Takes place at the end of "The Tale Of The Sorcerer's Apprentice". And yes, I know the couple is weird and doesn't make sense considering later seasons, but I saw somethin' between them. Belongs to Canadian Television and Nickelodeon.

"Well, on that cheerful note, I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society officially closed," Gary announced. He doused the fire and he and the others started for the path, Kristen bringing up the rear.

"Kristen, hold up," Frank requested. With a sigh, Kristen did as she requested. What else can he possibly say to me? she wondered. He had to have known that the trick would scare her. What she couldn't understand though, was why he had done it.

"What? What do you want?" she asked.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have scared you like that," he apologized. She's right. It was cruel and immature. I should've known better, he thought.

"You knew it would scare me, so why did you do it?" she wondered. Has his feelings for me changed? Was that his way of breaking up or something? she silently wondered.

"It seemed like a good prank, that's all. But I didn't think it would scare you so badly…or make you so angry," he told her. She nodded. Okay, it wasn't a breakup thing. He had just been having a bit of fun. She could understand that to a degree.

"I have another question for you."


"Why Kiki? Why did you ask her?" Kristen didn't think that Frank liked her in the same way that they liked each other, but maybe something had developed between them. After all, they did have a lot in common.

"Because it seemed like something she'd be up for."

"Do you like her?' Frank's mouth dropped at the question. What? What kind of question is that? he wondered. Kiki was a friend, nothing more.

"What? How can you ask me that?" he asked.

"You've been hanging around her a lot. You hardly ever look at me anymore," she told him. And that's what really hurt: that he wasn't looking at her the way that he used to. She bit her lip, remembering when he'd steal subtle glances at her during a story. She missed the way it made her feel.

"Kris, I don't like her---not like that. She's like…a little sister or something. You're the only one I want," he answered, taking her hand. She looked down and he took her chin and tipped it upward. "You're my girl. The only one I want."

"Frank." Then, he cupped her cheek with hand, bent his head down, and they kissed.


I know Frank's a bit out of character, but I was goin' with the idea that he would be different when it was just the two of them. And if I made Kristen seem whiney, I apologize. That wasn't my intention. I just wanted to show that she was afraid that Frank's feelings for her had changed and that she was afraid of losing him.