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Chapter 1

Jake ran as fast as he could. After all the monster took away all his weapons so what else could he do? There was only one thing on his mind; he had to get back to the base and fast. Why did he take on a monster by himself? He of all people knows the value of teamwork. Felix and Hayley would have definitely had his back. They proved that to be true when he tried to take on the Repticore on his own.

Sorry I didn't clue you guys in…Jake thought…what have I gotten myself into? Jake's thought was quickly interrupted after running into something. He fell hard and tried desperately to get up but couldn't. Something was holding him down. But what was it? He looked around but couldn't see anything in site, just woods.

Then there was a voice… "Well, well if it isn't Jake, a beloved troop member. Now what would you be doing in the woods? And with no back-up? I'm surprised at you."

Uh-Oh, Jake thought. He looked up to see Gus standing over him, smirking. That could only mean one thing…the Duolos was holding him down. But I thought we killed the Duolos, Jake thought confused.

Jake struggled to get to the arm with his communicator on it but Gus saw exactly what he was trying to and got to it first. "I don't think so; the other troop members can wait. This is your time Jake. You are exactly what I need to get back at Hayley."

"Get back at her for what?" Jake gasped as he tried wriggling out from under the Duolos. "She only tried to help you."

"No, she didn't." Gus yelled. "She made my life miserable. Leaving me for you and that stupid nerd, Felix. Her life could have been wonderful. I would have given her everything."

"Ok, I will admit that Felix is a nerd but he is a good guy. And Hayley would have never joined you."

"O, that's right because she is now with you is that right? At least that's what I'm hearing all over school. But not anymore." Gus smiled evilly. "Hayley will regret ever turning her back on me. "

"Dude, you need to sort out your priorities."

"Silence, Duolos take him to the lair."

Back at the base

"Where is Jake?" Felix asked Hayley. "This isn't usually like him. Where do you think he could be?"

"I don't know. He was kind of acting weird earlier. I'm a little worried. Do you think we should try to call him?" Hayley asked.

"Yea, I'll do it." Felix said. "Jake, Jake are you there? Jake come in." Felix quickly looked at Hayley with worried lines all over his face. "I've got a bad feeling about this…where do you think he is?"

"I don't know" Hayley said as she picked up a plasma ray. "But I am not going to wait around here for him to show up. I'm going to find him. You with me?"

"Yea I'm coming" Felix announced as he too picked up a weapon.

Gus' Lair

"Gus, what are you going to do when Hayley and Felix realize I'm missing?" Jake said

"It's Augustus and this is all part of my plan. I want them to find you. I want Hayley to find me" explained Gus. "You just wait and see the magic unfold."

"Like I'm going anywhere" Jake mumbled as he struggled with his bonds.

"You know what? I have a surprise for you" said Gus as he walked over to Jake. "This won't hurt a bit."

Jake looked at him confused. Gus untied him and he was picked up by the Duolos. The monster grabbed his arm and Jake heard a snap. He tried his best not to scream out but he couldn't keep it in. He was then set down where Gus tied him back up, making his wrist throb even more.

"Now, doesn't that make you feel better?" Gus said smiling. "There's plenty where that came from."

Jake looked at him with eyes watering. Sighing, he then looked up wondering how long it would take Felix and Hayley to find him. But how could they? They wouldn't know where to look. Maybe they'll find his weapons he thought hopefully.

But until then he'll just have to wait it out…