Title: Family Dynamics [4/?]
Series: Bloodlines
Author: Sparrow
Fandom: Magnificent Seven: ATF, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander Harris, Chris Larabee

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Magnificent Seven or Buffy the Vampire Slayer in any way, shape or form. Any original characters, I do own.
Spoilers: Anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1-7. I haven't read any of Season 8, so this is my AU version of the season.
Author's Note: Many wonderful thanks to strangevisitor7 for the wonderful beta!
Summary: Chris gets introduced to some of the various inhabitants of the house.

A few days later Chris found himself standing in the living room of the Internatioanl Watcher's Council meeting the rest of Xander's Hyena pack

He had seen Carola before. But not with her older brother standing behind her He was trying to be intimidating as he stared at Chris with glowing green eyes.

But Chris was not the type to so easily intimidated.

"Now, now Tyrone, stop growling at my parental figure. He isn't here to take over," Xander scolded as he joined the group.

"He feels like an alpha," Tyrone snarled, but still relaxed enough to allow the green to bled out revealing normal blue eyes.

"Yes, he does, but he has his own pack to worry about," Xander explained.


"Everyone, this is my father Chris Larabee."

Chris studied each pack member as Xander made their introductions and shared bits of history for each pack member.

Lorinda Bryan had really frizzy brown hair, with some slight grey strands that stuck up all over the place, she was the oldest member of the group at the age of fourty-six. She had been about thirty when bitten. She also had sad brown eyes.

The next was Tate Boyer, a Texan with short light brown hair and blue eyes. He reminded Chris of Ezra a little bit. The thirty-two year old man had the same smile that the undercover agent wore when he first joined the ATF. Polite, charming, yet distant

Carola was hiding behind her brother's leg. Her curly hair had been pulled back into pig tails . Her brother had not relaxed his protective stance as he continued to stare at Chris.

Chris stood still as the four circled him, tentively sniffing him. He then yelped when Tate stuck his nose in his neck and then licked upside his check.

"Tate!" Lorinda barked as she grabbed his ear and hauled him back.

Tate let loose a giggle. "But he tastes so nummy, Lor!"

"We'll find you someone later on to make a pass at," Lorinda hissed at the were.

"But I like him," Tate whined at Lorinda.

"You like anything with a pulse."

The older were-hyena chuckled. "So very true."

"Tate, could please not hit on my parental unit?" Xander asked in a quiet voice.

"Uh, yeah, sure ," Tate whispered back, body posture now tense at the quiet tone of his alpha's watched how his son handled the energetic were and sighed before he felt a hand tugging on his pant leg. Looking down, Carola was right beside him.

Getting down to his knees, he was now eye to eye with the younger female were.


"Hi, Carola," Chris said, smiling gently at the younger girl.

She leaned in close and sniffed his neck. Pulling back she smiled at him. "You have a nice smell."

Unsure at how to respond to that statement, Chris merely replied, "Thank you."

"Still don't like you," Tyrone growled at Chris and pulled Carola close to him.

Chris stared at Tyrone until the younger boy backed down.

Walking over, Xander placed his hand on Chris's shoulder. "So we've all done the meet and greet here." He looked at each member of the pack being sure to make eye contact. "Everyone good now?"

There were mumbled of "Yes, Boss" and "Yes, Xander" as they acknowledged his leadership.

"Good! Chris and I have got some stuff to talk about, so go do things," Xander ordered.

Tate had a lecherous grin on his face as he was hauled out of the living room by Lorinda tugging on his ear.

Tyrone scooped Carola up and headed out as well.

Flopping backwards onto the nearby couch, Xander propped his feet up on the coffee table. "So, whatcha think of them?"

"They're an interesting bunch," Chris said and sat down one of the chairs. "You said you had stuff you wanted to talk to me about?"

Xander ducked his head a little and looked at Chris. "Yeah, I'm kinda curious about Sarah and Adam."

Chris sharply inhaled. "I suppose we should talk about them." He miraculously still had his wallet after everything they'd been though. Chris tugged it out of his back pocket, opening it up and taking out a slightly faded picture, he handed it Xander.

