A/N: Sorry, this is not a chapter. I just wanted to let those of you who enjoyed Cinderbella and may be interested know this:

I am happy with where the story ends. I like it as a whole, and I am content with it. To me, it is a complete story.

To Bella, not so much.

She has been showing me bits of her and Edward's future. I ignored it at first, but she's been pretty insistent. So I thought I'd write out her little stories and get them out of my head.

Then I thought, well... they're there. Might as well post them.

So what I'm doing is this: Because I (am supposed to) win these arguments, I'm not posting them to Cinderbella. I'm still contending that it is a full, complete story. But because Bella keeps narrating, I'm going to post them in a separate entry called "Cinders." It will be similar to the layout of my other entry of "Scene It" - a collection of random moments. Whatever she tells me, whenever she tells me, I'll post it.

So for those interested, Cinderbella is done... but Cinders will be bits and pieces of the future, posted for fun, for whoever wants to read it.

Thanks again for reading!