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At last, my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song
Oh, yeah, at last
The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clovers
The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to rest my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known
Oh, yeah when you smile, you smile
Oh, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
For you are mine
At last

"At Last" by Etta James

*2 years later*

"You look absolutely gorgeous," my mom declared pulling my veil up and over my head. I looked over at Alice and Rose to see they were both nodding in agreement, wiping tears from their eyes.

"Beautiful," Alice remarked walking toward me, tissue in hand. She fluffed my dress behind me as she spun me around to face the mirror. I couldn't believe who was staring back; the woman was stunning and I couldn't believe it was me. My hair was golden brown with hints of red throughout. It was curled and pinned up just enough to show off my mother-in-law's pearl earrings—my something borrowed. There was a delicate tiara resting on the top of my head that, when it caught the light, sparkled—my something new. My dress was the first one I tried on. It was crisp white A-line design with capped sleeves and intricate beading woven throughout the top then down the left side. Stunning was an understatement.

I stood there staring in the mirror for a few moments wondering how in the world they had managed this makeover when a small voice broke me from my gaze.

"Momma!" Emma squealed running over to me, my father trailing fast behind her.

"Sorry, Bells. I tried to keep her away but she was very determined to see you," my father stated out of breath.

"It's okay, Dad. I know how she is." I leaned forward and gave my girl a quick hug. "Hey, my sweet girl! Have you been good for Poppa?" She nodded staring at me with her big, brown eyes. Her curly, auburn hair, which had been perfectly pinned away from her face an hour ago, was now half hanging down. I smiled; I could tell she had given her poppa a work out.

"She saw her daddy and just had to come find Momma." My dad snickered looking down and smiling at my almost three year old. She had him completely wrapped around her finger.

"So he's here?" I asked. I knew he would be, but that didn't mean that I wasn't relieved all the same.

"Yes, he's here Bella. You knew he would be," Rose replied smiling broadly at me, her left hand glittering with her diamond wedding band. Rose and Emmett had decided to elope last year in a simple Vegas wedding. It was short and sweet and very Rose and Emmett.

"How does he look?" I gulped. I've seen Edward in plenty of suits but never a tux. My imagination was going wild.

"Handsome as ever," my mother declared and I giggled. My mother thought the world of Edward. If she wasn't already married I would have been worried.

"We almost ready to go, Bells?" my dad asked extending his elbow out to me.

"Most definitely." I grinned taking his arm. I was more than ready.

After Edward had proposed in Chicago and we spent the rest of the night celebrating, we'd agreed on a long engagement. We still had a few things to figure out when we got back to Seattle, like living arrangements, and we weren't in any rush. We wanted to enjoy being engaged for awhile.

However, once the news was out that we were engaged, plans began anyway. My future mother-in-law talked nonstop about wedding places and florists she knew that did amazing bouquets. Alice was just as ecstatic if not more so, dragging me to bridal shop after bridal shop to try on dresses. I ended up buying the first one I had tried on even though Alice made me try on hundreds more.

When Edward and I stuck to our guns for a long engagement and didn't entertain their numerous requests to see venues or look into caterers, Alice and Esme joined forces. I was glad they had each other because between the two of them I swear my head would have exploded. I showed up when I absolutely had to, and although they did most of the research, the final decision was still made by Edward and me.

Phil came in at that moment stating that it was time to escort my mom and Emma down the aisle.

"You look gorgeous, Bella," he said then nodded his head toward my father.

"Thank you, Phil."

"Before you go, sweetheart, I want you to have this." Mom handed me a handkerchief. "This was Grandma Marie's handkerchief at her wedding, and the one I used in mine. I know that she would have loved for you to have it today." She placed the handkerchief in my hand as tears began to form.

"Thank you, Mom," I whispered trying not to cry. I missed my Nana more in that moment than I had in the last few years since she'd passed.

"I know Nana would have loved to be here to see you in your beautiful white dress," my mom said, "but you know she's here in spirit and in our hearts." She kissed me on my cheek before wiping her own tears away. "I love you, sweetie."

