The only characters and mobile weapons I (currently) own in this story are Kai Uchida, Aleron Delahaye, the ZGMF-X72S Mirage, and the GAT-SO2R Fantome Blitz. The rest of the character cast belongs mostly to Akatsuki Leader13, Maileesaeya, animefan29, and SOLDIER-MS.

Gundam SEED Destiny
The Mirage
by: Tellemicus Sundance
Phase 1—Angry Eyes

Cosmic Era 72.

One and half years of grim war between Earth and PLANTs ended following the space battle at Jachin Due. The two sides forged a peace treaty amid the ruins of Junius Seven. A place of unprecedented tragedy during the war. The former enemies pledged themselves to work for mutual understanding and to make every effort possible to maintain peace. As a result, the world once more on the path of stability.


A family of four ran through the woods, trying to reach the boats that were evacuating the civilians of Orb. Shinn Asuka looked up at the mobile suits fighting above them. The white one and dark blue one were shrugging against the other four. Shinn really wasn't sure which ones were fighting for Orb and which ones were with the Earth Forces.

Suddenly, the dark blue one and the black one, both of which had transformed into a bird-like mode, raced dangerously close overhead. Forcing Shinn and his family to brace themselves as a strong gust of wind slammed into them.

"My phone!" Mayu cried out as her phone flew out of her pocket and fell down the side of the hit.

Mayu headed for her cell phone, but their mother grabbed her arm. "Forget about it. We have to go Mayu."

"But my phone!"

"Don't worry. I'll get it." Shinn said, running down the side of the hill.

The Calamity landed on the ground, targeting the Freedom. The Freedom entered HiMAT mode as it aimed at the Calamity. The Freedom and the Calamity both fired at the other. While both pilots missed their targets, they had inadvertently hit something else.

Shinn had just found Mayu's phone and picked it up when he felt the massive wave of heat and air slam into him. The concussive blast threw him down the rest of the hill like a leaf in a tornado. By some small miracle, the only injuries he had sustained were just some small scrapes and bruises while having the wind knocked out of him. He slowly got to his feet, still clutching Mayu's cell phone.

"Mom! Dad! Where are you?! Mayu!" Shinn called out, as started to search for his family. "Mom! Dad! Ma-"

It didn't take him long to find them. The path they had been running across had been completely obliterated. And lying there, among the rubble, was Mayu. She was lying on her back, maybe eight feet from him. Mayu looked like she could have been sleeping. If it wasn't for the fact that were a number of cuts and bruises on her skin. Including a nasty cut on her forehead. Lying a few feet from Mayu, was his mother. Lying in a pool of her own blood and her body twisted in an unnatural angle. Then he noticed his father, crushed between a boulder and a fallen tree.

As the combating machines clashed above him, Shinn screamed to the heavens as he fell to his knees. His cry a mixture of pain and sorrow. Tears began to pour down his face. Why had they been killed? They weren't soldiers. They didn't deserve to be murdered like that! So then why? Why had this happened?

Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed him. "Come on! There's nothing you can do for them," a voice said as the hands lifted Shinn to his feet.

The voice belonged to an Orb officer. But Shinn didn't care. Nothing mattered anymore. He just wanted to lay down and die alongside his family. Seeing the state he was in, the Orb officer shook him, trying to shake him out of his stupor. "Your family would have wanted you to survive. Come on. The boat will be leaving soon." he said, half dragging Shinn to the boat.

Shinn shot up from his bed, breathing heavily. The nightmare had returned again. He hated it. He hated reliving that moment. The moment that his family had been taken from him. All because of the stupid, stubborn Orb government and the Athhas for not surrendering to the Earth Forces. Because of the Earth Alliance for attacking his former home.

"Shinn... Shinn, what's wrong?" Shinn's roommate, Rey asked as he yawned.

"Nothing. Just a bad dream. Go back to sleep."

Rey didn't say anything and returned to sleep. Shinn reached out to his dresser, slowly opening a drawers. He reached in and pulled out Mayu's pink cellphone. He held it closely. He would have played Mayu's call back message, but he didn't want to wake Rey. So he just laid there, holding the phone until he fell asleep.


With deafening explosions of sound, the large mobile suits clashed with one another. The slightly more experienced pilots of the Strike Daggers were aggressively pushing against the M1 Astrays, relentless in their attack.

Unnoticed by the battling titans, a navy-blue haired young man darted from his hiding place for another with more shelter, much further down the street. It wasn't his fault that he'd somehow gotten stuck in the midst of the battle, that piece of junk motorcycle of his had died as he was gathering the last of his belongings from his hotel room just as the battle started.

