'd checked they hadn't been on speaking terms because of Ted's involvement in Legacy's disbanding. Of course Cody had followed Ted. It was a given. "You ever touch Cody again or talk to him like that, I'll shove my fist down your throat. Do you understand?" Randy growled, leaning over, face in Henning's and Cody suppressed his laughter at Joe's terrified expression. A Viper Randy Orton was scary. "I said, do you understand?!"

"Uh, yes, sir, I won't ever do it again. I swear it. I won't," Henning babbled, sweat beading on his forehead.

"Good," Randy glared, shaking his head in disgust, "You ok, Cody?" he asked softly, hand raising to touch Cody's face before Randy thought better of it. His arm fell uselessly to his side. The unresolved tension between Randy and him could have been cut with a knife it was so thick, clouding the massive gym. "I… I'll come back later. When it's less crowded."

"Randy!" Cody sighed, watching his old mentor leave the nearly deserted gym. He regretted losing Randy. Randy had never wronged him, had never abused him, had never done anything that made betraying him justifiable. Cody had long since suspected it was because of the feelings that Randy obviously harbored for Cody. Ted had seen it and had decided to end it before anything could happen.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing Randy Orton," Brett said, voice tinged with hero worship, eyes alight with idolizing. "He's a legend. I mean, shit, that's like meeting Stone Cold or the Rock or-"

Ted rolled his eyes, tossing his towel at his brother's face, "Randy's a dick. The sooner you learn that the better. Stay the fuck away from him, ok? His reputation as a whore should be big enough of a reason for you to keep your distance. And Cody, what the fuck, man? Why are you talkin' to Orton?"

Cody and Joe's eyes met and Cody loathed his tender heart in that moment. He'd spared Joe the beating of his life. This time. "He was gonna work out. Saw that we were here and decided to split. Don't worry about Randy. He's out of our lives," Cody didn't miss Brett's confused look. Of course, Brett must have seen the altercation. Cody just hoped Brett didn't tell Ted the truth.

"Yeah, Ted, he was here one minute, tops," Brett shrugged nonchalantly, "Don't worry. That Priceless Ass is still yours."

"I'm so glad you've named my ass," Cody pouted.

"Hey, you could be Thunder Thighs Ted," Brett whispered loudly, winking mischievously at Cody. "Jiggling Jiggly Joe."

"You're such a nerd!" Cody laughed, wondering briefly if Ted had ever been that carefree and immature. Ted didn't share Cody's amusement when it came to pranks, fart jokes, and perverted humor. "Did you just make those up?"

"Yeah. What can I say, I have a talent."

"We're showering," Ted announced, prodding Cody roughly in his back, "And Cody, if I catch you even speaking to Randy, I'll be really pissed. Got it?"

"Sure, Ted."

Ted hadn't always been this commanding. This irrationally possessive of him.

Cody didn't like it.


Brett watched curiously as his brother danced with some hot brunette. A brunette that was the wrong gender and most definitely not Cody. The woman was dressed provocatively, the dress so low cut that Brett could almost see her nipples. It was mildly disturbing that anyone could be that desperate for a quick roll in the sheets that they'd forego all sense of modesty and propriety. Not that Brett minded women showing off their assets but he preferred class acts, elegant women that weren't club bunnies clothed in tight mini dresses with revealing cleavage. It was pathetic.

The woman was grinding against Ted, so close that they might as well been fucking instead of dancing. Brett wondered how Cody was taking it, having to watch his boyfriend with some nasty slut's greedy hands pawing at his man. Brett grabbed his beer, dodging the bodies as he headed towards Cody's booth, the older man slumped against the seat. "Hey there, little boy blue. Why so serious?"

"Horrible Joker impression," Cody smiled wryly, dull baby blues glancing from Ted to look at Brett. "Are you even old enough to drink, baby Dibiase?" he pointed at Brett's Corona.

"I'm 22," Brett scowled, affronted. "Come on, stop watchin' them. It's been in the news about Ted's divorce to Kristen. He's probably just keepin' up appearances. Kristen was the perfect cover for the two of you. And now that that's gone, he's gotta do what he's gotta do to keep your secret safe."

