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Last, the title is Latin for "From the beginning".

December 1985

Tony DiNozzo had made a lot of mistakes in his life. One of these, although he would never call it a mistake, more or less an accident that he enjoyed, came to him when he was seventeen years old. A senior in high school. But it started before his senior year. It started in his junior year, but didn't fully escalate until the middle of the school year.

The girl was two years older, and had been paying attention to him for some time. It had started innocently enough as friendship, but by the time his spring break rolled around, it had gone way beyond friendship. After that, little was said between them. She did approach him right before the end of term to drop the bombshell on him. She was pregnant, it was his. She didn't expect a long term relationship, or any commitment from him, and he didn't offer any, really. He did express interest in saying he wanted a part of their child's life, if she would let him. While she was hurt (she did in fact want commitment from him), at least he wasn't denying it and calling her names. Although he wasn't yet an adult, he was acting mature about the situation, at least outwardly.

Inwardly he was a nervous wreck. He hadn't even turned 17 – he wouldn't be 17 until July. And now he had fatherhood being thrown in his face. Oh how he wanted to get sick. His insides were tying in knots and he felt like his brain was about to explode. But he accepted responsibility. He was going to get a paternity test of course, just to be on the safe side. He didn't doubt the girl, but it was always nice to double check. And if it was his, he'd own up to his responsibility. While his father was never 'father of the year' material, the older man had told his son that if he was old enough and thought himself responsible to have sex, he could take care of any child he produced.

And that's what he did. He had a job, and while it wasn't a six figure career, minimum wage was better than none. He put some of his money into a bank, and the rest went to help out the girl, buying what the child needed and trying to help with doctor's visits. It wasn't much, but he helped. And she appreciated it, even though her college plans and a lot of other plans had been put off thanks to him.

Which was why when she went into labor towards the end of December, at one in the morning, she had her parents call Tony, so that he could be at the delivery. He drove like a maniac to the hospital; truth be told, he had been looking forward to this day. He knew that giving birth was a gross process, but if she wanted him there, he would be.

The hospital staff was uneasy at letting him be in the delivery room, despite him being the father. It took quite a bit of coaxing, but finally they let him, overlooking the fact that he was not yet 18. Fathers could be any age these days. But they were glad to see a teenage father owning up; that was a rare sight.

He had expected it to be an in and out situation. He'd go there, she'd deliver, he'd stay a spell and then go home. No one told him this part: the waiting part. She may have called him at one in the morning, but it was getting on to three in the afternoon before she was ready to give birth. To say that the birthing process was disgusting was the biggest understatement Tony had ever heard. It was beyond disgusting. There was blood and other fluids, she was screaming quite loudly, and he felt kind of bad for doing this to her. But when he dared to sneak a peek at his child's body coming out from its mother, he didn't mind the pain he caused her, or all the waiting he had done.

"Congratulation Miss Bradley and Mr. DiNozzo, it's a girl," the nurse said, holding up the messy, kind of rough-looking newborn. Another nurse then put a pair of medical scissors in his hand and ever-so-gently nudged him to cut the cord, telling him what to do in the process. He was elated. Even though he wasn't the first to hold the girl, that was her mother's pleasure, he figured, he was absolutely beaming. She was perfect. Despite the screams that emitted from the unhappy baby. After the mother had seen her and made sure she was indeed alright, the nurse took the baby and went to clean her up. This caused her to be even more unhappy. Was this a sign of things to come?

While the child was being looked after, another nurse approached him, asking if he had any experience with infants. He shook his head no; he had no siblings and had never been around infant cousins. She explained to him how to correctly hold a newborn, and that over time he would become more comfortable with her and himself, and be able to hold her different ways. She then talked to the new parents together about how to feed, bathe, and generally take care of a baby. The new mother, the nurse learned, had younger siblings, so it wasn't too difficult for her. Tony was kind of petrified.

His mind was not put at ease when the nurse handed him his little girl for the first time. He was petrified and ecstatic. She looked better now, he had to admit to himself. She was no longer covered in goo and blood, and actually looked human. But boy, was she beautiful. She looked like her mother, with only traces of him; for instance, what little hair she had, he could see what the color of his. While he had never expected to be a father at 17, now that she was here, he wouldn't have changed it. Now that he was holding her, he didn't want a paternity test. She was his. Even if there was any chance that he wasn't the father.

"Now, does she have a name?" asked one of the nurses, holding a clipboard in her hands.

Tony hadn't thought of that before, and looked to his ex-girlfriend. Apparently she had one in mind, because she looked to him before speaking up, "Allison Kristina."

Tony made a slight face, he thought it sounded better the other way, but he knew it was best to let her have her way, seeing as how she just pushed this beautiful baby into the world, "Hello, Kristina," he said, holding the baby up, "I'm your dad. It's nice to meet you."

The woman in the bed just rolled her eyes at the way he called the baby by her middle name. Leave it to Tony to do something so... not normal. But that's who he was, and she knew she couldn't change it.

"Last name?" the nurse asked, watching the bonding between father and daughter.

"DiNozzo," both parents said simply. It would have been wrong to deny Tony that privilege.

"Very well. She weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces," the nurse said, "21 ¾ inches long."

Tony was shocked, staring at the little baby in his arms, "She certainly doesn't feel like almost nine pounds," he said.

"Most babies don't. Now if you'd please hand her over to her mother so I can instruct her on how to feed..." the nurse said, watching as Tony did so. He then stepped out of the room to go and tell his father the news. His life had changed. And he knew it. He wasn't going to be the type of dad that his father was. He was going to be there. And support her, and love her.