An unexpected explosion from a disturbingly close distance knocked the teenager flying and sending him in a sprawled heap on the ground with his ears ringing. As the hot air and shrapnel passed over him and died down, he quickly and unsteadily picked himself up off the ground and glanced back towards where the explosion had come from.

Standing at the edge of the city on a forested hilltop was a monstrous teal mobile suit with a pair of large cannons on its shoulders. It was in the process of turning away and began attacking ruthlessly and relentlessly a white and blue mobile suit with a strange winged backpack. Though none of the shots made a direct hit thanks to the white mobile suit's evasive skills, it was unable to retaliate back, even when a pair of Orb's new mobile suits rushed forward to help it.

Despite himself and the danger he was in, he couldn't help but stare. It was incredible. The machine inspired both power, pure and unbridled power, and terror, absolute and complete mind-numbing terror. It was like he was quite literally staring up at a demon of time's long past.

However another nearby explosion quickly snapped him out of his daze. Realizing he was still standing the midst of a street as battle was raging, he turned and ran for the nearest building that looked the most stable. Crouching behind a corner, he turned and again watched as the strange teal machine turned and fired its shoulder cannons off into the skies, out of his line of sight. After repeated shots, the teal mobile suit suddenly launched itself forward to attack whatever had caught its attention.

Hurrying to the other side of the building, he stared up into the skies, searching for what the machine was after. What he saw stopped him in his tracks instantly.

A pair of mobile suits unlike any he'd ever seen before were tag-teaming against the other two wildly attacking Earth Forces mobile suits. Each of the new machines were as unique as they were colorful. One of them was bright red with a backpack that held a pair of large engines. But it was the other one that really caught his attention, the white one with multiple large blue wings. These new machines didn't inspire terror and dread like the Earth Forces' mobile suits, but hope for victory and freedom.

The way the pair danced around each other and synchronized their attacks against the Earth Forces' machines was positively mesmerizing. It was the most beautiful display of power and skill he'd ever seen before. It was like he was watching a pair of angels or gods battling against a team of demons. Yet again, in the span of only a few minutes, he was unable to force himself to look away from the battle, all but forgetting that he was still in danger himself.

Something happened that day that forever changed his goals in life. He could feel something like destiny pulling at his arm and soul.

One day, it whispered to him. One day that will be me up there.

Opening his eyes as his blaring alarm suddenly intruded upon his most cherished memory, Kai Uchida sat up and yawned widely as his stretched his arms. Flickers of his dream briefly passed before his eyes and a small, proud smile quickly found itself upon his scarred face.

Soon, very soon, his goal and dream would come true.


Armory One, Lagrange Point 4
October 2, C.E. 73

Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala, and Flay Allster moved through the corridor from their shuttle, heading into the spaceport terminal.

"Are you sure that outfit is appropriate?" Athrun asked, glancing towards her attire. "Tell me you at least brought a dress."

"Why does it matter what I'm wearing?" Cagalli replied, clad in the standard attire of an Orb Government official. "Isn't this fine?"

"For a situation like this, a little bit of acting never hurts." he replied. "You know this. Don't try to be someone you're not. You don't want them to think you're an amateur. Though this is an unofficial visit, never forget that you are now a ruler of Orb."

"Lighten up a little," Flay said. "We're just here asking some questions about the Orb refugees from the war and our technology they're using."

Flay paused for a moment. She felt something unusual. A presence. She glanced out the corridor window at the spaceport terminal below. Her eyes were drawn to a group of four. A ditzy-looking blond haired girl, a younger boy with blue hair, and an older green haired male, briefly drew her attention. But it was the fourth that she herself drawn to. He wore a black trench coat with a high collar, obscuring the lower half of his face. A pair of sunglasses further masked his face. Making it impossible for her to determine what he looked like or how old he was. He had white hair of about medium length. But it was wild. Like he cared nothing for his appearance. Something about him unsettled her. He had an aura of violence and something else she could barely pick up. But she couldn't identify it.

The white haired person suddenly glanced around, looking for someone. Had he sensed her? Flay wasn't sure and after a moment, he stopped searching. Having not spotted her.

Flay's hand reached up around her neck, grabbing a locket that rested next to a set of dog tags. It was simple silver locket. Inside it was a picture of her son Alexander, taken shortly after his birth. And a picture of Alexander's father, Chris Dante who died during the final battle of the war.

After Alexander had been born, something had changed in Flay, more than just the emergence of her maternal instincts. It was an awareness that she had never had before. The same kind as Kira's, though nowhere as strong as his.

