Chapter 6; Streets

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"What are you talking about?" I said while pushing Ren away from me. He had put on a serious face when I looked at him. "...You're serious aren't you?"

I said while slowly backing away towards the board. I would've went towards the window but I don't want the same thing happening again. I prefer not to be a stunt woman please. "I'm serious." He said with a straight face. He doesn't look like he's lying..

"I.. Uh.. Well.." I said flustering over my words. I heard a small laugh coming from him, and then it became louder.

"Ahahah! Sorry I wanted to see your reaction. But I'm serious about that question. But not now. You're still in high school, love. When you're older, then I'll probably ask again." He said while walking up to me and I stepped back towards the board again till I hit my back against it. He patted me on the head like a pet.

"You're still a child in my eyes." He takes his hand and lifted up my chin. "But I would love to help you grow up." And leans in to kiss my forehead. "I'll be waiting."

I looked away avoiding the pink color that was appearing on my face. He left the class room and I sighed. I touched my face and slowly sat down on the ground in a daze.

"I do.. Think about you seriously you know."

He whispers in my ear.

"And I don't plan on giving you to anyone."

He says again and leans in till I can feel his breath on me.

Thinking about what just happened 10 minutes ago was making my flushed. I hit myself on the head to get me out of the gaze. "Haruko! Are you here?" I looked up to see a classmate of mine, she ran up to me and grabbed my arm.

"We gotta hurry. Atobe declared a match against Tezuka! I heard that they haven't went against each other in awhile so Atobe decided to drop by and declare a match." She frantically said and dragged me out of the class room and rushed out down the hall.

"And I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss such an event!" She says loudly in the hall while rushing down the stairs. We made it outside and my arm was being sore from all the pulling-ness. She was still dragging me over the to courts to basically get front row seat.

They had already started their match. People around me started muttering and girls in the other corner started awe-ing at the hot men playing a one match point game. I was doing the same.

I gripped onto the chained fence around the tennis court. I was intently watching the match. Yes, that means moving my head back and forth watching the ball, then staring at the sweat coming off their bodies. Man.. They're sexy.

"30-15! Leading is Atobe!" The referee said while raising their hand in the air.

The match ended with a draw. They were forced to stop because the day was getting darker. It was like their match 3 years ago. It just kept going on and on.

I handed Tezuka a towel when he got out of the courts. "You did well." I smiled and then handed him a water bottle, which I snagged before the match ended.

"Thank you." He muttered to me and took a swig out of the water bottle. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I twitched. It was my brother. And apparently I missed 4 calls from him. I sighed and cringed as I accepted the call.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" He almost killed my eardrums. Mayuzumi Akira, or Aki. My overprotective brother that kept calling for the past hour.

"Aki... I'm at school still.." I said to him, in that sisterly tone.

"Why are you still there? School ended like 4 hours ago." I rolled my eyes.

"Didn't I tell you? Today is the school festival so don't worry about me coming home on time. I'm with someone who I trust." I said with a bit of anger in my voice.

"May I see the phone?" Tezuka politely asked with his hand out. I handed him the phone while still hearing my brother's rants.

"Mayuzumi-San. This is Tezuka Kunimitsu. I'm a classmate of Mayuzumi Haruko. I will take full responsibility of her safety when bringing her home. Please do not worry." He monotonely said over the phone. Then gave back the phone to me. I was slightly blushing at Tezuka's proposal to take me home.

"Who was that? Tezuka? Who is he?" Akira demanded. "Uh.. Tezuka is the Student Class President and he's from the Tennis team." I muttered. I heard him hesitate a little bit. Then he sighed.

"Fine. If I see a scratch on you, he's in trouble. Be safe and get home soon. I miss you." I sighed too. "I'll see you later."

"Sorry. It was my brother. He's the overprotective type so it's hard to get away from him." I told them and Tezuka just nodded to me while holding the towel in one hand and a water bottle in the other.

It was a quiet walk. It wasn't an awkward silence. It was just... Quiet.

I looked up at the sky while walking home, noticing no clouds in the sky. The stars shined bright through the city lights. Eventually we had to stop at the bus stop. There were other classmates with us but they were behind us.

"Ne, Tezuka?" I asked without looking at him. I didn't hear an answer, so I assumed he was listening. "Do you think we won't get attacked by water again this time?" Then I stared at him. He looked at me strangely.

