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Important: Short. Alice-Daddy Bonding.






There are always kisses before bedtime.

As per ritual, the young child runs to her bedroom, virgin curls bouncing excitedly. She leaps, giggling loudly as pink legs collide with pale down comforters, sinking into their seductive softness like quicksand.

There is a chuckle, and the dark man leaning against the doorway shakes his head in amusement. "Always so eager, Alice," he smiles, eyes twinkling at her.

"Of course!" the young child chirps, now tunneling beneath the covers feverishly. There is a moment of intense rustling and giggles before out pops Alice, cheeks dusted with fuchsia and eyes wide with wonder.

"You're hardly ever home, so I look forward to whatever time we have together!"

"Well, I'm so glad you think so." he grins, crossing the room to settle on the bed. Ten pink toes wiggle invitingly at him, and he pounces, tickling them without mercy. She wriggles, squealing with glee as she struggles vainly to escape his hands. After a moment they both collapse to the bed in exhaustion.

"Daddy," she pants, lifting her head up weakly against the plump pillows, "Tell me a story."

As he is not the sort to ever pass up a tale, he quickly twists, props himself up on his elbows.

"A story, huh?" he mutters, stroking his stubble in mock thoughtfulness. "Well then, would a tale of the most Daring Adventurers - "

"Daring adventurers!" Alice cries in excitement.

" - Bold seafarers - "

"Bold Seafarers!"

" - And Nasty Savages - "

"Savages?!" she gasps in horror, little hands flying to her mouth.

"….or perhaps you'd rather enjoy interrupting me all night?" he cocks a bushy eyebrow, sticking Alice with a speculative look.

"….no." she murmurs at last, hanging her head. The mock frown on his face dissolves, and he grabs her, squeezing her tight against him as her mouth blossoms into a smile.

"That's my girl," he whispers, pressing his lips against her warm cheek, brushing a stray golden lock into place. "Now, about that story…"



Kisses For You