And Flay had taken the job of one of Cagalli's assistants after Alex had been born. She didn't need the money she was paid. Her family had been wealthy enough that she could have lived out her life comfortably. But the spoiled girl she had been had also died a long time ago. Now all she cared about was protecting her son. As a result, she learned to fight, to shoot, and to pilot a mobile suit.

"Are you alright, Flay?" Athrun asked, jarring her from her thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just lost in thought for a moment there."

They soon reached one of the large lifts that would take them into the heart of the colony. There waiting for them was Ian Kessel, the National Defense Committee Chairman of ZAFT. "Hello, it's been awhile," he greeted.

"Hello, National Defense Committee Chairman Kessel." Cagalli replied.

"Please, Cagalli, just Ian. How have you all been?"

"Fine," Athrun answered. "How are Saul and the others?"

"Saul's been working as a programmer at one of the PLANTs' largest technology firms, IDB. As for Nicol, he's still performing his concerts and has been something of a celebrity. Though nowhere near as big as Lacus. Yzak's now one of the Commanders of the 11th Fleet. And, of course, Dearka's still his right hand man." Ian said, turning to the window of the elevator. "But that's not why you're here, is it?"

Athrun shook his head. "No."

"You're here about the Orb refugees from the war and the tech we've gained from Orb." Ian sighed. "Personally, I don't like this whole affair. It's complicated and there's no clear cut right and wrong here. On the one hand, we're basically stealing Orb tech. But, on the other, they're Orb citizens that have chosen to live in the PLANTs and need to earn a living with the skills they have. It's a mess. Worse, the Chairman has handled it poorly." Ian turned to Cagalli. "But maybe you and the Chairman can come to an agreement about this."

"What's your impression of Chairman Durandal?" Cagalli asked.

"He's complicated. But he's a good man; brilliant, driven, and passionate," Ian said. "However, the man has a silver tongue. So be careful when dealing with him."


A ZAFT Hangar

Crews were rushing to finish the remaining Second Stage Gundams. While the Impulse and Mirage had been finished the day before and loaded onto the Minerva. The remaining four units were just now being finished up and prepared to be loaded onto the Minerva. If the crews would ever manage to hurry up and finish the suits up, of course.

"Come on! The Minerva is supposed to be launching tomorrow! Let's hurry up and get the Specter and the other machines ready for transport to the Minerva!" Suiren Kyusai shouted.

She put a hand through her blond hair. At the rate they were going, those mobile suits wouldn't be ready until next week! The mobile suit team of the Minerva was supposed to be her first command. And she would not have it ruined because the crews couldn't get their damn asses in gear and get these machines ready for transport.

She turned to her own machine, the ZGMF-X74S Specter. It was a beauty. She knew everyone was going on about the Impulse as the top of the line mobile suit of the new series, or the Mirage being the most dangerous. But personally she preferred her Specter.

One of the technicians approached her with a handheld computer. "We've finished updating the programming. But you should get in the cockpit and check it over."

Suiren nodded, heading for her machine. She climbed into her machine and pulled out the keyboard. She started typing away. Her mismatched green and red eyes scanning the screen before her.


The Minerva

"Well...I'll raise," Dale Helbrecht said, adding chips to the pile.

"I'm out. This is getting too rich for me." Shawn Anderson said.

Tristan Palleon put a hand through his slicked back blond hair. Tristan had aristocratic features, making quite pleasing to the eye. Something his fellow Green Coats regularly joked about. Often calling him 'Pretty Boy Palleon' and the future poster boy of ZAFT's military. While he came from a wealthy family, Tristan was about as far as one could get from the rich spoiled upper class types. One of the reasons why he was a Green Coat and not a higher ranked officer. He wished to earn his rank on his merits, not because of his family's reputation. His green eyes stared at Dale for a moment, then at his cards, then back at Dale. Dale's poker face was too good. "I fold." he said.

Gekido Jaeger glanced at his cards. The gray haired and blue eyed young man had earned a less than pleasant reputation at the Academy. Prone to arguments and fights with people he disagreed with. He was nevertheless an excellent pilot, more than worthy of being a Red Coat. Yet he had graduated as a Green Coat. Some say that the instructors hated him so much that they purposely lowered his marks. Though others say it was because they were afraid of giving a higher rank to someone with no past. Regardless, Gekido was fiercely loyal to those few people he called friend.

Gekido grinned as he placed his hand on the table and said, "You're bluffing. I call."

Two nines and two jacks. Two pair.

