A Mother's Love

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Summary: Tag of sorts to The Song Remains the Same, but the story will go AU from the episode. Sam will finally get to know what it feels like to have his mother's love. Some of the dialogue you will recognize is from the show and does not belong to me!. Research from this story was obtained from the supernaturaltv episode guide synopisis.

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Lying in the motel bed while waiting for his brother to return from wherever he had went, Sam couldn't remember having ever felt more miserable than he did right now. His body ached all over and it hurt to move even just a fraction of an inch. Pulling the blankets up around himself, he shivered at the chill that seemed to settle in his bones. He was definitely coming down with something and hoped it was nothing worse than the common cold because Dean would be pissed if he was forced to stay in this backwater town much longer than they already had.

Picking up his cell phone, Sam thought about calling Dean and asking him to stop and pick up some cold medicine on the way back to the motel, but then his brother would know he was sick and that was the last thing he wanted. Things had been tense between him and Dean lately, and he didn't want his brother to think he had to take care of him, especially when it seemed like things were finally starting to get better between the two of them.

Knowing that he had to do something to try and make himself feel better before Dean got back, Sam threw back the blankets and forced himself to his feet, swaying a little at the dizziness that assaulted him. Maybe a nice hot shower would be just the thing he needed. It would help to clear his sinuses and would hopefully chase the chill away.

Walking over to his duffle bag, he knelt down carefully and then rummaged through it for a clean pair of jeans, boxers and a t-shirt. Carrying the clothing items to the bathroom, he lay them on the closed lid of the commode and then stripped off the clothing he was wearing. Goosebumps immediately assailed his skin as he gingerly reached over to turn the shower on. Getting the water to the desired level of heat, he stepped into the basin and groaned in comfort as the hot water sluiced over his naked body.

Relishing the heat as it seemed to soak into his body, Sam sighed in relief as the steam also helped to clear his nasal passages somewhat. Relaxing under the pulsating water, he allowed his thoughts to drift until he heard a sudden beating on the door.

"Hey Princess, time to get your ass out of there, we need to talk." Dean hollered through the door, hating to interrupt Sam's shower, but he had a bad feeling after talking to Anna in his dreams. Something was definitely up with her, but he just wasn't sure what. It pissed him off that Cas had gone to meet Anna in his place, but the angel had insisted it was for his own safety.

"Yeah, alright, I'll be out in a minute." Sam replied with a sigh as he turned off the water. Quickly drying himself with a towel, he pulled on his clothing and then strode out into the room.

"What's the big hurry Dean, I was enjoying the shower ya know?" He queried as he grasped his watch off of the dresser and latched it around his wrist.

"Yeah. Well so sorry little brother, but we've got a problem on our hands. Something is up with the angels." Dean replied sarcastically.

"Wha' what do you mean something is up with the angels?" Sam questioned with a perplexed look on his face.

"He means that another angel has went rogue and wants to kill you." Castiel answered as a matter of fact.

"Whoa there Cas, what the hell are you talking about?" Dean asked as he stood up defensively between his brother and the angel.

"Anna plants to kill Sam, did I not make myself clear?" Castiel questioned innocently. "We need to locate her quickly and take care of her before she succeeds in her plan."

"Wait a minute Cas, what do you mean we need to locate her? I mean if Anna has gone rogue like you say, why would I want my brother anywhere near her if she is planning on ganking his ass like a psychotic nutcase?" Dean asked incredulously.

"So Cas, this plan she has to kill me, would it really stop Satan?" Sam asks from here he is now sitting on the bed.

"No Sam, Come on, don't say that" Dean said, worried about where the conversation is heading.

"Cas, what do you think, does Anna have a point?" Sam queried with a sniffle as he ignored his brother.

"No, she's a…a nutcase" Castiel answers using Dean's words.

"I don't get it Cas, why do you want us hunting the chick if she wants to gank Sam's ass, I mean why poke the bear with a stick ya know?" Dean asks.

