He loved her.

He loved her more than anything. More than his job, more than his life. She was his world. He found himself thinking of her in the graveyards. Half of the time, he went there for her. To get her as much zydrate as he could.

He wished he didn't feel that way.

She was Amber Sweet. She was spoild. And she was beautiful. She was all that he wanted. And no matter how much he wanted her to love him, she never would. Sure, they had sex, but she was only in it for the zydrate he offered.

She loved him.

She loved him more then the glow he gave her. In fact, she would have quit the drug long ago, if it didn't mean quitting him as well.

She wished it didn't have to be like that.

She went out, several times a week, just to see him. To touch him. To love him. But he was the Graverobber. Why would he want to be with anyone unless it was for some drug deal.

So, the two go on. They were both in love with the other, but nether thought they had a chance.

And the irony is that nether never ever thought to ask.