Challenge WOW: Urgent

Summary: Castiel has his reasons for helping them. Tag to 5x19 Mild spoilers

Word Count: 100! :P

Friends in Low Places

"Cas!" Urgency in his voice as he caught the bleeding angel.

"Dean," the celestial being breathed raggedly. "Y-you didn't-?"

"No, Cas. I didn't. I didn't say it, it's alright." Blood on his hands. The glyphs carved into Castiel's chest were bleeding. He was scared, Dean could feel it.

"Where've you been?" He asked. Another ragged and wet inhale.

"Somewhere, far'way," he slurred. "W-worse than Hell." He laid him on the bed.

"Why would you go somewhere like that for us?" He glanced at his frightened brother.

Bloodshot eyes looked at him, trembling. "Because you're my friends." Without warning, he collapsed.


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