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The Simple Life
Chapter 1

The realization hadn't hit me yet. I sat on the sofa, idly playing with the ring that now occupied my left ring finger. I looked down at it, the diamond shining brightly under the light of the lamp on the stand beside the sofa.

"What's on your mind, sunshine?"

I jumped at her words. I was so lost in my thoughts that I had forgotten she was even still here. A soft smile played on the corners of my mouth and I diverted my eyes from her and shook my head. My eyes traveled back to the new weight on my hand. It felt out of place, yet perfect all at the same time.

"What's wrong?" I didn't speak but I did feel the cushion of the sofa move beside me. I felt her presence, just as I always did. "Claire?" She questioned again.

"What?" I turned to look at her.

Honestly, I didn't hear a word she said. We just finished my own sister's wedding just six months prior. All the cost and time put into that. The headaches and arguing. I was reliving all of it.

"Snow, can't you do anything right?" I yelled at him when he dropped the crystal bowl that was to be used for punch during the reception.

"Don't yell at him, Lightning! It was an accident!" Serah ran by me to help him pick up the shards from the floor.

"Do you have any idea how much that bowl cost? I can't believe this." I ran my fingers violently through my hair before storming off to make sure nothing else was damaged.

"Serah's wedding was so expensive…and all her and I did toward the end, was fight." I shook my head.

"Woah there. Slow down. I just asked you yesterday. We don't have to jump right in and plan ya know."

Smiling softly I leaned against her and relaxed some. "I still haven't told Serah."

"Well, why not?"

My eyes closed as I nuzzled my head against her neck, her arms came to rest around my hip, holding me close. "Because…" I started drawing small patterns on her bare arm. "…if I tell her, she'll want to jump in and start planning right away. I won't have a chance to breathe."

Her body shook as she chuckled. Just the sound of her laugh made my heart melt. I smiled. "Well you can't hide it forever, she's bound to notice the ring."

The ring. The one piece of jewelry that was visible to everybody. The ring truly was gorgeous. I found myself admiring it again. "She's observant. I'll be lucky to get past the first visit without her noticing."

"And didn't she invite us over for dinner tomorrow night?"

"She did. Said she had something to tell me."

"She's pregnant, I bet."

I sat up to glare at her. "If she's pregnant I'm going to castrate him!"

"No you're not, darling."

"Oh?" I stood up and backed away from her. "You going to stop me?" I smirked. I knew she couldn't back down from a threat.

She stood and sauntered toward me, her own grin appearing. "Oh yes, I will. But…" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me close. "Are you going to be able to stop me?"

I dug deep for the strength I once had and pushed her away from me. She toppled onto the sofa and I was gone, running into the bedroom and shutting the door behind me. By the time I made it to the other side of the bed, there she was, standing at the door, laughing. "Fang no!" I held up my hand in protest, but she ignored it and my plea. "Fang!" I nearly screamed when she jumped over the bed after me. She missed. I was still fast enough to avoid her.

I ran from the room, pausing long enough to look for an escape route. There had to be something. I ended up in the kitchen, on the other side of the island. "Get over here." She stared at me, we were both panting for air from the fleeing, the chasing, and the laughing.

"No!" Again I lifted my hand in an attempt to keep her at bay.

"You started all of this."

"That doesn't mean you have to finish it." I protested before making a run for it. I was caught, her strong arms wrapped tightly around my waist. "Let…me…GO!" I squirmed in her grasp, but it didn't falter. "Fang…" I begged.

"Nope." Her lips brushed against my neck and I melted. My body relaxed and I stopped fighting her.

"Fang…" I begged again, but this time it wasn't a plea to stop it was a beg for more. More of her kisses. More of her touches. More of her. She loosened her grip just enough so I could turn to face her. My arms snaked around her neck before pulling her down into a soft, prolonged kiss. "I love you." I whispered against her lips.

"And I love you."

We kissed again, harder and rougher. Her hands moved to my hips before lifting me from the floor. I soon landed on the countertop behind me. My heart raced. Each time felt like the first time all over again. Passion, desire, lust, tenderness…and most of all…love. I tilted my head back as her fingers caressed my neck. The silky digits were soon replaced by her warm, moist lips.

I felt the fabric of my shirt start moving, she was working quickly to unbutton it and get it out of her mouth's way. She trailed her tongue down from my neck to my breasts. But she skipped them and worked even further. I lifted my hips to help her in the removal of my pants. She worked quickly, only because she had to leave for work shortly. I wasn't going to deny her. I'd have her all to myself once she was free of her job.

She stopped long enough on my stomach to flick my navel ring with her tongue a few times, then she bit it lightly and pulled. My head fell back against the wall, I gasped softly. "Please!" I cried out, my hands making their way into her hair, fingers getting lost in her luscious black waves. She wasted little time in wrapping her lips around my center. My breath caught in my throat, my eyes finally closing. The sensation overcoming my body. I needed her as much as she needed me.

I pulled on her hair, then allowed my hands to move to her shoulders where my nails dug deeply into her skin. She groaned, the vibration of her lips against me making my hips jump slightly. My eyes opened as I looked at the ringing phone on the kitchen table. "Ignore it." She whispered. I wasn't going to argue. The soft jingle soon came to a stop. My back arched, moving my hips closer to her probing tongue.

"Fuck…" She cursed loudly when the phone went off again.

"Ignore it." This time I protested the phone's music. My hands cupped her cheeks and brought her close. I was panting for air, my lungs straining to hold onto any breath it was graced with. Our lips locked, tongues meeting in the middle. I shivered at my own taste in her mouth. Her right hand soon resumed the assault on my aching core. Her open mouth against mine swallowing any moan it was offered. Then it rang, Fang's phone. We both groaned and parted. It was obvious whoever was calling was calling for a purpose.

I whimpered when she pulled away and looked at her phone. "Your sister." She handed it to me.

"You're persistent…" I took a deep breath to try to steady my voice.

"Well you didn't answer…" She gasped softly. "I didn't interrupt anything did I?" I grunted softly and glanced at Fang, she only smirked before lowering her head to kiss my stomach.

"No… of course not." I grunted again before swatting Fang away and glaring at her. She didn't give up.

She pressed two of her fingers against me, hard. I was forced to move the phone away from my ear to gasp. "Fang!" I pushed her hand away.

"I'm so sorry!"

"If you were sorry you wouldn't have tried so many times Serah." I bit my lip when she pushed a finger slowly inside. "Stop it!" I whispered at her.

"I don't want to." She fought back, her voice just a whisper.

"Well…I just wanted to make sure you two were still coming over tomorrow."

"Yes, we're coming…Good bye Serah." I ended the call before she had a chance to speak again. "That was just mean." She rocked her hand a few more times before pulling away, much to both of our dismays.

She took the phone from me and slid it across the counter. "I'd love to stay and play darling." She left a soft kiss on my lips before continuing. "But I have to leave."

"I know." My arms wrapped around her neck and pulled her into a short, yet passionate kiss. "But…Fang…" She looked into my eyes. "You're all mine after work."

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