The Memo, Chapter II

Part 2 or past the prologue-August 6, 1999

"Welcome back to England, Harry and Hermione" said Dumbledore. He was sitting with Rufus Scrimgeour and Amelia Bones-a slightly scared and lucky to be alive Amelia Bones.

Dumbledore continued. "Harry, it's been over three years since you wrote what some have since called "that damnable memo" and left Britain. You requested this meeting. I'm sure you'll tell us why, but may I enquire as to where you've been and what you've been doing? You leaving upset a lot of apple carts and many different people. There are, for example things about Voldemort that make him almost impossible to kill, and even disadvantageous to do so..."

At this point Harry interrupted Dumbledore by saying "I assume, Dumbledore (note there was no honorific given) that you are referring to Riddle's horcruxes?"

Taken aback, Dumbledore spluttered, "Harry, do you think it wise to bring up such things?" Scrimgeour was perplexed, but Amelia's eyebrows arose at the word horcruxes. "The fewer people know about such things the better."

Harry looked at Dumbledore and shook his head, saying "…and therein lies one of the reasons the British Wizarding world is in the position it's in. Until my memo, no one knew that Tom Riddle and Voldemort were one and the same because you never told anyone what you knew. Think of how many purebloods who followed Voldemort wouldn't have if they had known he wasn't a pureblood. Now they will pay with their lives for your penchant for secrecy.

Taken aback Dumbledore frowned and said, "Why would it cost them their lives? They haven't been convicted of anything yet, and it's doubtful if a trial would lead to the death penalty for anyone other than Voldemort."

At this point, Hermione jumped in saying, "Headmaster, you're an idiot. Because information may not exist in the Hogwarts library, you assume it doesn't exist. Information on what's been called the 'Dark Mark' and some of its qualities is readily, if not widely, available in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Central and West Central Asia. Think about it! If Riddle can inflict pain on his Death Eaters and call them to him at will, what else can be done through the Dark Mark? How about tapping his follower's power at need? How about sending lethal energy through the mark to a wayward follower? This, by the way, is how both Regulus Black and Igor Karkarof were killed. The point is that Voldemort can call upon the power of his Death Eaters at need, to their detriment. Under extreme circumstances, he could drain his Death Eaters of both magic and life force! Harry and I intend to provide Voldemort with those extreme circumstances and thereby kill all marked Death Eaters in the process."

Dumbledore deflated and before he could formulate a comeback, Scrimgeour bristled, saying "So, you're going to act as judge, jury, and executioner, are you? What gives you the right to make such life and death decisions? You have no such right! These are pureblood wizards!"

Both Harry and Hermione snickered and Hermione replied, "In this instance neither one of us will be doing anything to anyone other than Voldemort. If he does anything that ends up killing his own supporters, that's his fault, not ours, or the fault of his followers who allowed themselves to be branded like cattle. Or are you saying, Minister, that we should leave Voldemort and his followers alone? I would really like to hear the answer to that, and in public, too."

Before Scrimgeour could reply, Amelia Bones finally entered the discussion. "I can answer that for the Wizard world, Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger. No matter what anyone in the Ministry of Magic or any pureblood may say-and I'm as pureblood as they come-Voldemort is anathema. I wouldn't recommend using a so called 'Unforgiveable' on him but even that would be overlooked by most wizards. I happen to know what horcruxes are, and it explains a lot of past occurrences. I assume you have taken that into consideration?"

At this point Dumbledore jumped in saying, "Harry, there were several horcruxes. To kill Voldemort before destroying them all will just cause him to come back again. Surely you can see that."

Hermione laughed while Harry just shook his head. She took over at this point. "Once again, Dumbledore, your ignorance shows. Perhaps it's time to tell you where we have been and what we've been up to for the past three years. Harry, care to do the honors?"

"OK", Harry replied. "First let me say that it's not Ms. Granger but Mrs. Potter, my beloved. I doubt if I would have or even could have identified the sources of learning we were able to uncover or be able to assimilate all of the information in a useable form without Hermione's help and insight."