"You really believe that?" Cody shook his head, finishing off his Whiskey Sour. "Then why's he leaving with her?" Cody pointed sadly at Ted and the woman, both stumbling towards the entrance of the club. "Guess I'll be staying with Evan tonight."'

"You can be my roomie," Brett grinned, "You'd have to share the bed with me but other than that, if you don't mind, I don't mind. And I don't snore. Or kick. Hah, I do. Pretty bad too. I once kicked Ted to the floor." "Gee, that sounds exciting," Cody drawled, rolling his eyes. "But yeah, I'll take you up on your offer. But only because I don't want to impose on Evan. He's probably asleep anyways."

Brett watched as Cody drifted into a depression that made his heart ache for Cody. "Why do you let him do it? I mean, he's your boyfriend. He's supposed to be faithful to you. And you just give him permission to have sex with other people? That doesn't seem fair to you, Cody."

"I've been with him since I was seventeen. And if this is what he needs to stay with me then, so be it. I know who he loves. Who he comes home to-"

"Smelling like perfume and sex?" Brett retorted, feeling momentarily guilty for causing the flash of hurt in those bright blue eyes. "I'm sorry. That was out of line."

"No, it's true. It's gotten worse. Ever since that shit with Randy and Legacy. But he's your brother so I'm not going to talk bad about him just so you can tell him everything."

Brett rolled his eyes. "I'm not 12, tattle telling to my older brother. I won't say anything, Cody. I guess… I don't really like what's he's doing to you. The way he treats you like you're some sort of trophy wife. The demands. The bossiness. And, well, the cheating. You're worth more than that. Yeah, I know I'm young but I'm not stupid," he said in his own defense at Cody's incredulous stare.

"Right now you're acting more mature than Ted. At least you're not whoring yourself out to the first piece of ass you see. Do you mind if we leave? I'm just not feeling this right now."

Brett nodded, slapping down a twenty on the table to cover their drinks, not missing Cody's wan smile. "What?"

"Teddy doesn't pay anymore. We go Dutch."

"Are you serious? You're practically married and he makes you pay for your own shit? Why not take turns?"

"The honeymoon was over a long time ago," Cody said quietly, voice tinged with melancholy as they avoided the throngs of sweaty bodies to reach the entrance. "You don't need to hear about my relationship problems with your brother. I just… I don't know. You're easy to talk to."

Brett reached out and grabbed Cody's arm to steady him. Cody must have had more than Brett had initially assumed; he was staggering with each step. Baby blues were glistening underneath the street lamps and bright neon signs illuminating the street. Brett seriously doubted the cause was alcohol. No, those were tears. "Cody? I know we're not really friends but you can talk to me."

"I don't think he loves me, Brett," Cody blurted out, the beer having loosened his tongue.

Brett opened the passenger door of his rental, Cody slumping into the seat with his arms folded in front of his chest. How could Ted continuously hurt Cody? Cody didn't deserve it. Far from it. Cody worshipped Ted. Loved him. Adored him. And yet his brother was on the verge of losing Cody and Cody didn't even know why Ted was being so cold. Brett was curious if Ted even knew. Sometimes his brother pissed him off. And right now, Brett was sorely tempted to give Ted a piece of his mind. Brett glanced at Cody. Cody was fiddling with the controls on the radio, chewing on his bottom lip.

"He won't touch me. He wants more and more and keeps taking from me but he doesn't… He won't give me anything. Once his needs are… He leaves. What's so wrong with me that Teddy doesn't want to have sex with me? Am I hideous?"

Those wide, open, honest eyes were gazing at Brett with such desperation and a longing for acceptance that Brett wondered what kind of lies Ted had been telling Cody. "You're not ugly, Cody. Far from it," Brett said softly.

But Cody was quiet, drifting in a state of depression that made Brett's heart ache.

Cody didn't deserve this.

He deserved to be treated like a prince.

Not as sex relief for Ted.

But gazing at that sad face, at those distant beautiful baby blues… Brett wanted nothing more than to make Cody smile.

A thought that was beginning to greatly disturb Brett.