"Well have you noticed? Every time we meet for at least more than like 5 to 10 minutes, water randomly appears and hits us." I told him. He was just staring at me like I was crazy. "What? It's true! Don't deny it!" I faced him and poked him in the chest.

"Oh? Some lover's quarrel going on?" I looked to the approaching students who is also in the play with us. I shook my head vigorously. "No, we're not going out! We just know each other well... Right, Tezuka?" I said while nudging him on the side. He just simply nodded once and stared out in space again. "Uh huh... We all know you're going out. Now stop denying it."

I clenched my fists. I really wished it was true but it wasn't. So it was pissing me off that he kept pressing on with that matter.

"I'm sorry to say Otogi Kouhai. But we're not going out."

Tezuka said while turning around to look straight in the eyes of our underclassman. I watched him as he froze at Tezuka's stare and eventually cowered behind one of his friends. Tezuka slightly nodded his head and turned back around. I looked at him and then saw the shining lights of the bus approaching us slowly.

It was a packed bus, then again, it was around the time when the overtimers get out of work, plus the other classmates of ours which took up half the bus. Tezuka gave up his seat for me, when obviously, he was more tired than I was. Luckily, the first stop before the next 4 to get to my street, took a chunk out of the bus, which eventually, he got a seat and leaned back in the chair to relax.

I watched his chest go up and down and his arms crossed at his abdomen. Then I looked at his face. His eyes were closed so I took advantage to look at his physique. He looks calm, not so serious. It looks like he can sleep for a very long time, but knowing him, he would wake up early to have a morning jog. His shoulders stayed upright and stiff. Looks like he is stressing over a lot of stuff. Which he most likely is... Running the student body, being a tennis captain; not to mention that he has some people that will drive him over the wall, entrance exams, studying, the play that is tomorrow, and yet again studying. His legs were long, well no duh, he's super tall. He kept them close to his body, so he wouldn't trip people when they leave the bus.

I smiled at him and leaned back just like him. I got up a little bit to move his head over to my shoulder so he would have a more comfortable position. I leaned on his head and rested till we reached our stop.

"Thank you." I looked up at him while we were walking down the street towards my house.

"No problem." I smiled and walked ahead to lead where my house is.


I looked at the running person down the street. I knew it was my brother. Or Eiji but he wouldn't be out right now. He ran around me and checked my body for any injuries. Then he saw Tezuka, who was patiently waiting behind me. I saw Aki glare at him. I hit him in the shoulder and he stopped.

"Aki, meet Tezuka Kunimitsu. Tezuka, this is Mayuzumi Akira, my brother. Aki, can you go inside?" I told him and he grumbled. "Why? You can say your goodbyes in front of me!"

It was my turn to glare. He grumbled again and kicked the floor like a little child. "Be inside in 1 minute once I get inside!" He said and ran inside. I looked at Tezuka apologetically.

"Sorry for that. That's my brother's immaturity. He was always worries about me since I was younger so it now is like an annoying habit." I told him and rubbed the back of my neck and stared at the ground.

"It's ok." He said and nodded his head.

"I'll be leaving now. Please, go inside." He politely said while waiting for me to go inside. I shook my head no.

"You go ahead. I'll watch to go till the first house you pass, then I go inside." I told him and he just stared at me. I knew he was telling me to go inside and that he'll be fine. "Stay safe." I smiled at him and he turned around and left. I walked inside and Aki ran up to me.

"He didn't do anything right?" He was checking me again. I just sighed. "You were staring right outside the damn window. He didn't touch me at all. Aki, I really do need some space. I want to have a normal brother ok?" I asked him and took off my shoes and went to my room.

I know that's going to hurt Aki, but I do want space. I want to regularly date and hang out with my guy friends without them being scared of my brother.

Sorry Aki.

Second Day of the Festival

Second day is always the busiest. Everyone trying to restock and be supplied by the time the rush of the after comes around. Having insufficient funds is not helping. We had to get a loan from our loving parents and ourselves from our poor little pockets to fund the cafe. What do we get out of it?

