Chapter 6: True Self Revealed

Upon entrance into the thresh-hold Severus and Lily watch as Dinky is surrounded by bright golden and blue lights. He grows into a considerable height of 6'1. Limbs that had once been dark, rough and crooked are now lighter, lithe and straight, silky black hair springs forth from his once bald head to rest just past his shoulders. Large floppy ears shrink back to beautifully sculpted and pointed; his once bulbous eyes shrink to become handsome sparkling blue orbs placed perfectly on his now stunningly elegant face. Disgusting dirty and torn rags are replaced by dazzling, spotless, and regal garments of red, blue, and gold; his once stooped posture straightens to become a dignified, muscular, and princely bearing.

Severus and Lily stare speechless as the new Dinky steps towards them.

"I did inform you that my true appearance would transform; I suppose you did not believe it would be that much of a transformation. Unfortunately most of my people have forgotten their true selves and accept as truth the lies that wizards tell us and so our self-esteem began to affect our appearance."

"Dinky ahead of you, someone approaches us" Severus calmly interrupts Dinky's speech.

A male just a couple of inches shorter than Dinky walks up to them, then and bows between the group and begins to address Dinky in a beautiful language that neither Severus nor Lily had ever heard. After a short while the male then bows and turns to Severus and Lily where he proceeds to apologize for his unintended interruption before once again bowing and departing for where he came.

"I must apologize once again, to have spoken in a language unfamiliar to you both. I assure you there is no intention of hiding anything from you. What you just heard is the Elfish language, one I hope that you will soon learn. I have many titles here which you will hear so I will briefly give you a meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. My English name would roughly translate into Raphael meaning God has healed spelled E-r-u-n-e-s-t-i-a-n and pronounced Air-oo-nest-ee-ahn you may call me Raphael if you wish. In Elfish the meaning is more important than it is to the English."

"What are some of the other names you are referred to as?" Lily asks

"I will write down everything for you so that you can remember. Other titles you will hear for me are Royal Dragon, Peaceful Ruler, Noble Born, Lord, or Prince. As you must have guessed by now I am indeed a Prince of my people but I would prefer you to think of me as a friend."

Raphael then turns to Severus and addresses him directly.

"Your name Severus meaning Stern in English translates to "harsh" in the Elfish tongue and is spelled N-a-r-a-c-i-o-n and pronounced Nar-ahk-ee-on; you will hear this name once the Elf's know your name.

Raphael then turns to Lily and proceeds to addresses her directly also.

"Yours Lily will still mean the Lily flower you where named for and in Elfish would spell I-n-d-i-l-w-e-n and pronounced Inn-deel-wehn. If at any time either of you wish to go by your English names simply inform the Elf you are speaking with and they will refer to your English names. Here is the list I promised you both with a few others you may find handy at your new place of residence. The List will update as needed for your convenience."

Dinky handed both Severus and Lily a copy of Elfish names, its meaning and pronunciations'.

In Elfish The Following English To Elfish Translations Are Such:

Raphael (God Has Healed) Means Erunestian & Is Pronounced (Air-oo-nest-ee-ahn)

Royal Means Arthion & Is Pronounced (Are-thee-on)

Dragon Means Locien & Is Pronounced (Lock-ee-ehn)

Ruler Means Caunion & Is Pronounced (Coun-ee-on)

Peaceful Ruler Means Is Sidhenidon & Pronounced (Sith-ehn-ih-donn)

Noble-Born Means Arthonnen & Is Pronounced (Arth-oh-nehn)

Severus (Stern) Means "Harsh" In Elfish Naracion & Is Pronounced (Nar-ahk-ee-on)

Lily (Lily) Means Indilwen & Is Pronounced (Inn-deel-wehn)

Lady Means Arwen & Is Pronounced (Are-when)

Lord Has 2 Meanings 1 Heir & Is Pronounced (here) & 2 Heru & Is Pronounced (hair-oo)

King Means Aran & Is Pronounced (ah-rahn)

Queen Means Bereth & Is Pronounced (bare-ehth)

Prince Means Ernil & Is Pronounced (air-nill)

Magic Means Gûl & Is Pronounced (gool)

After Severus and Lily go over their list they turn their attention back to their new found friend Raphael.

"Come along Young Master and Mistress. See your new home for as long as you have need of it."

Severus and Lily head over the hill and as they are coming down simply stop to stare at the beauty before them. There are vast fields of lavish emerald grass, towering trees in every jewel tone imaginable and blowing in the calm wind to shade glistening sapphire waters that surround the snow white towers of the majestic castles strewn throughout the land. It was heaven on earth and something neither child had seen in the entire muggle and wizarding world.

"Come, my home is this way." Raphael leads the children to the largest Castle that stands in the center towards the very back.

"You may stay for the night as long as you make it back to Hogwarts for your breakfast and classes. You must be sure to never cause suspension as to your whereabouts while school is in attendance. I will go over the rules on your next visit to the castle which will be scheduled in three days time."

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