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Chapter 5

"Please tell me that was Hayley and not Felix." Jake moaned as he attempted to sit up.

"Jake! You're alive!" Hayley said helping him up and then embracing him in a passionate hug.

"No Jake you can be rest assured that I was not kissing you. I must say, well done Hayley for using the kiss of life!" Felix said excitedly.

"What happened to Gus?" asked Jake while shooting an exasperated look towards Felix.

"He's knocked out cold which means we should go and fast before he wakes up." Felix said while helping Jake to his feet.

"Wait, what about the Du…?"

"Relax Jake." Hayley cut in and grabbed Jake's arm to steady him. "They're both taken care of but Gus will wake up any moment so we have to go."

"Okay, I'm going to need your help." Hayley and Felix nodded and walked to stand on either side of Jake. Together they slowly made their way out of the cave. When they were about three quarters of a mile away from the cave they heard an ear-shattering scream behind them.

"Noooo! Jake come back!"

Hayley looked behind her and yells, "And that's our cue to move faster. Come on!"

Jake stopped and bent over resting his hands over his knees. "Wait guys." Jake panted. "You have to leave me. I have a broken leg, broken wrist. I'll only slow you down."

"We are not going to just leave you here. We've come too far to give up now."

"Hayley, Jake's right." said Felix. Hayley turned on Felix making him fall backwards.

"I can't believe you said that. After everything we've been through to get Jake back you're just going to lay down and give up?"

"Felix Gonzalez does not give up!" he yelled back. "I have a plan."

"Really? And what's your plan, O Brilliant One?" Hayley asked sarcastically.

Ignoring Hayley, Felix says "We'll use Jake as bait and then as Gus draws closer we'll catch him in a crossfire."

"There's one thing you're forgetting…" Hayley said then noticing a shrug and a confused look from Felix she continued. "The Duolos…we don't know if we stopped it for good."

"Hmm. You're right. Well we'll just have to hope and pray that it's not following Gus."

Hayley stared at him and shook her head. "No, I don't like it and we're wasting time sitting here when we could be getting farther away from Gus."

"I'm willing to be the bait if it means saving you and Felix." Jake said suddenly. Hayley started to protest but was cut off from Jake. "I trust you guys…I know you won't let anything happen to me. You two got me out the first time and you can do it again."

Hayley sighed and then looked at Jake. "Fine, but you are not authorized to get yourself hurt or even close to death in this mission…is that understood?"

Jake smiled and pulled her close "Yes, my captain. You have my word." Then he proceeded to lean in for a kiss.

"Ugh, could we please continue on to save our freakin' butts and discontinue the make-out session? Shall we?"

"Yes Felix. How do you want to do this?" Hayley asked as she took one more long look at Jake.

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