"I love you too, Mom." With that my mom picked Emma up who was now carrying a basket full of rose petals.

"Give kisses to Momma," she declared. Emma leaned forward and gave me slobbery kisses.

"I love kisses from my baby," I replied, tickling Emma's side as she giggled. "You are the prettiest flower girl ever."

"Pretty!" Emma shouted. My mom smiled broadly and turned to take Phil's arm so he could take them down the aisle. Edward and I agreed that Emma would sit with my mother during the service but that she could throw out flowers.

"Okay, everything's going smoothly, Bella," Alice announced fixing her purple, strapless dress before coming over and fluffing my dress one last time.

"Thank you for everything, Alice."

"Of course, Bella." She hugged me tightly. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

"Now, don't forget what I told you," she started.

"I know, I know, Alice. Left together, right together. Got it."

Rose came over and gave me a quick hug before heading toward the door mouthing that she loved me right before she disappeared down the aisle. Alice went shortly after giving me a wink.

"You ready, Bells?"

"I am."

As I walked down the aisle, all I could see was Edward. He was standing at the front of the church, his eyes wide and teary as he stared at me. My heart was pounding in my chest as my own tears threatened.

When we reached the front of the church and my father placed my hand in Edward's, it took all of my strength not to pull him forward.

"You look stunning," he whispered gripping my hand tightly in his.

"So do you," I whispered back smiling up at him.

The ceremony was short and sweet. We exchanged vows, we exchanged rings, and before I knew it, the minister declared us husband and wife. Edward lifted my veil over my head and leaned in to capture my lips in a searing kiss. As we broke away, our family and friends erupted in a round of applause.

"I love you, Mrs. Cullen."

"And I love you, Mr. Cullen."

After our introductions and our dance I finally got to look around. The reception was absolutely gorgeous. We were in a small courtyard in the back of the church, purple and white flowers were cascading down every service and the air was fragrant with roses and gardenias. Candlelight lit up the area, casting shadows against the sheer white fabric surrounding the tables. It was small and intimate; it was my dream wedding come true.

When I looked around the room as we sat down at our table, I couldn't help but smile at the sight. All the people I loved and adored were here to celebrate with us. I was so lucky to have all of them all in my life.

My dad was dancing with Sue, both smiling broadly at each other as my dad pulled her closer. My mom was still holding onto Emma as Phil danced with them both. Emma was squealing with delight as he spun them in circles. Rose was snuggling up close to Emmett. They were still very much in the honeymoon phase. Alice and Jasper were on the other side, Alice sitting on Jasper's lap. Alice had told me a few days before that they were expecting. I wondered if their whispered conversation was about the baby.

Lastly, I saw Jake. He had his arms wrapped around his wife, Nessie. They didn't wait as long as Edward and I did to get married. As soon as they moved in together, they were engaged, and, as promised, I threw the bachelor party. It was the best bachelor party ever, equipped with lots of drinking and strippers. Of course, I didn't stick around for all of it, but I was glad to help my best friend out. Their wedding was small and held down by the shore, and shortly after they got back from their honeymoon they announced that Nessie was pregnant. William Quil Black was born with a head full of black hair and dark eyes. He was almost one now and giving Jacob and Ness a run for their money.

I felt a warm hand caress my neck and I turned to find Edward staring at me.

"What are you thinking about, Mrs. Cullen?" he inquired leaning closer to whisper in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"Just thinking of how happy and lucky we are." I sighed as he planted a kiss right behind my ear, the place he called my sweet spot.

"Yes, we are, baby," he agreed kissing down my jaw. "When do you think we can leave?" he asked and I laughed.

"We haven't cut the cake yet." I giggled as his arms circled my waist.

"Well, let's get on with it, woman. I have some pleasing to do later on."

"You do, do you?" I laughed.

"Momma! Dadda!" Emma squealed propelling herself onto her dad's lap.

