Issue #34

- Welcome to Twilight…

In an office somewhere in the world

- What do you think, Stephenie?

- It is wonderful, Kuzui! It will be a nice lesson to these people. I mean. What can be cooler than my sparkling vampires and my damsel in distress? What is cool about a vampire with a soul and some stupid blonde who fights evil? Drinking blood, losing a soul? Arrggg… I think this story is going to destroy them forever. I mean who would like the said blonde sleeping with her so called soulmate after he murdered so many people.

- It will be good for business. Mine and yours. In my case, people will probably want something to redeem Buffy. So, my project of a new movie will be greenlighted by Fox. Besides, Joss reputation is being destroyed… he is paying for what he did and took from me.

Kuzui laughs evilly.

- For you. It will be good because people will stop their stupid rant about true vampires and their disregard of your work.

- That is true, Kuz. The good thing is that the fans don't even distrust the history when they should. I mean, now Buffy has a glowing…a sparkling… vampire. How could they believe it??? Fans are so stupid!!! Arrrggg. While this, Joss Whedon is being held captive here, while his clone is doing all the damage he can. Now… I am the one to be known as the Queen Writer of Vampiric Mistery. Anne Rice and Joss Whedon be damned.

Now, Stephenie Meyer laughs evilly.

The End!!!!