"When we left Britain we went first to the United States. There we contacted the U.S. Ministry of Magic. The U.S. equivalent of our Ministry is actually a Cabinet level position within the U.S. government, and yes, many high level officials are aware of the magical world and there is much cooperation. The primary difference from the rest of the cabinet level posts is that this one is elective, as opposed to an appointed position for the rest of the cabinet Secretaries. We were lucky enough to connect early on with a high level, and very competent, operative within their equivalent of our Department of Mysteries. There they call it "Area 51 R&D", and it has more than just magical components. We weren't told what else was involved, though they inadvertently mentioned something about 'the grey men', and 'the men in black'. Doesn't seem very colorful, does it?"

"In any case, our contact in Area 51 pointed us toward three possible avenues or aids. One was the Native American tradition of the 'Mystical Warrior', another was the sacrificial rituals of the Aztecs, very much a warrior society, and finally the magic of the Cajuns, a melding of European magical practices with African traditions and rituals there known a 'Voodoo' but superior to both."

Hermione took over from Harry, saying, "We studied these various forms with introductions, instructions, and help from the American ministry to these various practitioners. It wouldn't have been nearly as easy to access them without the help we received. It seems that Voldemort is more of a concern in the rest of the world than he is here in pureblood Britain with its delusions of superiority."

"We were involved for well over a year, a very productive time, with great instructors. A bit of advice…NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances go up against an Amerind 'Mystical Warrior' for any reason. They wouldn't be 'Mystical Warriors' if they weren't in the right. To disregard or be in opposition to an Aztec ritual would be as bad if you are in the wrong. Finally, just pray that you aren't the focus of a righteous Cajun ritual or combat. Your world will stop at that point. Interpret that any way you wish"

Harry continued, "At the end of the eighteen months we were there, we then, upon the advice of our American advisors went to Hong Kong where we got into contact with the Chinese equivalent of the 'Mystical Warriors'. Let's just say that the cinematic accounts of Bruce Lee, if you know who he was, on his best day wouldn't have had a chance in Hell against any one of the Chinese we were put into contact with. What's even more amazing, they were at the bottom of the food chain, if you will."

"We were directed to a village in North Korea called Sinanju. The North Koreans were right nasty until we told them of our destination. At that point all roadblocks went away, and they couldn't wait to get us on our way. It turns out that Sinanju is the Sun Source of ALL martial arts, and the Masters of Sinanju are the ones who, through tradition and training can do things that even magic cannot do. The current Master, called 'Chiun', was at first not exactly hostile, but derisive and dismissive, but also arguably greedy. Once he recognized that our target was not one he was likely to be called upon to take out, thus costing him business, he was more amenable to training us. Or at least he was more attracted to our Galleons…yes, he's aware of the Wizarding world, dismisses us as tricksters, but knows the value of Galleons and has a working relationship with the Goblins. (Apologies to Clell65619/Deluded Musings on fanficauthors dot net and his story, his very good story, 'Harry Potter and the Sun Source'. I love the Destroyer stories too.) Just as an aside, did JKR have any concept of the value of gold? The idea that a gold coin of any size would only be worth five pounds is ludicrous.

"Once we were able to get a bit of instruction from Chiun, instruction that lasted for over three months, at what we thought at first was an exorbitant rate, but now know that was worth every farthing we paid, we moved on to Nepal and Tibet at Chiun's recommendation. He had received a communiqué from an 'Emperor Smith' concerning his "great disappointment of a 'Night Tiger' son called Remo" if my recollection is correct. In any case we moved on to Nepal, then Tibet."

"What these taught us" said Hermione, "was how to deal with Horcruxes and the Dark Marks. No-one, absolutely no-one, could improve upon what we learned of physical combat in Sinanju other than another Sinanju Master, and such does not exist. Only one Master at a time. Apparently Remo will be the next Master. I'm not sure how happy Chiun is about that."

"So", said Harry, "Here we are. We've been back for over three months but have just been observing, getting the lie of the land, and 'taking the temperature' as it were."

"You people took no advantage of the information I gave in 'The Memo' nor have you taken any steps on your own. At this point I really only have three alternatives, at least ones that I'm interested in. One, I can abandon Britain as it doesn't seem to have the intestinal fortitude to stand on its own, and you people, or at least two of you people, don't seem to have the balls to do it, and the one who probably does have the balls doesn't have balls".