"Hey, sweetheart," Edward said planting a kiss on top her head. He was completely and utterly in love with her and had been since the moment she was born. I was lucky to come in second but I was okay with that; she had my heart, too.

"Tell Daddy and Mommy night-night, sweetie," I heard my mom say.

"No!" Emma screamed grabbing onto Edward's jacket.

"It's okay, honey. You're going to go home with Grandma for a few days. Aren't you excited?" I asked.

"No! No, wanna go!" she yelled and both Edward and I sighed. We held her for a few more moments telling her how much we'd miss her and that we'd call her every day. We told her that she'd have lots of adventures with Grandma and that we'd bring back a surprise to her when we got back. At the mention of a surprise, her eyes widened.


"Yes, honey. We'll bring you back a surprise okay?" She nodded. We kissed her again and handed her off to Grandma; she was still whimpering as we let go, but at least she wasn't crying anymore. This would be my first time away from her for longer than a day and I couldn't help the tears that began to form.

"She'll be okay, baby," Edward whispered. "We'll be back before you know it. I can't wait to get you alone, though." I shivered at his remark. I was definitely looking forward to the time alone with him. I leaned forward and kissed him sweetly.

The night flowed from there. We cut the cake and did some dancing and drinking, well, lots of drinking. I had few glasses of champagne so I was feeling really good. At some point toward the end of the night, I announced that Edward and I were leaving, and to my surprise nobody protested. They all stood outside cheering and blowing bubbles as we headed for the limo. We climbed in and waved goodbye to our friends and family before the limo took off toward our destination.

"This dress is absolutely beautiful, my dear, but I can't wait to get it off of you." He cupped my face in his hands, tucking a stray piece of hair behind my ear before leaning in and kissing me chastely on the lips. I couldn't believe this man was now my husband.

We pulled up to the Four Seasons and climbed out. We were staying here for the night before we got on our plane for our honeymoon the next afternoon. The trip was a complete secret. I had no idea where we were headed. All I knew is that it required a passport.

"Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen," the doorman stated opening the door for us.

"Good evening," I replied as Edward reached out and grabbed my hand.

"If you could let the concierge know that we want a bottle of your most expensive champagne and strawberries sent up to the Presidential Suite," Edward requested as he escorted me into the building.

"Yes, sir," the doorman replied before heading over to the desk.

"The Presidential Suite, Edward? Really?" He kissed my hand innocently and winked at me. All I could do was sigh at his antics because no matter how many times I'd told him it was too much, he never listened.

Like when it was Emma's first birthday, he wanted to have a petting zoo, and although she wouldn't remember anything, he'd insisted. After spending tons of money to have the zoo brought in, Emma had gotten sick and slept most of the day.

Or the diamond he gave me for my engagement ring. I didn't notice it at the time he proposed, but it was an antique band and a nice-sized diamond passed on from his mother.

It was always too much, but he always replied, "Never too much for my girls." I was really hoping he wasn't going to get her the pony she was asking for for her third birthday, but I wouldn't have been surprised if he did.

"This way, Mrs. Cullen," he said seductively. I groaned at him as we got off on the tenth floor and headed down the hall toward our suite.

Suddenly, I was being lifted off the ground and into Edward's arms. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck so that I wouldn't fall though I doubted he would've let me.

"What are you doing?" I squealed.

"Carrying you over the threshold," he exclaimed. He carried me and placed me down tentatively on my feet.

"I'll be right back. Stay here," he whispered kissing me then immediately leaving. I looked around. The suite was stunning. There were floor to ceiling windows showcasing the beautiful cityscape. On the opposite end of the room were brown, leather chairs and a small, roaring fire, even though it was July and far from cold enough to need it, but it seemed to fit. As I walked around admiring the décor, Edward came back and sauntered toward me.

"What were you doing?" I questioned as he stood in front of me. His tie was loosened and his jacket was off.

"You'll see," he commented grabbing my hand and pulling me in the direction he had just come from. I gasped as we entered into the bedroom. The room was dark but lit by glow of candlelight. There were rose petals strewn on the bed and the floor and soft music was playing in the background as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Surprise," he whispered.