Dale grinned. "Not this time." he said, laying his hand on the table.

Four kings. Four of a kind.

Gekido let out an annoyed grunt and slapped his forehead as Dale grabbed the pile and added it to his own, already large pile. "Gah...I'm going break that poker face of yours." Gekido said. "Just you wait. I'll get all those winnings back."

Dale chuckled. "Just you try, my friend. Just you try." Glancing over at the only other Green Coat pilot in the room besides themselves, he called out, "Hey, Kai, you wanna join in this action?"

Kai, who had been gazing longingly at his mobile suit through the large windows of the lounge, didn't even respond. His attention was focused completely upon the beautiful machine that he could and would always call his own.

"Forget it, Dale," Tristan said without even looking at the older teenager while rubbing his forehead in exasperation. "He's got his 'Gundam Gaze' on again."

"Oh yeah, good point," Dale said, somewhat sheepishly since he hadn't even noticed. Without further ado, he turned his attention back to the game at hand.


"Ah, Princess. Welcome." Durandal politely said, greeting Cagalli and her entourage. "I apologize for having to have you come all the way here."

"I should be the one to apologize for making you take time out of your busy schedule to meet with me, Chairman Durandal." Cagalli said as the two shook hands.

"How are things in your country?" Durandal asked as the two of them moved towards the couches in the room. "I understand that ever since you've become their Chief Representative, many of the problems that Orb has been experiencing since the war have been resolved. As the head of a friendly nation, I am happy for you and a little envious."

"I still have a lot to learn." Cagalli admitted modestly, taking her seat.

"Now. What could this urgent matter be that would require you to come here in secret?" Durandal asked, ending the small talk. "From what I've heard from our ambassadors, it's a complicated matter that you wish to discuss. Am I correct?"

"It doesn't seem to be a complicated matter to me. But we've yet to receive a clear response from your administration on this matter," Cagalli answered. "My nation has made repeated requests that you cease the use of Orb's technology and human resources for your own military purposes."


The Girty Lue

The five remaining Third Generation Extended waited in the pilot's lounge. Clad in their flight suits. The youngest of the group, Mariemaia Zabiarov, was wildly dancing to the music she was listening to on her earphones. She was always like this, wild and hyperactive. Her shoulder length black hair with red highlights danced around her moving head. Her flight suit was purple and black.

Sitting nearby her was the oldest of the female Extended, Rezin Bidan. She was wearing a dark green and black flight suit. She had black eyes and long, violet hair braided into a ponytail. Rezin was one of the calmer Extended, typically acting fairly rational. However, she had a love of explosions. To her they were the most beautiful thing in the world. It didn't matter whether they were big or small. They were all beautiful to her, especially if Coordinators were caught in the blast. This was probably why she had been assigned the Verde Buster as her mobile suit. With its firepower, she could create many, many beautiful explosions.

The younger of the two males of group, Gyunei Ridden, sat impatiently next to the door. His flight suit was red and black. He had short, dark brown hair and red eyes. Like Mariemaia, he always craved action. He hated to be sitting around doing nothing, it drove him nuts. And thus it made him dangerous to be around at times. But, nevertheless, he was a deadly pilot in combat.

Leaning against a wall near the windows of the pilot's lounge next to Gyunei was the eldest of the Extended. His name was Aleron Delahaye. His face was unshaven and his shoulder lenght hair was as red as the color of freshly spilled blood, pulled back into a short ponytail and stuffed haphazardly into his black and gray flight suit. Even though his green eyes were closed, it was clearly that he was acutely aware of everything that was taking place in the room. Crossing his arms, he waited with an impatience that easily matched Gyunei and Mariemaia, even if it was much better controlled.

Rounding out the group was another girl. Reccoa Schnyder was a cold and focused girl, clad in a dark blue and black flight suit. Her white hair was cut short and she rarely displayed her emotions. Like all of them, she followed orders to the letter. She commanded the team in the field whenever Treize was unable to.

There was something unusual about them. All of them wore cloth masks, matching their flight suits, over their faces. It was due to a glitch in their programming that the doctors had yet to solve. If they saw their face uncovered, they descended into a violent insanity. Attacking anyone and anything they could see, including themselves.

"Attention! Pilots report to your mobile suits for preparation to sortie," a voice over the intercom said.

"Finally!" Gyunei grumbled as he jumped to his feet. Aleron nodded slightly in agreement with the boy's sentiment, while Mariemaia stopped dancing. "It's almost time to begin."

