Teen Titans: R&R (Rocks and Redemptions)

1 Ch. 1: Just Like Old Times?

I know what you're all thinking: why should I read a story about a traitorous bitch like myself? Maybe my good looks? Or my irresistible charm? Ha, yea right. How about because there's nothing better than a story of redemption? Okay, so I myself can name ten things much better-but hey, you can't blame a girl for trying. As you can probably tell, I haven't forgotten nor repressed my memories, let alone my powers (which I still practiced with on the outskirts of the city, far away). As for how I came back…I'll get to that later.

The question that's probably on everyone's mind (no, I will not go and die in a hole full of Hell's flames…) is why didn't I just go back with BB when he asked me to? After so many chances to redeem myself to him and the others, only to betray them the way I did? I couldn't bring myself to imagine the guys as well as him embracing me back into their lives, especially Raven. So once I escaped my stone prison, I decided to change my name and fake forgetting about my own haunting guilt and pain that I caused them.

But apparently Fate had other plans. Surprisingly enough, it was Starfire and Robin who I was reunited with 1st. It happened 2 months before BB's sacrifice for the Bird Brain, as I walked from my high school after a late day of studying with my new friends. It had just started to get dark and I the street lamps had begun to flicker to life. As I had decided to take a shortcut home through the closet alleyway, I was almost mugged in the process-partially because I refused to use my powers and the other was due to me being caught off guard. Luckily enough for me, the two them had been patrolling the area for said mugger.

Once they had subdued the poor crook, they had come to address me out under the lights. When Star's eyes locked with mine, I saw them light up with recognition under the lamp's glow. Robin, being Robin, only raised an eyebrow in question. A million thoughts were going around in his mind at the sight of me- "And your name is?" Was the one that that he asked most politely, hoping to catch my name, both for his and my sake. After the exchange, he put his hands on his hips, cocking his head slightly.

"Well, Tara, I advise that when you travel at night, you go with a friend or in a group. Am I understood?" He had ordered me with his 'leader' voice, as if I had never left the team. How sweet of him, really. Boy knew how to be gentle with a girl. I flashed him a huge smile worthy of BB, and gave him a mock salute. "Sir! Yes, sir!" To my surprise, he chuckled lightly. Apparently he had lightened up while I gone, the air he gave off obviously more relaxed than he was in the past.

"We shall be doing the escorting to her home, yes?" Starfire asked, now staring me directly in the eye. When I gave an uncomfortable blink and she still didn't notice my nervousness, I looked past the orange toned girl to see Robin sweat-drop in apology. "Yes, Star, now back up some. You're invading her personal space." He grabbed her hand and pulled her to his side. When neither let go, I assumed that something was wrong. That is unless- "I am sorry, Boyfriend Robin." I gave a tiny gasp of surprise, only to replace it instantaneously with smile.

He had finally confessed his feelings with Star! I had heard rumors, but had no way to truly confirm it. And now the proof stood before me- it was 'bout time. So with the two Titans behind me, I headed home. Once at my 'parents' doorstep, we were about to say our goodbyes. Robin went 1st, giving me a firm handshake and a parting gift. It was a little Robin key-chain, Robin telling me to push down the bird's tail and he would personal give me a ride home.

Starfire came next, asking me the most random of questions: "Would you wish to accompany me to the mall of shopping?" Her tone was innocent and her eyes holding a deep longing. I couldn't say no to her like that, especially when she was flashing freaking Bambi eyes at me. "Sure, Star!" I said, giving her a gentle smile. Man, I'm smiling a lot lately. Was it because I was near two of the people who had made me feel like I truly belonged somewhere?

She squealed excitedly, suddenly floating with happiness and taking me along as she grabbed my hands. Just as quickly, we descended, a quizzical look appearing on her face. "Do you have a phone of the jail?" Phone of the-? Oh! I practically dived for my messenger bag (my uniform's skirt lacked pockets-speaking of which Robin was still looking off in the distance randomly, even after we had become grounded) and pulled out my cell.

I gave Star my number as she adjusted my phone to pick up on her communicator's frequency. "We shall meet again on the next day of Saturn. Until then, I bid farewell, friend Tara." With my number in tow, Star then gave me one of the softest hugs ever, as if I were to dissolve into dust if she squeezed any harder.