"Anna will keep trying. She won't stop until Sam is dead." Castiel answers as he looks from one brother to the other. "So we must kill her fist." The angel then starts speaking a language the brothers do not recognize and a wind sweeps through the room.

"I have found her." Cas informs the brothers.

"Where is she?" Dean questions

"Not where, when." Castiel replies somberly. "It's the year 1978."

"But I wasn't even born yet then." Sam informs the angel wondering why Anna would go to that time period.

"And you won't be if she kills your parents." Castiel tells the young hunter in explanation. "Anna can't get to you because of me, so she is going after your parents instead."

"You've got to take us back, we've got to stop this from happening." Dean immediately says with conviction. They need to protect their parents at all costs, especially since his dad doesn't even really know about hunting at that point in time.

"And deliver Sam right into Anna's hands? I should go alone." The angel replies as he looks from one brother to the other. He would rather keep them safe and time travel can be a bitch alone, let alone with two passengers in tow.

"They're are parents, we're going." Dean states in anger at the thought of being left behind. "They're our mom and dad Cas. If we can save them, maybe it means we can set things straight. We have to try."

"Okay, but it will weaken me." Cas informs the brothers before touching their heads and transporting them back in time.

In an instant, the brothers find themselves in the middle of the road and having to dodge cars as they make their way to the sidewalk. "Did we make it?" Sam asks as he looks around.

"Unless they're bringing Pinto's back into production, then I'd say yes." Dean answers when suddenly he spots Castiel leaning up against a car. "Hey Cas, are you alright?" Dean asks as he kneels down to check on the angel who promptly passes out on him.

After getting Castiel squared away where he will be safe, Dean leaves the motel where he paid for a room for five nights. "So, you find anything yet Sammy?" He asks his brother who has a phone book on his hands.

"Yeah, Sam says with a deep cough, ripping the page from the phone book that contains their parent's address on it.

"Sammy, are you alright?" Dean queries as he takes a close look at his brother. The cough seemed a little too deep for his liking and he couldn't help but notice Sam's face was covered in a light sheen of sweat.

"Yeah, M'okay." Sam answered, trying to cover the slight shiver that ran through his body. He really felt like crap, but there was nothing Dean could do about it now.

Snorting in disbelief, Dean allowed Sam to get away with his little white lie for now. He would make sure to keep an eye on his baby brother though. Glancing around, he looked for an unattended vehicle they could borrow to make the drive to their parents house. Sammy definitely wasn't up to making the trip on foot. Spotting the perfect vehicle, he soon had the doors unlocked and helped his baby brother inside before sliding across the hood to climb in the driver's seat. Reaching down under the dash, he fiddled with some wires and the car soon roared to life.

"Here we go kiddo." He said with a smile as he turned to face his baby brother. He couldn't wait to see his parents again, but he also couldn't help but worry what their reaction would be.

Making into the designated address, Dean parked the stolen car on the opposite of the road. They didn't worry about wiping it down for prints since neither of them had even been born yet and their finger prints wouldn't be in any databases.

Spotting the Impala across the street, parked in front of house, he noticed Sam climb out of the car quickly and start making his way toward the place where their parents now resided.

"Hold up Sammy, not so quick." Dean called out as he jogged over to where his brother was standing.

"Dean, Anna could be in there now, we have to get to them." Sam told his brother.

"And tell them what Sam?"

"The truth." Sam answered plaintively

"What, that their sons from the future have come to save their asses from an angel turned terminator?" Dean retorted knowing just how wild that would sound to their parents.

"Well then tell them we're here to protect them from demons. I mean, mom thinks you're a hunter right? Sam asks remembering the last time Dean had been sent into the past and met their mother and her family.

"She doesn't exactly have good memories of me Sam. Just follow my lead." He says as he makes his way up the pathway and rings the doorbell.

TBC This story will only be a few chapters at most as it will remain true to canon as possible, but with Sam experiencing his mother's love.