They all reached for devices strapped to their left wrists. They were connected to devices on their chests that pumped a cocktail of combat drugs and the drugs responsible for maintaining them, directly into their bodies. They all pushed a button on their watch-like devices to increase the feed of combat drugs into their systems. They then grabbed their helmets and headed for the hangar.


Armory One

Their talks didn't seem to be going anywhere. So Durandal had decided to continue them as they toured the Armory One base. As Cagalli and Durandal talked, Athrun couldn't help but notice the large number of new mobile suits, including brand new ZAKUs. He couldn't help but wonder how close ZAFT was to violating the Treaty of Junius Seven.

"You, Princess, are a courageous woman. You fought in a mobile suit during the last war." Durandal complimented. "And you are also the successor to the Lion of Orb, Lord Uzumi. The man who held onto his country's ideal until the very end, without giving into pressure. What do you believe we should do with the condition the world is in now? I'm sure you already know the answer."

"We will protect our nation and our ideas. It's as simple as that." Cagalli replied.

"We will not attack another nation," Durandal continued softly where Cagalli had trailed off. "We will not allow another nation to attack us. And will not intervene in the conflicts of other nations, correct?"

Cagalli nodded her head. "Yes."

"Naturally, we feel the same way. If possible, that would be the best way. But it is not possible without power. Even you, Princess....No, you of all people should understand that best. Isn't that why Orb maintains full military facilities?"

"Please do me a favor and stop calling me, Princess," Cagalli asked in a slightly strained voice due to her irritation.

"Representative Athha, forgive me," he said with a slight bow. "However, I must wonder: what are you afraid of? Is it because of the pressure from the Atlantic Federation? They believe that Orb is providing military aid to us regardless of the treaty?"

Cagalli clenched her fist. The relations between Orb and the Atlantic Federation had reached a delicate stage. She had hoped that she could convince Durandal to stop using Orb technology for military purposes. That action would fairly easily get the Atlantic Federation off of their backs.

"But there is no truth to that." Durandal continued. "Although we did welcome refugees from the Battle of Orb, it's only natural that those people would wish to make a living here with the skills they have."

"But excessive power will only bring about more conflicts!" Cagalli argued.

"No, Princess. Power is necessary because there will always be conflict."

Cagalli had opened her mouth to say something when suddenly the base's alarms went off.


A FAITH operative and a ZAFT soldier had picked them up at the designated meeting spot. They were taking them to the hangar with the mobile suits they going to steal. Treize Zabiarov didn't like it. They were supposed to trust these filthy Coordinators when they were betraying their own people. Who's to say they won't betray them? If it were up to him, he'd put a bullet in both their heads the second they had arrived at their destination. But he did have a choice in the matter this time.

He didn't like that FAITH operative. There was something about the man that he hated. Something beyond just being a Coordinator. It was like that feeling he had in the spaceport.

The FAITH operative opened a side door to the hangar. The ZAFT soldier unzipped the bag and passed out the weapons inside. Sting and Auel armed themselves with a pair of submachine guns, while Stella took a knife and a ZAFT handgun with an extended clip. Treize grabbed a submachine gun and several grenades. He also touched his wristwatch, increasing his combat drugs.

"I believe you know what to do," the FAITH operative said.

A grin spread across Treize's face. They knew. And personally, he was going to enjoy this. "We know what to do," he said. "If you don't want the same fate, leave."

"Very well then. Get to it." the FAITH operative said, before the two ZAFT soldiers left.

"For the preservation of our blue and pure world!!" Treize shouted, throwing a grenade.


The FAITH operative and his comrade returned to their jeep. "I wonder. What did those men and women that loaded the nuclear warhead that would spark the Bloody Valentine War think just before they fired it?" the FAITH operative mused as he sat down in the jeep. "Did they know they were going to start a war that nearly destroyed everything? Or did they realize that they were just parts in the never-ending machine of war? And that no matter what they did, war would come again."

"I do not know, sir," the soldier replied.

The operative chuckled as the jeep sped off. "No one does. They died in the battle. Though I do know what Sato and his soldiers are thinking. Deep down they know they are gears in the machinery. They know they will bring about another war. And they want it. Tell me, who do you think will win the war?"

"Durandal, sir." the soldier replied without a second's hesitation. "Durandal's plan is nearly flawless."

"Perhaps, though I feel that the Clyne Faction will surprise us all. Lacus Clyne is someone that should not be underestimated. Zala, Azrael, and Creuset did, and all ended up losing to them." he said. "Should they win, the fools will not do anything to change the world. They will maintain the status quo, which will only bring about more wars. Because of that stupidity, I truly despise that group. They could have changed everything after the last war. Instead, they did nothing and let the world side back to its path of war. But we shall shatter the machine known as war, even if it takes a war to do so."