Hermione looked at Amelia Bones, smiled at her, and snickered at Dumbledore and Scrimgeour.

Harry continued, "Secondly, I can stand and fight, and I can confidently say that I'll beat Riddle, but to what end? To be a 'good boy' and let others decide where to go and how to proceed? NO EFFING WAY! You see where your way has gotten you…up the creek, as the Americans say, and from our point of view, in the loo."

"Thirdly, I can stand and fight for myself and my friends with the results to be applied to the real world, a world where people have to answer for their actions. There will be no claims about being under the Imperious curse without questioning. We will help direct that future, and there is no way we could screw it up as bad as you, the head of the Wizengamot, or you, the Minister of Magic have done," Harry continued, looking at Scrimgeour and Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore, you're the worst offender. You believe in second chances. So do I if deserved, but you carry that to 10th and 99th chances, and no one ever has to pay a price for their choices in your world. That ends now. You, Scrimgeour, are simply a politician who is much more interested in being re-elected than in doing a good job or helping your constituents."

Hermione took over saying, "With one exception, Voldemort's horcruxes are of no consequence. You can have only one viable horcrux at a time and you can split your soul only so many times. When Harry beat Riddle at 15 months, his horcruxes tied him to this plane of existence. When a horcrux is used to bring a spirit/wraith back to his body, all other existing horcruxes, if such multiples exist, are also pulled back at the same time. Furthermore, when a horcrux is destroyed all other existing horcruxes are destroyed at the same time. When Harry destroyed Riddle's diary in our second year at Hogwarts, all other existing horcruxes were destroyed at the same time. This included the horcrux in Harry's scar! By the way, the destruction of the horcrux has no effect on the soul jar/vessel, or whatever you want to call it. Whatever Riddle used to hold the soul pieces are still extant, and any protections he put on them are still operative. They just don't hold or protect a horcrux any more."

Harry took up the narrative, saying "The one existing horcrux Voldemort has is his familiar, Nagini. Voldemort didn't use a horcrux to come back at the end of my fourth year. He used a completely different ritual of Pictish origin so he never found out he no longer had any viable soul jars. At that time, Nagini was not a horcrux. When he decided to make Nagini a horcrux, he was able to do so because unknown to him, he had no others. He probably used the death of Karkarof to turn Nagini, but that's not important. Nagini will also be the last of Riddle's soul jars. He, unknown to himself, has reached the limit as to how many times you can successfully split your soul. So, kill Nagini and Riddle is completely mortal. Powerful as Hell, but completely mortal…and he doesn't know this."

Hermione chuckled and said, "Powerful as Hell, but not nearly powerful enough to beat my Harry! By the way, Dumbledore, why would you put blocks and dampers on Harry's core? Trying to keep him under your thumb and beholden to you, you SOB? What, release the blocks and let an untrained but powerful as Hell Harry go up against Voldemort and kill him, but he dies a martyr's death at the same time leaving you the reigning champion? Well, there's now no proof, but you had best stay the Hell away from us. You're no match for Riddle, and you're sure as Hell no match for Harry, so stay away from us you old prick. Go bugger Gellert Grindlewald some more."

At this Dumbledore's eyes bugged a bit and his nostrils flared. Hermione continued, "…yes, we know that whole story and your plans and attempts at control even then. You expect just as blind and just as unthinking obedience to you by your followers as Riddle does of his."

Hermione then shifted her gaze to Scrimgeour and with more than a hint of derision in her voice said, "Then there is our illustrious Minister of Magic. What have you been doing over the past three years? For all practical purposes nothing but doing your best to maintain the status quo. I'll give you that you aren't corrupt in the sense that Fudge was, but you're one of the biggest "approval whores" I've ever seen. Your comment of 'these are purebloods' a while ago is very telling. You won't move against those you know to be Death Eaters because it may 'rock the boat' or insult an unmarked relative who happens to have power or influence. All of this adds up to a dereliction of duty of the highest order; one where in any open society you would lose any vote of no confidence called against you, or be convicted upon impeachment if that is the political track taken."

