An oak table sat in the middle of the dark room, illuminating the small room. Five men sat around the polished table. If it were anywhere else it would have looked like a simple business discussion.

If only that were the case. These five men had risen through the levels of their countries' government, going with the flow until they found something interesting. In this case it was the existence of personifications of the countries. After they had confirmed it they started to dig deeper, finding out information on these personifications. From their physical description to what they did in their free time. However, it was all information, they had never found anything they could really use against them until one of them was promoted again.

From there they discovered their most powerful weapon. Children. Most of the superpowers had children. It was the final piece of information they needed before they disappeared of the face of the earth.

The largest of the men place a large pile of files in the center. Pictures were attached to each of the file, the paper clips gleaming in the dim light.

The center man the spoke up "What Red Thunder has placed on the table is the pictures of all of our targets and who their father is. We will each take five files."

He then motioned for the others to take their pick. He himself had already picked his targets.

Once the pile had disappeared, a bald man spoke up. " We're all to report when one of our targets has been captured to Fat Boston. He'll then alert the country to their children's situation." He glanced around the room, his eyes then returned to the files in his lap.

"What are we going to do about America, he'll undoubtfully go after us." sunglass covered eyes shifted nervously, hands fidgeting underneath the table.

" Don't worry about him, he'll never find us in time. Meeting dismissed."

Chairs pushed out and people started to file out of the room. A lone file sat on the table, unlike the other's it had no pictures. In gold ink titled the paper, Global Expansion Plan.

Bellow it read, Persuading the Nations, capture the states of America. Hold them for ransom until countries agree to some willingly to us. The rest of the paragraph had been inked but the last line was readable.

Once country has surrendered, kill child.