Carefully taking the photograph, Xander looked at it and felt a smile come to his face. This was his younger brother and step-mom. The little boy, Adam was all smiles and had Chris's hair colour and eyes.

The woman, Sarah had long curly red hair and brown eyes. A bright smile and a figure to die for. He could see why his Dad fell for her.

He handed the picture back to Chris. "You mentioned them back in the cave, but the picture doesn't do them justice." Chuckling, he added, "How the hell did you manage to land a woman looking like you do?"

"Watch it junior. And no power in the world will make me tell that story."

Xander stifled his amusement and waited for Chris to continue.

"She shot me down, but for the next few months in between missions, I always ran into her and my persistence finally paid off. We had our first date and the rest is history. We had our ups and downs. Then Adam was born." Chris smiled. "We were happy for awhile and then I headed out of town for a week. I stayed one extra night, because Buck insisted and when I came home, it was to the house in flames."

The hyena in Xander growled at the loss of pack and his one eye glowed green for a split second.

"Both of them were dead from gunshots to the head, execution style, but their bodies were destroyed in the fire," Chris whispered. "I later found out it was a woman called Ella Gaines who ordered the kill. We have a past history. I still haven't caught her."

Xander wasn't a stranger to wanting revenge, but that kind of road usually led to Vengeance Demons appearing. "You'll find her Dad and you'll put her away in jail...where she belongs."

Chris nodded. "I'm gonna go find a quiet spot to phone my team, they should be in the office by now."

Understanding the need for the change in topic, Xander watched Chris leave the living room and look for a quiet spot in the Castle.

"He hasn't had it easy, has he?" Buffy asked as she entered the room from another doorway.

"No, he hasn't," Xander agreed.

"He lost them like I lost Tara," Willow quietly stated.

"We've all lost someone," Buffy said.

"Yeah, but it's harder when it's family," Xander finished.

The two women sat on either side of Xander on the couch and they leaned their heads against his shoulders.

This Castle was like staying a maze. Chris wasn't exactly sure where he was until he literally saw a map on the wall with an arrow and a 'you are here'. Letting out a small "Thank you", he guided his finger on the map and found where the library was and decided to head there.

Libraries were quiet, right?

Wandering down the hallways, he finally found large wooden doors that he pushed opened and hoped it was the place he was looking for.

It was.

The library the Castle housed was enormous. Books upon books with computers off to the side. Tables were set up and Chris could see there were two people there, going through a small mountain of heavy tombs.

The door behind him, suddenly closed, echoing loudly in the large room.

The two who had been studying brought their heads up to look at Chris.

"Sorry about that, didn't realize this place was occupied," Chris excused himself.

"The library is always occupied," The long dark-blond haired woman explained.

"By the Holy Grail!" The guy now spoke up. "You're Xander's dad!"

"That's Xander's dad, Andrew?"

Andrew nodded so fast, he reminded Chris of a Bobble-head.

The young woman moved from behind the table and walked right up to Chris, looking him up and down. Chris felt like a piece of meat.

He merely raised an eyebrow and gave a little glare at the woman.

"Ah, so that's where Xander gets it from," The young woman chuckled.

"Gets what?" Chris asked quietly.

"When he gets all intense and growly, he gets a stare going just like yours," the young woman chuckled and then held out her hand. "I'm Dawn Summers."

Chris took the offered hand. "Chris Larabee, but your Andrew friend there already blurted it out."

Andrew looked embarrassed and his cheeks were tinged a bit red.

"Yeah, he does that sometimes," Dawn smiled. "So, Chris, since it looks like you've decided to become a part of Xander's life, you've probably already been questioned by the others."

Chris merely nodded with an incline of the head to answer Dawn's question.

"Good, I'll get the gossip from them," Dawn resolutely stated and then her expression turned hard. "But if you hurt Xander intentionally in any way shape or form, I'll toss you into a different reality where it'll seem like this one is a cakewalk." Dawn's eyes glowed green, but not the were-hyena green that Chris had associated with the others. This was a bright green and he knew she would back her threat up.

"I promise." Were the only words he could offer.

