Title: Letting go (1/1)
Author: AtticusFinchFan
Ratings: PG
Warning: A/U, SLASH
Disclaimer: and all it's characters belong to R.T.D. I'm just playing with them.
Summary: Jack has hard time letting go.
A/U: Unbeta-ed, quick little early, early morning story. Any and all errors are mine.

He sat in the darkness, watching him dance and hold his new bride tight. The man had his face gently against his new wife's cheek as they rocked back and fourth to the music being played softly in the background. The content half smile on the man's slightly freckled face pulled so violently on his heartstrings that he found himself having to look away for a few seconds to regain his train of thought.

When he finally managed to look at the couple again he found they'd changed positions, the man now had his back facing him, and he heaved a sigh of guilty relief as he continued to watch the couple dance.

The man's suit jacket had disappeared long ago, his tie was slightly askew and loose, and his sleeves were rolled about a quarter of the way up his arms. But somehow he was still managing to give off that unmistakable air of sophistication he'd always been so fond of. Not such a small feat when it was brought into consideration that there'd only been a small handful of people in his long life who'd accomplished such a thing.

They turned again before he'd been ready, and almost immediately felt the tears begin to trace down his cheeks as soon as their eyes met. He managed a half hearted wave followed by a small smile, and then laughed humourlessly when he received a face slipping grin in return.

An open bottle of beer appeared in front of him suddenly, and he turned his head to the side just in time to watch his husband slide into the seat beside him. His husband's eyes fall on the couple on the dance floor for just a split second before they return to him. His husband leaned back in his chair and discretely placed a gentle hand on his thigh.

"Hasn't gotten any easier, has it, Jack?" His husband said while staring into his eyes.

He sighed once again and turned to his son and his new wife, and then back to his husband and blinked. "No, it hasn't, Ianto, it hasn't," and he'd be hard pressed to admit that it ever would.

- END -