"Everything checks out." Suiren said to one of the technicians as she was lowered to the ground. Suddenly, she grabbed her head. She felt something... Something wrong. Her eyes widened.

"Intruders!!" she shouted.

"For the preservation of our blue and pure world!!"

A grenade landed next to a group of workers. Before they could run, it exploded. Four armed people rushed into the hangar, firing on the ZAFT soldiers and workers. The ZAFT soldiers and workers never stood a chance. The four were fast, brutal, and efficient. Stella leapt into the air as String and Auel fired on the Coordinators. Auel gunned down a pair of armed soldiers atop one of the mobile suits. Stella landed, slashing one soldier's throat and shooting several others. One soldier rushed to the alarm. But before he could reach it, bullets tore through his legs and he fell to the ground. Suiren swore as she ducked behind the Specter's leg.

A soldier rushed over to her position, firing his assault rifle as he ran. "Here," he said, handing her his sidearm.

The two inched over to the edge of the Specter's foot. A moment later, the two moved from their cover and fired their weapons. The soldier crouched down with Suiren firing above him. But Treize fired as they moved around the corner. Hitting the soldier in the head and forcing Suiren to duck behind her cover again as bullets splayed off the Specter's giant foot.

"You bastard!" Suiren shouted as more ZAFT personnel died around her. "You murdering terrorists! I don't why you're doing this or what the hell you believe in but you'll never get away with this!"

"Terrorists? This isn't about fear; nor are we terrorists. We're soldiers." Treize replied, approaching the Specter. "As to what I believe in. I believe that every one of you filthy Patchworkers must be cast out into the void of space!"

Treize rolled past the Specter's foot, his gun locked on the area where Suiren had been standing. But she wasn't there. He cautiously took a step forward, searching for her. Suddenly, Suiren jumped down from the Specter's leg, landing on Treize, and knocking him to the ground. Suiren tried to pin him to the ground. But to her surprise, Treize slowly started to get to his feet with her still on top of him. She pulled out the handgun she had tucked into her belt. "Stop or I'll-"

Treize slammed his elbow into her stomach, knocking her off his back. Suiren crashed to ground, dropping her gun. Treize grabbed his weapon and pointed it at her. He smirked. Treize fired off a burst at her, purposely missing. Suiren rushed to her feet as bullets whizzed by her. She had to get out of there or she wouldn't make it. Suiren ran as Treize continued to play with her, laughing as bullets danced around her feet.

Suddenly, a wound ZAFT soldier hit an alarm. Treize instantly turned to the man and gunned him down mercilessly. But Suiren had used that moment to escape from the hangar.

"Get into the machines." Treize ordered, climbing onto one of the four machines. "Deactivate the self-destruct first."

Treize climbed into the cockpit of his machine, removing his sunglasses and replaced them with his black and red cloth mask. Momentarily revealing his mismatched eyes, he activated the mobile suit. The black screens in the cockpit lit up.

_Ver.2.5.3 Rev.07_

Treize quickly deactivated the mobile suit's self-destruct as his teammates did the same. One by one, the Specter, the Gaia, the Chaos, and the Abyss rose to their feet.

Suiren reached the outside of the hangar. Confusion was reigning among the ZAFT personnel in the base. "Intruders!!" Suiren screamed, trying to warn everyone. "I think they're trying to steal the new machines!!"

A moment later, the hangar exploded. The force of the blast threw her to ground. Emerging from the flaming wreckage was the Specter, the Gaia, the Chaos, and the Abyss. "Go. Destroy the mobile suits before the pilots can get in them," Treize ordered.

The four mobile suits fired on the nearby hangars, destroying them. Many mobile suits were destroyed in an instant, along with dozens of ZAFT personnel.



"Quickly. Get the Princess to a shelter!" ordered Durandal.

A soldier nodded. "This way," he said to Cagalli and her group.

They raced towards the shelters. But as they ran behind a hanger, Flay tripped. Athrun and Cagalli both stopped to help her, when at that moment, there was an explosion. The hanger had sheltered the three from the blast, but their guide hadn't been so lucky. He had been caught in the blast and killed.

"This way!" said Athrun, grabbing the two girls and rushing away from the battling mobile suits. Athrun had never been to Armory One, but he figured he could find the shelters as long as the design wasn't too different from other PLANTs.

However, the black, BuCUE-like Gundam suddenly appeared in front of them from behind a hangar. Overhead, a DINN fired on the Gaia, but missed, hitting a hangar instead. Athrun rushed the two girls behind a truck for shelter.

