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Pitter Patter. That's all you hear against the window when it rains. That's the sound I like. Something peaceful and calm but can be destructive.

Looking out the window of the 3rd floor where the 3rd years aside for classes. Third years. Our final years before going into a university. Our Final years of High school.

Watching as the rain falls down on the windows. It reminds me of us. Time is flying past us quickly and next thing you know it, you're a senior.

I'm Mayuzumi Haruko. I'm a senior of Seishun High. I knew many people back in the middle school days. Yes, that includes the infamous Seigaku Tennis Team. I, on the other hand, didn't stand out that much since Seishun Gakuen was a sports school, like Seishun High School.

All the tennis regulars from Junior high school went to Seishun High school besides one person, Oishi Shuichiro. I believe Oishi went to Medical based high School because I overheard it from his best friend, Kikumaru Eiji.

I knew only of Fuji Shuusuke and Kikumaru Eiji closely since we were in the same class for Junior high. I knew of all the others but I was never close to them.

What I do instead of sports is building, sculpting, whatever you may want to call it. I want to be an architect. I also like building ceramic pieces. I should've gone to an art school but it would have been more expensive than here. I could manage here in Seishun high. Well possibly be an architect, I have a knack at teaching so maybe becoming a teacher?

The other best part of Seishun was it's arts. Any arts as you can say, Performing arts to drawings. I guess you can say that sports is an art. An Art of movement.

Back to the staring at the rain.

It may seem boring but if you think about it, it's like the sky is crying in despair. Maybe perhaps all the anguish feelings from everyone that couldn't seem to cry lifted to the clouds and the sky is crying in place of them.

Maybe perhaps the sky felt my feelings and it's crying for me. Not that I'm sad or anything. Just that I've been having those bad feelings something is going to happen to me.

Or maybe, something good is going to happen. Who knows. I'm sure I don't know.

Wow. It's been so long.

I just got back into the anime mood so I decided to give this story a test run.

For the Hiatus, I wrote plenty of fanfics. But they were not anime related. LOL.

So you can see a huge writing difference in my stories. If you're a new reader of mine, or at least didn't read my lame fanfics, you're in luck you get to see the new and improved me :3

Just please know, this fanfic is a test run, I don't know if I'll be able to complete it. Maybe will slowly upload chapters.

I can careless about reviews. Bad ones actually hurt me but it'll make me learn :3