Dawn nodded at him and then returned back to her reading with Andrew.

Feeling that he was no longer welcomed in the Library, Chris exited the massive room and went about trying to find his and Xander's room.

After asking for directions from a couple of the girls, he found it. Sitting down on the small sofa, Chris dialled the number to the office phone in Denver.

After a few rings, the other end was picked up.


"Hey, cowboy," Chris spoke into the phone.

"Chris! Good to hear from ya. When you comin' home?"

"Soon. Get checked out by the docs tomorrow and then I'll find out if I have the okay to come home or stay another couple of days," Chris replied back.


"How's everyone doing?" Chris asked. He wanted to be there in person, to keep an eye on his team. They always got into such trouble when he wasn't there.

"They're doin' alright," Vin drawled thickly.

Damn, that meant something was amiss. "What happened?" He growled out.

"Casey broke up with JD and the kid's moping fierce," Vin explained.

"Shit," Chris muttered. "He didn't need that."

"Happened him yesterday and the kid's thrown himself into his work. Been kinda snappish at everyone," Vin said. "We're keepin' an eye on him."

"I should be there."

"Well, not yer fault ya got kidnapped and doped up and doused with whatever it was that made ya sick," Vin chuckled. "Will make one helluva story when you finally get home."

"Yeah, not too sure what I can tell everyone though. Some of it's still a blur," Chris lied.


"I won't be coming home alone though; my kid's coming with me."


"Yeah, Xander," Chris smiled. "He's got about two weeks vacation time and plans to spend it with me in Denver before he goes to Cleveland for work."

"He jest got through a kidnappin' and he's only resting for two weeks before headin' back to work?" Vin asked incredulous. "Damn, cowboy, he sure is yer kid."

Chris laughed. "Yeah, he is."

"Well, when you two get here, we'll have a barbeque and – introduce ourselves," Vin chuckled.

"Just don't scare him off," Chris ordered.

"Yeah, yeah," Vin replied back and then paused. Chris could make out some sort of noise on the other end of the phone. "Listen, Chris, I gotta go here. Phone us when you're comin' in."

"Will do, Tanner and stay safe."

"Always, cowboy," Vin reassured him before hanging up the phone.

Sighing, Chris clicked off his own cell and laid down on the couch. It had been a long couple of days.

Soon enough, he was asleep.

Chris was startled awake by a door closing loudly as Xander entered.

"Oh! Sorry Dad, I didn't see you there."

"S'alright, I should be getting up anyways. Is it time for dinner?" Chris asked as he yawned and stretched at the same time.

"Yeah, in an hour or so," Xander said. "I think there's gonna be –"


The entire Castle rocked, sending Chris and Xander tumbling. Bright lights flashed in Xander's room as a cloud of smoke wafted from the floor.

"Summoning circle!" Xander cried out as he grabbed a couple of axes from underneath the bed and tossed one to Chris.

Chris caught it a bit clumsily, but to be fair he wasn't used to fighting with axes. And who fought with axes anymore?

"Behold D'Hoffryn! Lord of Arashmaharr!" A loud voice yelled out.

"Damnit, D'Hoffryn?" Xander cried out as he waved the smoke away from his face.

It was a tall, blue skinned demon with four horns on top of its head. It was wearing a long black cloak and it looked like it was smirking.

"Xander, Xander, Xander," D'Hoffryn cooed at the one-eyed man. "You keep ignoring my invitations."

"Yeah, because I don't want anything to do with you!" Xander snarled out and hefted his axe up.

"Not even for Anyanka?"

"Anya?" Xander faltered.

And Chris knew that tone. It was a tone reserved for lost ones. Ones who weren't coming back. He knew Willow mentioned something about an Anya when giving him the history of the Scoobies, but he had a feeling it was a bit more indepth and it included Xander and this D'Hoffryn character.

"Yes you stupid human, Anya," D'Hoffryn mocked and then Chris felt the demon's eyes on him. "How - interesting. Hmmm, you'll both come with me then."

Chris saw the demon snap his fingers and he felt a hooking sensation and he knew no more as he tumbled into darkness.