"Damn it!" said Athrun.

"But why?!" demanded Cagalli to herself. "Why is this happening?!"

The Gaia, meanwhile, had leapt into the air and sliced the DINN in two with wing-mounted beam blades reminiscent of the Guardian. The DINN's upper half crashed into a nearby hanger, and exploded, destroying the hangar and tossing a ZAKU Warrior to the ground.

The Gaia transformed back to mobile suit mode and started firing on the vulnerable, pilotless ZAFT machines with its beam rifle.

Seeing this, Athrun realized that they weren't going to survive out in the open like this. There was only one option.

"Come on!" he said, pulling Cagalli towards the ZAKU.


The Minerva

"Standby to launch Impulse," echoed the voice of Meyrin Hawke, the mobile suit controller and communications officer for the Minerva. "Pilot to Core Splendor. Sword Module selected. Opening Silhouette Hangar 2. Silhouette Flyer, standby for launch."

"Looks like we have a playdate with destiny, my friend," said the navy-haired young man in a Green Coat uniform as he easily climbing into the cockpit of his machine, a solemn smile on his face.

As she spoke, a container opened, and a backpack module attached to a small aircraft was loaded into the Minerva's specially designed central catapult. "Platform setup complete. Central catapult online, opening airtight shutters. Emergency crew, standby at launch stations. Raise central catapult to launch position. Core Splendor, all systems online, initiate launch sequence. Hatch opened, linear launch system engaged. Catapult power level normal. Course clear, Core Splendor, go ahead, launch."

Following the clearance, the pilot of the Core Splendor pushed the controls forward, and the small fighter flew free of the Minerva's central catapult.

"Catapult engaged," continued Meyrin. "Please deploy Silhouette Flyer." Following the Core Splendor's launch was the Silhouette Flyer and its accompanying backpack module. "Now, deploy chest flyer." Another object was loaded into the catapult and launched, this one looking like a mobile suit's torso, everything from the waist up. "Deploy leg flyer." A final object was loaded into the catapult and launched, this time the legs of a mobile suit.

As Meyrin had been busy deploying the Flyers of the Impulse, another mobile suit had been busy powering itself up and moving towards the nearest catapult. Inside the mobile suit, the once solemn pilot was undergoing a bizarre psychological transformation. The first sign of this transformation to surface was in the form of a small sneer on his face.

"Port catapult online. Hatch opened, linear launch system engaged," announced Meyrin. "You're clear for launch."

"Kai Uchida, Mirage Gundam, LAUNCHING!!" said the pilot cheered deafeningly as his machine was launched.



Athrun led Flay and Cagalli into the ZAKU's cockpit, and the trio quickly climbed into the green mobile suit. Athrun dropped immediately into the pilot's chair as he was the only one that could pilot the ZAKU with its Coordinator OS, while Cagalli and Flay were on either side of him. Athrun powered up the ZAKU and it rose to its feet.

"Hold on. This is going to get rough," he warned.

Stella spotted the moving ZAKU almost immediately, and she frowned.

"What now?" she questioned, raising Gaia's rifle and firing. But the ZAKU nimbly dodged her shot. "What?"

Maneuvered with the skills of a clear veteran, the ZAKU moved forward and tackled Gaia with its shield. Stella stumbled back, losing her rifle in the process.

"Bastard," she said, drawing one of the Gaia's beam sabers and charging the ZAKU as Athrun drew the ZAKU's beam tomahawk.

The two clashed, hitting each other's shield. The ZAKU stumbled back slightly, and Stella lunged, swinging her saber. The ZAKU dodged back however, and dodged back again, evading the Gaia's second attack.

"Stella!" exclaimed Sting, landing the Chaos behind the ZAKU.

"Another one?" questioned Athrun. The Chaos charged forward, drawing its beam saber. Athrun tried to raise his shield in time, but the ZAKU just wasn't fast enough, and the Chaos sliced through the machine's left forearm.

Suddenly, several missiles hit the Chaos's back, preventing him from pursuing as he turned to see what hit him. A small fighter flew past him, catching him off-guard. But overhead were the upper body and legs of a mobile suit, following after the fighter. The fighter suddenly folded up, and the legs flew towards it, the fighter slowing down slightly and docking with them, the legs spreading apart as it did so. The leg-fighter combination then flew forward, and docked with the upper body ahead of it, forming a complete mobile suit. Sting and Stella were too caught off-guard by the unconventional machine to stop it, and Treize and Auel were busy elsewhere.