"Oh, my God, it's beautiful," I proclaimed.

"You're beautiful," he responded leaning in and capturing my lips passionately. I moaned at his assault. I wanted him more than anything. I reached up and loosened his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. His hands made their way down my sides and gently cupped my ass.

"Baby, how do we get you out of this dress?" He groaned and I giggled. It looked like it was an absolute puzzle. I turned around pointing to the hidden zipper in the back. He slowly lowered it, letting my dress pool at my feet. I heard a silent gasp behind me. He'd noticed my blue thong underwear, which happened to be his favorite color on me.

"It was my something blue," I announced turning around and eyeing him innocently.

"Is that so?" he growled pulling me toward the bed and grabbing at my garter and stockings. He pulled them down along with my underwear, his fingers lingering at my heart tattoo I got not long ago with Emma's birth date in it. "I need to be inside of you," he moaned kissing my calf and the outside of my knee. Reaching forward with one hand he cupped my breast and rolled my nipple between his fingers. It hardened instantly. I could feel his arousal through his pants right against where I wanted him the most.

"Yes, please," I begged. I needed to feel him, all of him that second, and thankfully he didn't wait and he didn't ask permission. He lowered his zipper and his pants. Pulling himself out he lined himself up and plunged into me in one swift movement. I was already wet with anticipation for him and groaned in pleasure as he began to pound into me over and over again.

"Oh, my God," he moaned again. "You feel so fucking good," he grated, enunciating every syllable.

"Yes," I mewled. I needed him, all of him. "Yes, baby, fuck me faster," I requested. I grabbed onto his biceps to pull him closer as he drove into me impossibly faster, our skin slapping against each other as a thin sheen of sweat formed.

"Oh, baby, fuck," he spat. I could tell by the way he said that that he was close. He trailed one hand down to circle my clit and I groaned at the sensation. He knew just how to touch me.

As he circled my clit in long, drawn out patterns I began to crumble; I could feel him begin to twitch inside of me. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and his movements sped up, spurring me on toward the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. As wave upon wave of pleasure crashed into me, he dropped my legs and spun me around so I was sitting on top of him. I looped my arms around his shoulders, riding out the rest of my orgasm. He fell back on the bed as I began to ride him, picking up my pace.

"Baby, fuck, you have beautiful tits," he reached up and fondled me, pulling my nipples. I moaned, grabbing onto his hands and kneading myself with him. He groaned at the sight and began meeting me thrust for thrust, hard and fast. I screamed out above him as another orgasm hit me suddenly. I stilled momentarily, feeling myself pulsate around him.

He grabbed my hips and spun me around again pulling out for a second to place me on all fours. I whimpered from the loss of him until I felt him slam into me again. He was deeper at this angle and I couldn't help but fall forward on my elbows unable to hold myself up from the sheer pleasure.

He drove into me fast; I could tell he was getting close. His breath came out in short spurts against my shoulder as he leaned forward, his hands grasping my hips fiercely. Suddenly I felt a slight sting on my ass.

"God, you have such a beautiful ass also." Then I felt the sting again and I realized he was smacking my ass. I couldn't help but groan at the sensation. He'd never spanked me before, but it was strangely arousing. Apparently not expecting my reaction to his smacks, Edward let out a low 'fuck' as his own shattering orgasm took hold of him. He grunted and groaned behind me, grabbing my hips roughly as he shuddered in pure ecstasy.

"Holy shit," he stated falling to the side of me trying to catch his breath.

"You can say that again," I said with my eyes closed. He rolled me over and kissed both my eyelids softly then pulled me to lie on top of his chest.

"I love you, Mrs. Cullen." He sighed, rubbing my back soothingly.

"I love you too, Mr. Cullen," I replied. "Ready for round two?" I inquired half jokingly.

"Absolutely," he declared, and with that he rolled me over so he was straddling me again. "We have six hours left before we have to catch our flight; let's see how many times I can make you cum."

God, I loved this man and he was mine, at last.

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