A seething Scrimgeour jumped to his feet and pulled his wand, saying "I don't have to listen to this. I'm the Minister of Magic and you'll give me the respect I'm due! A couple of days in a holding cell may just be in order for each of you."

Harry, without moving from his seat, waved his hand and several things happened. First, Scrimgeour's wand appeared on the table in front of Harry. Second, the Minister found himself sitting back down. Third, he found himself bound there as firmly as if he had been tied up. At this point Harry got up, leaned over directly in the Minister's face and said, "So, you won't move against known Death Eaters, but you'll threaten, and even arrest those who would fight them when demonstrable truths are pointed out to you, all because your feelings are hurt. Why should we show you respect? You've for certain done nothing to earn respect. So, I think you should sit here for a while and think on what your job is supposed to be. Not how you do it or how you've perverted it, but how it's supposed to be. Just do it in silence." With that Harry flicked his hand again.

Harry then turned to Amelia Bones, and in a much friendlier manner said, "Madame Bones, I'm extremely glad you were able to avoid Voldemort's assassination attempt. While you didn't escape unscathed you at least escaped. We indicated earlier that we had been back for over three months. We've been observing, making contacts, gathering up information, setting up sources of intelligence, and looking for Riddle's base. We have, by the way, decided that he used the Fidelius charm to hide his location, so we probably can't locate him. Therefore, we'll have to find a way to bring him to us at our convenience, not his. Our observation is that you are the only one here that is trying to do something, even though these two sterling examples of obstructionists throw all kind of roadblocks in your way."

Hermione than took over, saying, "Harry indicated earlier that there were three alternatives. We have decided for the third one where Harry takes Voldemort out and we then deeply involve ourselves in the future of magical Britain. You, as an honest person, figure into our plans, but you are under no obligation to go along with what and how we see you participating. More on that another time."

She looked at Dumbledore and Scrimgeour and said, "You're not going to like it but everything we are going to do will be completely legal and above board. We will be starting with a campaign to remove you, Scrimgeour, as the Minister of Magic, and you Dumbledore as the head of the Wizengamot and headmaster at Hogwarts. You are both spectacular failures in these positions and we intend to make people very aware of that. So, having said that, we wish you all a good day."

Dumbledore started to rise. Whether he thought he could restrain them or not will never be known for Harry and Hermione both apparated through the Ministries anti-apparition wards. The three of them sat there, Scrimgeour seething with rage but just now freed from his 'imprisonment' and silencing, Dumbledore trying to think of ways to bring Harry back under his control, and Madame Bones with a contemplative look on her face.

August 9, 1999

The opening salvo came three days later when an interview by Rita Skeeter appeared in the Daily Prophet. In this case it was a straight interview with no distortions or editorializing. Rita knew she had to play straight with Harry if she wanted future access. On the same day the Quibbler came out with a long piece written by Hermione as well as an interview with Hermione written by Luna Lovegood. Both interviews and articles laid out pretty much the same information and proposals given at the Ministry on the sixth, although there may have been more detail and reasoned arguments for the populace in general. It was, for all practical purposes an outright Declaration of War on the Minister, Dumbledore, Voldemort and all of his followers. It promised no quarter for any of them. It went so far as to name over twenty marked Death Eaters who were not previously known to the public at large (although it was made apparent that the Ministry had known, and done nothing about it). These were new names, not known like Bellatrix Lestrange or Lucius Malfoy was known. The one bit of information that the Death Eaters found useful was that Harry Potter would be in Godric's Hollow for the next few days attending to the details of the reconstruction project he had started there on his parent's cottage.

August 11-The Ambush

It was mid-afternoon on a warm and lethargic day. The silence was broken when over thirty Death Eaters apparated onto the grounds of a partially reconstructed house in Godric's Hollow. Shortly after came Voldemort himself, along with his familiar, Nagini. Voldemort immediately put up anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards. He finished putting up the wards with a look of satisfaction that turned slightly perplexed when he felt another complete set of wards go up, especially as they were of a design with which he wasn't familiar.