Then, a backpack detached from a small plane and flew towards the newly combined mobile suit, attaching to its back. The backpack was visually comprised of a fairly small backpack proper, two wings, and a pair of anti-ship swords. The mobile suit's Phase Shift armor activated, turning it white and red as it drew the swords and landed before them.

It combined the swords into a double anti-ship sword and spun it about, wielding it in both hands as beam blades flashed to life.

Everyone stared in surprise at the new mobile suit.

"Why is this happening?" asked Shinn Asuka. "Are trying to start another one? Another war?!"

The Sword Impulse Gundam lunged forward, readying to cut through the Gaia with its combined Excalibur swords.

"No, Princess. Strength is a necessity. There will always be conflict."

(Author's Note) Yes, that's right. This is yet another rewrite of the infamous Akatsuki Leader13's 'A Retelling' series, with some pieces of Maileesaeya's 'Serenity'. Why? Because I had recently come up with an interesting concept for a new character and I really, really like how the man has been writing his SEED Destiny AU.

Before any of you start ranting, please understand that even though I have started this story, I have NOT given up on Gundam SEED Destiny: Kira. The sad truth of the matter is that I have lost my inspiration for the story, but I refuse pointblank to discontinue it. It will remain up and I have EVERY INTENTION of returning to it!

To those of you who aren't familiar with the details, here's the data on the Gundam serial numbers.
The Alliance's "Gundam" type mobile suits' model numbers have meaning to their designed purpose and are as follows:

X100s - General Purpose. As the name suggests, these are intended for any purpose, from close combat to long range. The multi-role X105 Strike is the only exception. Examples: GAT-X102 Duel, GAT-X105 Strike.
X200s - Specific Purpose, Frame, or Special Equipment. These are intended for a specific purpose, and usually equipped with some form of special technology. Examples: GAT-X207 Blitz, GAT-X252 Forbidden.
X300s - Transformable. These are designed to transform from its MS mode to a Mobile Armor (MA) mode of any kind. Examples: GAT-X303 Aegis, GAT-X370 Raider.

ZAFT experimental units generally have their numerical designation prefaced with "X" followed by a two or three digit type code and a letter designating their stage of development:
"A" for First Stage, "S" for Second Stage and "T" for Third stage suits.
For Second Stage units, the two-digit series designators include a type number (first digit) and a series number (second digit), so the ZGMF-X56S Impulse is Type 5, Series 6. The only exceptions are the ZGMF-X19A ∞ Justice and ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom due to the fact that they aren't necessarily constructed by ZAFT and are "resurrections" of the earlier prototypes. The Type numbers' significance for X_S-series Second Stage units is as follows:

1: Only first generations were given this number, but their model numbers are in sequence
2: Transforming Air/space-use units
3: Underwater-use units
4: General all-purpose-use units
5: Silhouette system units
6: DRAGOON system units
7: Unknown, my story uses this designation for Special Purpose or Equipment
8: Ground-use units

"Start another war? Of course we are! We exist only to fight in wars and kill people like you Coordinator! Like all soldiers do! If you're too weak to understand that, then you don't belong in that machine!" Treize Zabiarov

Mobile Suit Serial Number: ZGMF-X74S 'Specter'
Unit Type: Prototype high mobility mobile suit
Powerplant: Ultracompact energy battery
Special Equipment:
Variable Phase Shift (VPS) Armor
Deuterion Beam Energy Supply System
Lightwave Pulse Thrusters
Twin Prototype Vernier Boosters
4 x MMI-GAU1717 12.5 mm CIWS, mounted on the head
2 x 'Cerebus' beam revolver with bayonet, stored on hip holders
1 x MMI-558 'Tempest' beam sword, stored on the inside of the shield
1 x MGX-2230 long range multi-phase beam cannon, mounted on right shoulder
1 x shield, mounted on the left arm
Pilot: EX-C1304 Treize Zabiarov, Suiren Kyusai
Treize's colors: Black torso, head, shins, forearms. Gray faceplate, biceps, thighs. Red trim and head crest.
Default/Suiren's colors: Silver with black trimming, joints, and hands.
Info: The fourth stolen mobile suit from Armory One. Designed as a next generation high mobility mobile suit, it was equipped with the prototype Vernier Boosters. While the massive boosters enable it to achieve speeds unrivaled by normal mobile suits, the boosters can drain the battery if the high speeds are sustained for too long. Also, most pilots cannot handle its maximum speed. To date, only two pilots have been able to successfully control it at its maximum speeds. Its original pilot and the Extend pilot that stole it from Armory One.