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Author's Note: Uhmm. No explanation for this. Written on my phone while at a friend's house. It's....very random, and I simply wrote what struck me at the moment, so bear with me at it's course, length, etc.

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Important: Shortest of all! Onesided HamishxAlice, Implied AlicexHatter.

Note: I know nothing about this time period, so...no idea if Opera was still widely enjoyed/watched, etc. So...bear with me?




Wind Alias


She sits in the opera box, Box Number Five, with Hamish.

He is squeamish, and rude, and far too….."hands-on" for her tastes, but he is an excuse for her to escape the house, and for this reason alone she stands him.

And as she feels his hands touch her tentatively, feels him moving over her, against her, feels rough, chapped lips consume her own, she imagines another.

Belonging to another redhead, in another time, in another place.

And Alice feels herself fly far, far away.



Kisses for Us