We're hoping the first or second prize for the most popular cafe of the festival. First place consists of the choosing of the Senior field trip; this is where bribing comes in, top school lunches of the rest of the year, and of course the jackpot, we get to split the funds of our shop amongst ourselves. Second place gets only their class funds split. And third just gets the top school lunches.

See there's only a couple of reasons we want either first or second place. Third place isn't all that bad but you still have to stand in the horrid line or the crowd of people that hog the nice good sandwiches.

"Mayuzumi-San. Do you think you can go advertise with Kikumaru-Kun? We best be getting our advertising in first before our other competitors." Suzuyama said to me with a board in hand with a stake at the end of it. "Thankfully Mizuki-San and her friends and mother are helping us out with these Jello drinks. They're selling out fast! We need another alternative..." He mutters to himself at the end while walking away with his hand on his chin thinking of a way to settle this matter.

I shook my head and walked away to find Eiji in the mix of the crowd of people. The red head will not go out of sight once spotted. That jumpy tennis man. "Eiji-Kun!" I screamed out across the hall. It seemed like fake animated ears seemed to perk out of his head once he heard my voice screamed out for him. "Haiii~ Haru-Chan?" He waved his hand while jumping really high. I waved the sign and then pointed outside. He nodded and made his way to go down the staircase.

When I met up with him at the staircase, he grabbed the sign from me and rested the wooden stake on his shoulder. He was wearing a white lopsided beret and his clothes were white with paint splattered all over, of course, our uniform for the cafe. Except that girls were strictly to wear shorts and a tank top or a spaghetti strap shirt. I had to roll my eyes over for that rule. But it did give us lots of male customers.

We both made way out of the school building and into the blinding sunlight and into the food booths and game booths that were situated outside. People still continued to pour inside of the school yard. Hopefully we can convince many future students for Seishun high school.

Today had a couple of main events. First was the 3 plays for the 3 grade levels. In order from lowest to highest of course. We also had a comedy show going on between the 1st years and 2nd years show. We had a mini Athletic field day. Where the sports clubs hold different matches within their time slot. Eiji was excused for today because he held a part in both our cafe and the 3rd years play.

"Nya~ Are you going to watch me for the play Haru-Chan?" Eiji asked me with slight puppy eyes. "I'll be working backstage during your play so I'll watch little bits and parts of it." He pouted a little bit. "Ok. I guess that works... But then I get to see you backstage!" He gleamed with happiness and jumped into the crowd of people. Luckily he didn't land on anyone.

"Hoi Hoi! Visit the Artistic Cafe! We have Regular Refreshments and our signature snack, Rainbow Jelly Drink! Better hurry and claim one before they all run out!" Then he winks. "Plus we have some good looking people in our class, so it's appealing to the eyes nya~" I blushed a slight pink color while pulling my shorts down further. Eiji was just jumping about without losing his breath. That's what tennis does to ya.

I didn't even have to come advertise. Eiji was already doing just fine without me. I took this too my advantage to enjoy what the festival has given us.

I helped with the props backstage as the 3rd years play was going on. They were short on female hands behind the scenes. No wonder they needed me. The play that they are currently portraying is Mulan. That includes some of the singing and fake sword fighting and a lot of scene skips. They made it more comedic in such a short time that they have. I also helped out in moving the different sets on the stage.

It really was an exhilarating experience for me. Knowing hands on blue prints of the whole stage and placing the objects in the correct place within a minute or two span of a break. Most of it was heavy work, so they only needed strong men in moving the huge pieces while I did the smaller props.

"Mayuzumi." I heard a male whisper behind me. I whipped around to see Tezuka standing there with a clipboard in his hand and the Vice President at his right side, being all smugly with him. I clenched my teeth together with a forced smile. "Tezuka-Kun." She whispered back with a small wave, dodging all the other back stage staff. He furrowed his eye brows a little bit.

"Why are you back here? Shouldn't you be back in your own classroom activities? Why are you dressed like that? People can see your-" He shuts his mouth and his lips form a thin line. So many questions spewed out of his mouth. He couldn't help himself till he caught himself before he spilled out that he was also staring too.

"The constructors asked me to help them out, plus it gives more experience into the field I'm planning to study in later for the future." I muttered to him while looking up at him. "I don't want your brother come to me that I can't keep you safe." He tells me. I had that aha moment. "True that. I'll be safe. Don't worry. You should get back on doing your things."

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