Before anyone could say a word or even move, Harry and Hermione walked out of the house and with an economy of motion and words, cast blasting, cutting, and bone breaking curses on Nagini. To say that there wasn't much left of the snake would be an understatement. Harry and Hermione looked at each other, grinned, and gave each other a high five. They turned and laughed at Voldemort, who was working himself into a monumental rage. Harry then said, "Well Tom, there went your last horcrux."

At this, Voldemort brought himself under control and with a bit of fear in his voice demanded to know what Harry meant.

Harry explained, "When I destroyed your diary horcrux all of your other horcruxes were destroyed at the same time. It's the nature of the soul that this happens. You were able to create another soul jar with Nagini, as you had no others, and you've reached the limit of how many times you can split your soul. You are completely mortal, Tom. Ain't it cool?", he grinned.

An enraged Voldemort told his 31 Death Eaters to deploy and destroy the house and anything or anyone they could find. At this point Harry laughed and shot sparks from his wand. Out of the house and the surrounding woods came over fifty witches and wizards. With no preliminaries Harry's partisans cut loose, and they weren't gentle about it. There was no pretense of using stunners or incarcerous spells. These were reductos, bombardas, cutting curses, and even darker curses. Well over half of the Death Eaters died in the first salvo, and there were multiple salvos to come. Harry cut loose with a bone breaker at Voldemort. He didn't expect it to hit him, but it did move him back a fair bit.

Hermione cast a shield spell on Harry so he wouldn't have to bother and Harry hit Voldemort with a cutting curse that drew blood. It finally dawned on Voldemort that Harry wasn't using unusual curses, just that they were more powerful than he could deal with. He finally knew fear. At this point, Harry started talking to a dismayed Voldemort. "I think it's time you heard the rest of the prophecy Tom. You know the first part but you never heard the part about 'the power he knows not'. I'm about to show you what that is. Have you ever heard of Sinanju, Tom?"

The blank look on Voldemort's face answered that question. Harry said, "I didn't think so. Let me show you."

At this, Voldemort prepared for a massive magic attack. He was completely floored-literally-when Harry proceeded to kick the crap out of him while Harry was able to dodge or block everything Voldemort was able to throw at him.

Finally Voldemort was on the ground with both arms and legs broken in multiple places. Several broken ribs were also making breathing very difficult. At this point Harry leaned over him and said, "Muggle combat, especially as taught by Sinanju, 'the power he knows not'. Now let me demonstrate a spell formulated by one of your followers-Severus Snape-who actually worked for our side. Makes you lose your faith in your own judgment, doesn't it? I know I thought he was on your side. I actually had to bring myself to remove his dark mark. In any case, the spell is called 'Sectumsempra'. Do you think you can survive decapitation, especially since you no longer have horcruxes? I don't, but that's all theoretical. Let's have an empirical test, shall we?"

Voldemort knew he was in dire straits so he started drawing power and life force through the dark marks of his followers who were still alive. This was only of marginal help as Harry and Hermione had planned this so both kept the pressure on. He drew more and more power through the marks until there was no more left. At this point he knew all of his marked followers were dead. Voldemort looked up and saw Harry smiling at him. He saw Harry forming a spell on his lips. He heard the word 'Sectumsempra' and then he knew no more.

Harry looked at Hermione. Hermione looked at Harry. They grinned at each other and said, "Wait till they see what's next."

A/N: It's taken me a long time to write, or at least get around to typing and submitting the second chapter of what I really, at least at first, considered a one-shot. In the past year plus I have put together and opened a book store. I retired at a fairly early age, but I hate to be bored. I looked for something that I could do where I could sit around all day and read (which is not boring) and still make a few galleons. I deliberately left it open to be able to continue this story if I get enough positive feedback to do so, and the spirit so moves me. Any re-organization of the Wizard world seems to take up a page or two in the form of an epilogue if there is any information given at all in most fics that even allude to such things. Politics, political interaction, legal systems, justice (the last two are NOT the same) and how people interact with such systems are at their easiest still complicated. I appreciate the feedback in the form of reviews I got from several sites that this work was submitted to, and I would like to point out that WizardTales has apparently reopened for business. Good site. I hope to get some direction from readers again.

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